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The podcast so good I bought a mac book to justify ITunes so I could rate and review. 5 Stars all the way baby. Not only do they cover all the latest games but the banter is hilarious so give it a listen!


By daafies
I've been listening to this podcast for over 5 years now. This one is still ,by far , the best videogaming podcast around. Very entertaining and keeps me up to date with latest news from the gaming industry . Thanks to the hosts for their commitment over the years. David (daafies/mrdaafies) (started using an iphone again and thought i would update my review i left dec 22, 2009 :)
I have been listening to this podcast with the delightful rotation of panelist and there fearless leader for the better part of 2 years. Great variety of opinions and cast of characters with there own voice, can't say no more but top notch.
Great hosts. Great chemistry between to hosts. One of my go to podcasts. Thanks to MacksimusPryme for turning me on to it
lots of laughter!! wouldn't mind if it was longer also up to date content is always what grabs those new listeners. So on that front bravo. These guys Keep it real
Mojo interactive podcast is the bright spot in an otherwise gloomy day. It makes my 80 mile round-trip trek to work bearable. I look forward to it every week and find great joy when it shows up in the old playlist. Thanks for all the great content and keep up the good work. Would love to throw down in some Titanfall or even a Forza Friday. Cheers fellas! -JC
love the podcast these guys have good banter ! good gaming info , and they play all the games i like, and some i dont know about yet! community is great and every host adds something to this podcast love love love these guys. but in a dude man bro guy kinda
Being a full time musician and warehouse worker I don't really have time to play as much as I wished. But being able to listen to these guys talk about their experiences and excitement for upcoming games helps me enjoy games in a different way even if I can't experience them on my own. Love this podcast!
A great podcast with a wide variety of opinions from true fans of gaming. Xbox, Playstations, PC, Handheld whatever your style listen to this podcast for great insights on what games to play or not play.
Great podcast all around and never disappoints. There's a pretty big variation of opinion so ur bound to find someone in the crew that's the same type of gamer you are and it's an awesome way to hear game news from honest people that keep you laughing. BEST PODCAST EVER!!!
While I have only recently started listening to this podcast, I must say what I have heard I really enjoy. Its a team of well rounded gamers who give honest takes and toss back a pint now and then. "EPIC"
So I've been listening to this podcast for a few months and I've never written a review... This is a true travesty because this such a great podcast and they deserve the 5 stars! The chemistry, format, and production level are second to none! Plus the mix of brits and yanks makes for a really good dialog, especially if a mention of guns control, healthcare or taxes occurs ; ) Thank you gents for taking the time to do such a great podcast every week! I've done a podcast before and understand first hand how big of a commitment it an be. Keep up the great work and game up!
Been listening for a few years now. I love the honesty, seems there is always someone who disagrees with the majority. Wish you all the best of luck. Colin and Dan, I need to hit you guys up for some fighting games. P.S. Why does peeps always sound like he needs a nap?
This podcast is the only podcast that I listen to regularly. I have been listening for about a year after my friend referred me to you, and I was hooked after just one listen. You guys make my workday bearable despite the fact I look ridiculous as I laugh out loud to the jokes. This podcast gives awesome honest reviews for games. Thank you for all the work you put into making this podcast every week. You guys rock and I will continue to look forward to your podcasts. Also, Colly Wolly, don't move. It is nice having a fellow Utahn on the podcast and I fear moving will only ruin your sense of good games as you delve more into Japanese stuff and anime… Keep up the good work. You are appreciated. Amarillo Slim #frostbite3
best gaming podcast EVER!!!! I have been listening to the guys for a few months now and it really makes my time at work fly by and helps to keep my mojo for games strong and vital. I started late to this cast but im enjoying going threw all the previous episodes for gigs of entertainment The verity of hosts and differing opinions make it for an interesting conversation week after week and the laughs keep on coming. keep up the good job guys i cant thank you enough for the time and effort you all put into the show week after week. LONG PODCASTS FOR THE WIN!! - Ryan j911ob DTA
Hand's down the best podcast out there. With insightful view's and a crew who alway's keeping you laughing and entertain. Me, Headcase, TripMcnealy and CinemaDan had a epic three day e3 watching party it was awesome! So give them a go you will not be disappointed! Gamertag: Illmatic972
360 gamercast is a awesome podcast full of great information and news about videos games. Great spirited debates from the guys. Good Job guys keep up the good work. Thank you guys!
I look forward to 360gamercast every week. Without a doubt the best podcast on itunes. You can tell they give honest opinions on games and truly are passionate about gaming. The combination of industry news, gaming reviews and comedy is top notch. The different perspectives of the hosts makes for informative and always funny debates. Also the British accents make them sound smart! For the record, Cloud is the best gaming character ever conceived by mankind! Cloud for the win! GT: xFRAILITYZEROx
I've been listening to 360G for about a year now. And there's no other podcast that has the type of cast they provide. Great mixture of opinions from Webby to Headcase. I've purchased so many games off the recommendations you guys have made. Don't stop entertaining and educating these nub nubs great job keep it going. Thanks PremoStylez
That's right, you heard me! Are you tired of going to those boring12 step AA meetings? Well be bored no longer!!! Because here at 360GamerCast, there's only 1 step, no not Dub-Step, even though CinemaDan LOOOVES that. The 1 step that is Webby(the owner and founder of 360G) to adore Final Fantasy in all its splendor. This podcast, by far, is the best gaming podcast out there. And if you're afraid that you won't get the support from this community, that you got from your AA community, well fear not friend, there's tons of alcoholics in this group....except Colly Wolly because he prefers shotguns. Cheevos come easy for Pitbull Peebs, but for TripMcnealy....the ladies are what come easy for him. Honestly, these gamers are the most informative,opinionated, and passionate group of people that you could ever want to listen to, ....when it comes to gaming that is:) So sit down, open up your mind and let them fill you with goodness. Thank you guys:)
This is the most entertaining game cast out there PERIOD even though colly wolly seems like a educated redneck at time you guys are freaking awesome HEADCASE FOR THE WIN gamer tag beserkgatts
I have been listening to this cast for a few months now and i can honestly say that these guys know their games. The varied cast and interviews give you a great mix and plenty of important information. The cast really tells you how it is and its easy to relate because when you are screaming at games out of frustration and joy these guys are too. It doesent matter the game or style, they play them and even tell you about the ones you may have overlooked. You get all the important info, from achievement to overall difficulty and problems with the games. This cast is absolutely the best there is. One could even go as far as to say its AMAAAAAAZING!!!!! Gamertag: Boomstick0324
By far my favorite podcast on all the interwebs. Everyone on the show complements each other with their, experience, and point of views. For us American's be prepared to have a website opened like peevish to help translate the boys' slang. They have taught me many useful phrases. Yes some are insulting, but you sound civilized and get away with it. Stay classy 360GamerCast.
This podcast is like crack one listen and your hooked, I can't wait to get my fix each week. Gamer tag: diehardseverin
The perfect podcast to listen to whilst drinking tea and cleaning your gun! Congratulations on the 200th episode! Gamertag: ZhuRong
360G is my favorite gaming podcast, all the regulars are happy to share their honest opinions on all the current xbox titles. Its introduced plenty of new terms to my vocabulary: slag, git, wanker, monkey peejays (sorry Peebs). A great group, and a great community to get involved with if you are a gamer. Webby, please throw the song "englishman on holiday" by Thunder in as a closing song for one of the podcasts, I think it would make a great theme song for the show. Cheers to Headcase and Colly as the token Yanks, from a fellow Yank.
I've listened to a lot of Xbox podcasts and this one is by far the best one I've found. I appreciate that they let you know if a game is worthy of your hard earned cash or just a rental. It's the perfect combination of entertainment and information. I'm looking forward to participating in some of the events for the 360G community. Download now. If you are disappointed something is wrong with you. Gamertag: Hoth Chocolate
ADOradio is very good also . I love both shows.
Hilarious gaming podcast keeps getting better. Quote of the week, "HE CAN FEEL ME COMING DOWN HIS BACK with the gamerscore."--PitbullPeebs. Seriously, great discussions on games of all genres informative and entertaining. The irreverent and good-natured banter omongst the guys make this my go-to weekly gaming podcast. Can't say enough good things about it; just listen and you'll see. Awesome!
Great group! Great content! Great guests! I never miss an episode and I highly recommend not only for the game content, but for the entertainment value! When can I buy a “can't be asked” t-shirt
Honestly, a very good, very informative podcast! I have just started listening maybe a month or two ago and I have been very impressed, the diversity of the various commentators coupled with a very quick turnaround in reviewing newer games makes this a must have to subscribe to! Keep up the good work!
Finally a gaming podcast where the hosts don't say the word LIKE and laugh like tweens every five seconds...Very informative show by gamers for gamers...Thank you guys great work indeed...
Amazing podcast. Informative, insightful, with just the right amount of sarcasm to keep a guy entertained throughout the entire show. These guys love Xbox and u can hear the drool dripping from the corners of the mouths as they discuss the ins and outs of the xbox world. For a guy who recently joined the Xbox community, I would have to say these guys are what made me go with Xbox, and I've never looked back. My only regret is that I didn't stumble across their show sooner. Keep up the amazing show. p.s. Curse u guys for suggesting Fortesscraft. Do u know how many hours I've lost? lol Gamertag- Frankinberri
Amaaazing podcast. I have been listenig since December, and I havnt missed one of their shows yet! These are real genuine guys, offering their honest opinions on games, what more could you ask for? I was saddened by the news that the Joystiq 360 fancast was shut down, but all it took for me to feel better is listening to Webby and the crew. This truely is the #1 gaming podcast in the world! GT: Delusion
I've never enjoyed newspapers. I hated the story being continued in other sections, never could fold it back, and the ink always seems to smudge where I didn't need ink. This podcast is a conversation between friends who are all very informed on gaming and differ in gaming habits and opinions. The gaming news in their conversations is easy to digest because it's light banter on what cod be a very bias or technical subject. I couldn't recommend this podcast more for any adult gamer.
Hey there pilgrims, just wanted to say right on for putting on the podcast every week. I think it's awesome that there's more adult gamers with great insight and comments about the video games play, cause honestly when I talk about video games to my girl she looks at me like some nerd who lives under a bridge. Anyways... Drink plenty of orange juice and eat your vegetables. Lol
I just started listening to your podcast last week, and since then i've been listening to the older ones everyday as i walk around at my job. I LOVE IT. I absolutely hate my job but you guys make it bearable for me. THANK YOU. If i cant be at home playing xbox at least i get to hear some funny cool guys talk about playing xbox. Thanks again for the great podcast. Keep up the good work! Gamertag: va murd3r
Video games? Yes. Informative? Yes. Funny? Hell yes. Recommended? Highly. If you're into gaming, you need to listen to 360GamerCast. You won't regret it.


I can't believe I've been listening to a certain sponsored show for almost a year now. One episode of you guys and I am already regretting what I've missed. Unbiased and real to life. I hope you all keep this show going for years to come. Xbox for life.
Great podcast guys, started listening a few months ago along with some other gaming podcasts and I can say this is by far one of the better ones going! Keep up the great work guys and congratulations on 150! Oh and to all a New Year! -gamertag: thablacmamba
This is by far one of the best podcast in my itunes library..they schould have won the podcast awards....they are allways entertaining and fresh...never do they linger about in a podcast like many others out there.listen to them on the bus;train;car;and before ending a day....listen to them nomaly on the way to new spots to skate seeing as downtown takes i listen to it too and from....i try to savor it for 7days but i just cant......i allways turn it back on for more :).
Hey guys, great PodCast been listening since I got my 360 about 3 years ago. It had broken a couple of month ago and I stopped listening and started playing the WII again.. oh that was painful, now that I have had it repaired and glad to start listening to you guys again. Hands down best Gaming Podcast available.... sad you didn't get the World cup!!!....
Downloaded the podcast out of curiosity and was pleasantly surprised. A good natured podcast that doesn't take itself too seriously but does a good job reviewing games and offers actual reason why a game does or does not blow goats. Aside from the silly English slang, it's fun listening to the guys talk games, critique each other, and bust out disturbing Michael Jackson sound effects. All in all a 5 star podcast. Except that Glasgow guy. He bothers me for some reason...
I honestly don't know if I could heap enough praise upon Webby, Peebs, Headcase and the rest of the crew for what they do each week. This is a group of guys whose sole motivation for putting this podcast up is to have a good time and in the process educate us the gaming public on some of the best and worst games and gaming news of the recent weeks. Their unbiased approach to reviewing games is a refreshing break from other more corporate podcasts. Never will you hear them rave about a release simply because it's from a certain publisher (e.g. a certain "major" pain in the arse on another podcast), or hear them pulling puches so as not to anger a developer (as almost any podcast that is from a major media outlet). Add to all this the fact that they run a highly fun and informative website, and are regularly online playing with community members you find yourself with the added bonus of not only being able to spend that precious hour and a half each week with them, but also sharing some quality gaming time as well. Suffice it to say that this is the one podcast that I look forward to each week, the one that I will stop listening to another if it's published whilst I'm listening, and the one that I've never missed an episode of! These guys are hilarious and their podcast is the best available on all of the interwebs! To Webby and the crew, keep up the good work, I can't wait for the next episode! GT: Mullet863
These guys are awesome! I love the pod cast if you are any type of gamer you will enjoy this one. they all have great opinions on all games especially webby.... so GO listen to them NOW.. keep up the good work guys Thanks..... Gamertag- fsrrssrkkllssss
This podcast is a full on double rainbow all the way across the sky, so bright and so vivid! But what does it mean? It means your listening to one of the funniest, straight up legit 360/gaming podcasts out there! Keep it up! GT: ToxicShadow420
This is a great podcast for any adult who loves to game. I really enjoy the reviews of games, even if I don't agree it is still helpful to get others opinions. I feel like the guys on this show have been gaming for a long time, know what they are talking about, aren't biased, and only care to get the word out about good games, bad games, and getting a good community of gamers together to do what we all love to do, game and have fun! I recently started listening to this podcast on my ipod at work, and it really helps the day go by faster. Thanks for all the great shows Webby and gang, and thanks for playing all the bad games like naughty bear for us so we don't have to waste our hard earned dollars or precious time on that garbage! Keep up the good work, and I will be sure to tell my 360 buddies to check out your podcast.