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Found Geek Radio Daily a few months ago, and I have to say I love them. Not only do they entertain me for 10-20 minutes a day, but they've also turned me on to some awesome podiobook authors... so not only do I get some giggles every morning when I get to the office, I get great recommends for other stuff to check out rest of the day. Brilliant podcast check it out now!!!
Smeggin awesome !!
Excellent podcast, I enjoy the cast. They know what their talking about. Great information on the horror movies on your guys 10/20 podcast!
This show is what you need for the geek in you. It has news, reviews, and comments with the add calories or guilt of a dounut! Thank you Geek Radio Daily dot com (ding)! For making my day geekier is that word?
Geeky gods are they Billy, Flynnstress, and The Bruce Sometimes, Vicar too
Geeks of highest class Report on all you need know With mirth and laughter
Flynn, Bruce and Vicar They may not know from football But this podcast rocks.
Even when I can't listen to the episode the day it's released, I still listen to it the next day and then curse myself for missing out on some television program the day before. Billy and the the Vicar are great together (when they are together).
Looking for a great way to keep up on daily geeky news that you don’t have time to find for yourself? Then look no further! Geek Radio Daily is the answer to life, the universe and everything! (I know you think the answer is 42, but Adams never listened to this first.) The daily show runs around 15 minutes with news, TV and another regular topic that changes with the day. The weekly show is also excellently done and you will find yourself checking for a new show often. I _love_ this podcast and I believe it is the best Geeky podcast out there. So, subscribe today and let your Geek Star Shine!
These guys always make me laugh in the morning with all the geek news. They have a very well organized show with lots of one liners and a few strange one liners, all in fun. Thanx guys
The Vicar and Billy Flynn have such a great chemistry together, and have shown that they can even carry episodes on their own when the need arises. You'll get information on daily T.V. shows, podio-book, movies, comics, geeky tech and so much more. With their addition of a weekly episode and some movie commentary tracks, there's enough here to keep you entertained just about every day of the week. If you're a geek (and if you're reading this you most likely are) you have found a home. Listen to the podcast, join the forums and know that you are one of us!
An awesome summing up of all that is geeky, TV comics, websites and movies.
This podcast is a geeky breath (ew!) of fresh air! Until I get the next $15 bucks, make mine GRD!
I listen to a LOT of podcasts. Most of my casts will sit on my iPhone for a few days before I listen to it, but GRD is one of a small group of casts that never has an episode on my iPhone for more than 24 hours. The daily casts are nice and informative and quite funny. The hour long weekly shows are tons of fun, just like GLR was. Daily geeky goodness for the win!
My day's not complete without GRD!
I started listening about a month or so ago, and now the show is a necessary part of my daily routine. It's just the right length for my commute to work, and the energy of the hosts are enough to wake me out of my early morning stupor. Until I can send my android clone in to work for me, make mine GRD.
Thanks guys! Great way to start my day, with a 15 minutes of geeky goodness!
This podcast is one of the most professional out there. Even if one of the hosts is more geek lite than geek (yes you Vicar) they are very entertaining and do get some good geeky info out to us. So until the Bruce realizes that if it ain't plaid it's a skirt, make mine Geek Radio Daily
I''m a new listener to the podacst and I am really enjoying it. Vicar and Billy keep me entertained with their amusing commentary.
Geek Radio Daily is awesome on a bun. I've been listening to The Vicar and Super Producer Billy Flynn since they were on an earlier show (the sadly defunct Geeklabel). They're professional, funny, and entertaining. In particular, I enjoy the Weekly Show, when they do the Geek Fit portion of their show. (Strong? You're not strong.... you're silky-boy!) Daily updates on TV, and once a week, you get Box Office Numbers, New DVD releases, New Comic Books, New Podiobooks, and New Releases in Theaters. It's a daily dose of geek without any of that annoying wait.
This podcast has become a staple of my work day. I need it. I need it to live. Air, water, food, heat, geek radio daily. In that order. Do yourself a favor and subscribe.
This is a great short daily podcast with awesome geek news and humor! The Vicar and Billy Flynn are fantastic on the mic together and keep the show moving really fast to pack in the content every day! Highly recommended!
Helpful and diverse content brought by truely geeky renaissance men make this one a good daily fix for all your geek needs. Great stuff!
Your daily fix of fresh geekiness delivered straight to your ears. No matter what flavour of geek goodness you favour, it's all here, and it's all great!
A great show to stay up to date on a daily basis with everything geeky. The hosts, The Vicar, Billy Flynn and The Bruce are hilarious. Download the episodes and check them out today.
Simply put, this is the best geeky podcast out there. Slickly produced, tight and to the point, yet still with a ton of personality and humor, GRD is the best one stop shop for geeky goodness out there. Don't forget about the weekly show, though. It's the closest you'll get to a glorious geeky OD!
I have been listening to this podcast for over 2 months now and it is the first thing I listen too on my morning commute to work. Each weekday has its own specialty...whether it be comics (Wednesday) Podio books (Thursday) Box Office (Mondays) New Movies (Fridays) or DVD Releases (Tuesdays) plus you get Geek news and the TV report everyday. The chemistry between Flynn and the Vicar is very apparent and adds to the appeal....It sounds Like they are having fun and it carries over to the podcast. Also they do a extra long episode every week that basically will be one subject and they are joined by The Bruce , who fits very nicely into the chemistry and adds a slightly less geeky voice to the podcast. Try it, I promise ,that if you are the least bit geeky, this podcast will become part of your daily requirement of Geek
This is the best podcast in the podisphere. They bring the knowledge and the funny on a daily and weekly basis. Everyone that considers themselves even slightly geeky needs to listen to this one.
It's The Vicar and Billy Flynn flyin' at ya like a Road Runner starved Coyote each and every day with all the geek news you can stand to hear, with... believe it or not... none of the wait... Out of the ashes of the Geeklabel Radio podcast, The Vicar and Billy Flynn have returned and continue their own special brand of insanity on a daily basis, if you've ever listened to the Geeklabel show, then you know already, these guys are silky smooth at what they do with maybe the most polished geek-flavored podcast that's out there today. With the weekly shows, this duo are joined by The Bruce and they do their best to carve out their own show and preserve the flavor of the original Geeklabel show, and it's just gotten better over time. Anyway, they're good guys and they genuinely care about putting out a good geek-flavored podcast and the proof is just in the listening... so what are you waiting for, get to downloading... Now, they owe me a Ric Flair "Whooooo!" after this review...
As a fan of GLR I lamented it's passing, but I have to say that The Vicar and Billy have put together a podcast that is even more useful to me than the original! As a long-haul truck driver I often don't get to listen to the show the day it comes out, so their TV listings don't help me much from a "heads-up" standpoint. However, since most of television is a wasteland and Billy and The Vicar approach it in that manner, with humor and commentary, it is a very entertaining presentation. And, as far as I know these guys are the ONLY podcast that has a regular Podiobooks segment. Something that, since I have so much listening time on my hands, I am always happy to hear more information about. And for those that miss the long form show, they do a weekly episode with fun topics that is reminiscent of the old GLR. So, until Alyssa Milano actually goes out on a date with me, make mine GRD!
These guys are loads of fun. I think even if you don't care for the details of the 'cast, the presentation style, music, bumpers, etc. make for a highly entertaining listening experience!
This is my goto show. It's the first one I listen to as soon as it is on my iPod. The Vicar and Billy Flynn have a great time doing this show, and the audio quality is awsome. I guess it helps that they are professional radio dudes. Do yourself a favor and check them out. It only costs you 15 minutes (which goes by like 5).
Funny, opinionated and full of geeky goodness. These guys are just like you and me except they have a mic and apparently, plenty of time on their hands. The daily show is a great jolt to a drab work day and the long form weekly show is every bit as good (if not better) than any geeky pod/radio show that may or may not have previously existed... Check them out, you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll be proud to be a geek!
GRD is a great podcast, chalk full of everything you need, with little to no wait. Despite what you may have heard, it is not at all homophobic or racist.
..I wrote this review. Even though I sometimes do not get to listen to it on the day it is released, I listen to every episode all the way through. That is because Billy Flynn and his cohort, the Vicar, are two of the funniest cats this side of the Neutral Zone.
I may be drunk when you occasionally hear me on the show, but I'm sure it's good sober as well. Daily episodes include updates for geek TV, movies, releases, comics. But the good stuff is on the hour long weekly episodes in which they have enough time to digress into geeky rants.
As both an avid listener and a guest on the show, I can say nothing bad about this show. Well, maybe that they left me wanting this past Wednesday when there was no episode. But these guys are as kool in person as they are on air and I can not think of better way to get all my geeky news. Cheers Guys!
GRD has grown into their own pdcast and is one of the top podcasts I look forward to.
GRD is a great show...As they say "All the Geek without the Wait". Despite what others may say, The Vicar and Supergeek Billy Finn make my morning commute a laugh riot.
This is a great show with 2 fun and funny hosts. It's a daily show that brings you the geek news you want as well as talking about the latest shows and movies out there today. Well worth the listen!
I hope you post a link pictures to the Vicar's and the Kingfish's mutant child talked about in an other review. The name change was explained in Bonus Episode 1. I gotst ta get Geekified.
An awesome podcast keeping me informed on all of my geeky pursuits. The Vicar and Billy Flynn Rock!
Excellent daily dose of geekiffery! Great production values, excellent audio, manic delivery. Worth your time.
Well, not really, but you aren't going to get that from a podcast. Every day thek orate about a number of geeky topics. On the much longer weekly show they actually have a topic. Makes you feel like you are in touch with your geeky side even when the world prevents you from doing much about it. Leans a bit heavily towards the pop culture side of geekdom and not the more arcane tech aspect.
one of the first podcast to go on my Ipod before my 9 hours of boring work. Keeps me laughing. I think its just as good as geek label cept with new shirts. :)
This is quite possibly the greatest geek podcast available right now. Love the energy and the mass of geeky information.... Keep up the great work guys.
It's worth getting GRD just for the resurrection of Billy Flynn's "Geek News" section, but there is so much more to GRD. It's funny, it's irrevent, and its definitely a sweet slice of geekdom. I particularly getting some regular does of geekdom in my life and GRD helps with that. Come to GRD for the news and definitely stick around for the fun. The GRD Weekly shows are a great addition to the daily shows and The Bruce adds a nice touch to the whole thing.
I am a stealth geek, but I still love the show. Billy Flynn, the Vicar, and the Bruce (on the Weekly Show) consistently bring the funny. I wouldn't know half the geeky stuff I know without them. I like Geek News...."I'm not wearing any pants; news at 11." Well, I am wearing pants because I'm at work...but you know what I mean. Anyway, if you haven't already checked this out, DO IT NOW! :) They rock!
Geek radio daily is full of humor and geeky in sights that you can only get from the Vicar and Billy Flynn. I love that the podcast is daily so I can get all the geeky goodness without all the wait.