Reviews For The Working Tools Masonic Magazine

The second episode was one of the best masonic focused podcasts I have heard, I learned more from the question and answers section then I have in quite some time. Perhaps the only thing to improve it would be to edit out some of the "mistakes" where they lose their connections and such but this is as close to sitting in a lodge library listening to some of the best Masonic authors talking about the craft. -Bro Matthew Szewczyk Harmony #9, Cranston RI
Although I appreciate the impetus, these brothers can not step to Pike's Pinnacle work in a manner I feel he , himself, would admire. The Revivification of teh work in this country does have to start somewhere, but a podcast giving voice to the personalities of assorted lodges is not effective in re popluarizing M.& D. I commend the effort , albeit drudgingly sleepy. H.G.W. A.B.