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This show is Triggin' Fits
I remember when this was funny. That was a good week. Now it's like trying to fall asleep with a drunken failed comedian and his friends in the next room recounting his failed routine from that night. FAIL!
Cabin Fever is a great podcast listen to the early episodes and then graduate up I promise you'll get that LOL feeling we all want from our podcasts... Listen to the irish you and you'll be hooked... I am :P. ( Sorry Aaron i've always rooted for the underdog! )
Come for the accents, stay for the duets. I give this podcast 12 out of 12 monkeys.
Good tunes, vulgarity, taste testing and fascinating segments like You Put What Where and the almost non-existent 60 second music review make this a powerhouse of a podcast.
You may have never heard of Aaron Poole and Brian Fitzpatrick, but if you take the time to download an episode of this podcast, you will agree with me that they are simply hilarious. The aforementioned duo are based in Ireland and make a hysterically funny podcast involving anything and everything pop culture and....taste tests. Top notch podcasting.
Movies? check. Music? check. Irish? check. these guys give a great spin on life and pop-culture from their point of view. It's great listening!
A hilarious look from across the pond of pop culture and any crazy news that comes there way. another feather in Quick Stops hat.
Great show. I laugh a ton at every episode. The running gags are hilarious, and there's never a shortage of silliness. A great time all around.
While searching for a podcast to fill the void left by smodcast, I stumbled across Cabin Fever. With their use of little know music, humor filled news stories, honest opinions, and the ability to ramble, Aaron and Brian have won a place in podcasting greatness.
These guys are funny and wildly entertaining. If you are a fan of wacky news stories and silly discussion about all manner of things, check this one out.
...and this is already one of my great joys of the week. Aaron and Brian are hilarious and genuine, and I hope they keep it up.
In a world full of silly Podcasts, this is one worth your time. I have yet to hear one that did not make me laugh loudly at least once. Download, listen, repeat.
I love SModcast. I listen to every new episode. But through Quikstop media, I have discovered a better world through Cabin Fever. Cabin Fever is The Secret. It's not about positive thinking, folks, it's about belonging to the church of awesomesauce, playing good music, and discussing your bowel movements ad nauseam. I've only listened to two episodes so far and it has already made me laugh out loud in public to the point of tears, something the funny but more mellow SModcast has never, ever made me do. I will be listening to Aaron and Brian every week they choose to put this brilliance out on the net. I don't care if that merely makes me 'one of fifteen people' who listen to the show. I will be spreading the good word of Awesomesauce where ever I may go, a missionary for the holy trinity. Godspeed, sirs.