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Natalia and Roman, PhD. students of at the University of Alberta, produce this instructional podcast of the Ukrainian language. What I like most about this podcast, besides their patient presentation (it is a difficult language, after all), is the inclusion of a PDF file of the lesson. The ability to download the lesson discussions and follow along with the spoken podcast is a great idea, as it includes a visual aid to the audio nature of podcasts. I would love to see more language podcasts do this, as it deepens understanding of a language more than just listening to it does.
I am an American who is looking at a possible Ukraine adoption. I have previously learned alittle Russian, but realized that after traveling there, they can understand me, but I have no clue what they are saying! This podcast helps to prepare you for hearing the language! It took me several times of listening to the episodes to be able to say the words how they do, but I'm getting it & it is sticking with me. I am doing the podcast along with some other Ukrainian language products.
I'm an American who used to be fluent in Russian, but lost a lot of it. I'm learning Ukrainian b/c a friend is adopting a little girl from western Ukraine and I want to be able to speak a little bit with her. I LOVE this podcast; it makes Ukrainian so easy to learn! Now, we just need more lessons!