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Brian Cooley is awesome and is the best part about these podcasts. Y'all CBS overlords should give him whatever he wants so he stays
this is a great podcast. ima disagree with everyone else and say that brian is definetely the best host. he does the nitty gritty, reviews the tech, looks at the motor and prices it all in under 10 minutes. a great podcast keep it up
I was an avid subscriber and always enjoyed your car reviews. But then during the mustang gt review, a comment was made along the lines of "Since God was a t____" and I had to stop listening. Why? Hope the words in future episodes are weighted more carefully. Regards,
Great podcast. I love it.
My favorite podcast
Great podcast
The podcast would be informative if the host would cover the car holistically. I like to hear about the tech, but I also would like a synopsis of the performance, road handling, mileage, etc. Actually I would like to see less of Brian and more of the other guys. They are better at explaining the car.
This is the best podcast ever!i love cnet.
I love this podcast first off bur i have a question. Why are people complaining about the podcast because they only talk about the car tech?! Why in the hell would u watch or subscribe to a podcast called "Car Tech" then? If u want more, either don't watch it and watch something else or watch this for car tech and something else for the rest; it's that dang simple.
This is one of the most underrated podcasts I subscribe to. The host delivers fresh reviews with a no BS attitude that other auto journalists lack. He reminds me of an American version of Jeremy Clarkson. Overall, informative and entertaining. Keep it up!
This is one of my favorite car podcasts on itunes. Brian is really funny, and it's really cool to see all of the different cars he gets to drive. Great podcast! Subcribe!
Great podcast but cnet definitly needs to update it more.
This podcast is decent but they need more cars and need to go into better detail. The motors one by king5 is way better. Posted from my iPhone
It is really good, but I wish they did more than jus tech. Also, I wish they did more of them.
i like this but it needs to have more details about the car and not just the tech nad they also need to update it more
I like these brief overviews on a wide variety of cars. And I like that the focus is on car tech, more than just the cars overall. There's plenty of other sources out there if all you care about is engine specs, handling characteristics, and 0-60 times. Brian Cooley is a knowledgable and likeable host. And for a free video podcast, CNET's Car Tech Video has excellent production quality (read: not ghetto). The episodes are short, typically 2-3 minutes each, but they get down to the nitty-gritty, without boring you with mundane details.
I wish that they showed more than the tech