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Only listen for the Brady interview. Shows been horrendous. Used to make fun of shows that bring on Wiggins.
Biggest mistake WEEI made was forcing John Dennis out for Minnehan -who was nothing but a spoon in mouth spoiled brat with a big mouth and no brain cells. That’s when I stopped listening. So I hear they finally fire that clown and tried this podcast again. Some loser is going on and on and on whining that some commentator walked out of some show and refused to call some condition someone had a disease. Gerry tried to move in but he kept whining. Get someone with Gerry who acts like an adult please and here’s an idea ... instead of having people who all they want to talk about are politically correct admonitions, act like a real man.


These guys are awful. Bring back Kirk!
Without Kirk the show is lifeless and boring, Mutt is boring, Reimer is stupid beyond belief, not entertaining at all, I refuse to listen when he’s on, Tomase is passable but not worth the time. I feel bad for Gerry he’s saddled with these clowns doing the best he can.
Best show Kirk Minihane is the best radio personality. If you listen to Toucher and Rich than you're missing out, you're a boring person. Now Muts on this show is boring don’t waste your time.
I like Gerry but he’s a 2nd guy that ties the show together. Mutt is fine as 3rd guy. Without Kirk, I’ve unsubscribed and won’t be back until he is. It’s a fine sporty show now if that’s what you like. It isn’t what it was with Kirk.
Show blew before him. Blows now again without him. 93.7 the Lasso bringing all your country hits coming to a radio near you soon. Management is soft and should be EMBARRASSED. I am unsubscribing.


By Andy092
Don’t bring anything interesting to the table regarding sports. Show is ruined by political takes. Boring as well. Boo.
Kirk Minihane is a great talent, hugely insightful, honest, and courageous. Gerry Callahan is a reactionary grouch. The casting couch of third voices are and entertaining group. Great show!
You either love or hate it.
I really enjoy the show but for crying out loud get the podcasts uploaded sooner!!!!!!
I’m 28 years old, a male, and love Kirk.. got a lot of kicks out of him roasting david price the other day for complaining about being called soft. Kirk is the only talker in boston who actually tells it like it is.. fred toucher can go speak at the talkers convention and brag about it all he wants.. what a joke he is.
As a 28 yr old male I can’t stand Kirk, started listening to sportshub out of Boston and that’s been very pleasing
This is really bad radio. Just... really bad
I’m not a regular listener but I was aware of this podcast because of the Kennedy Babylon interview with Howie Carr last year. I have been glued to the podcast since last week when they broke the Kevin Cullen story. Thanks for staying on this. I’m enraged and disgusted but also laughing at times (the tv show-Cullen). If not for this podcast (and a few “Blurbs” elsewhere) those of us in the Midwest would not know that this fraud has been exposed. Unfortunate that “sports” has to do the REAL journalism. Thumbs up to these guys!
Easily the best show on radio in America. Kirk and Callahan are the perfect match. Plus, Ken and Curtis are the icing on the cake, being great producers and a funny addition when they add to the conversation. Always makes me laugh while still filling me in on the latest Boston sports news and current events. Keep up the hard work, guys!
best radio anywhere... K&C are great combination... the 3rd wheels make for a good contrast... not just sports which is ok
K&C are great at what they do! There’s a reason they’ve been #1 in the Boston Radio rankings for the past 6 months! If you want a twist on sports talk radio, give this podcast a listen!
Best radio show in the world.


By Nckit
Yea trash


By ___~
Why does it take so long to upload the podcast each morning
Gerry and Kirk are a couple of a-holes who tell it like it is. Rarely a dull moment. Love to listen.
Hey, I'm a huge fan of the Red Sox and tune into Kirk and Callahan but I was pretty horrified to hear "I want to do a Stephen Paddock and take my AR15..." used as a casual threat (joke) aimed at another in the week of the most lethal mass shooting in US history is disgusting. Lost me as a listener instantly. I'm not easily offended but that went too far.
I signed up for a pulse on Boston sports, but what I head are the juvenile rants of shock jocks who eschew insight for sensationalist prattle, especially the pus that comes out of Callahan's mouth. I grew up in the Berkshires and was witness to the right-wing ideology that these guys spout. Sad to see that it is still alive and well--and that it has a following.
I'm a Bostonian and am the diehard fan. Turned on one episode and heard, "Gordon Hayward will receive more support here because he is a white player" turned it right off
This is a Sports station talks too much Politics. Next Minihane is Vince McMahon creates fake drama with actual Sports Journalist, Radio Host, u name it. Don't waste your time.
This show has been unlistenable since the Super Bowl. Gerry is a right wing nut job. If I wanted to listen to that crap, I'd call my dad. The casting couch has gotten stale. The best hosts are Meter, Pete, and Tanguay. Just hire one of those 3 please.
Nothing new hear, folks.
Gives you everything you missed.
The wrap up show is actually better than sifting through 4 hours of Gerry blabbering on about Trump.
Screw touched and rich
I used to listen all the time when they put up specific segments. Now they only put up full shows and I don't have time to listen.


By F413
I cannot imagine listening to T&R in the mornings instead of these guys. That'd really take a special kind of moron.
Very entertaining. A lot of redundant content within the podcasts lately.


I wish I could give this show negative stars.
Great show!
Typical Boston-racist vibe, just awful, really bad sports-talk, zzzzz.
These guys are fantastic. Only issue is that this is news... And it's put up as a podcast the following day. You end up listening to stuff you've read about the day before. Luckily, their delivery is enough to get me to listen every morning.
Gerry Callahan and john Dennis are the best. Only reason I tune into weei. And Kirk is better than meter was, but still gets annoying.
Wicked funny.
This is the ideal podcast for a New England sports fan. Obviously that is where they are based so they focus more on those teams. They do talk about other types of sports news though. Overall they can be funny and they have interesting stories. They are frank and mean-spirited at times, but that is because they are usually right.
I love the guests BUT the hosts display a level of jingoism that is startling at best, scary at worst. The only sports of interest atre American sports? really? I love Boston sports but guess i have to find my news elsewhere.
These guys are the worst. If you want political agendas pushed on you while your just trying to find out who the pats will cut or some other nonsense go here. For real entertaining and well done sports talk by radio pros, go to Toucher and Rich.
Ugh... The epitome of bad sports talk... Two idiots spouting negativity... It's at it's worst when they sneak their right wing, conservative drivel into the mix. I guess being an a-whole is entertainment for some. If so, subscribe here. If you possess critical thinking skills, be prepared to wince while listening. If you are a knife wielding maniac (figuratively), head to WEEI some AM.
Few things in this world are more pathetic than a cocktail of pride and stupidity. If you have ever needed a mean spirited, obnoxious, bully's take on sports, you have arrived at your final destination.
You can have your Mike and Mike. This show is the best period. They are raw. They don't hold back. Best sports town with the best morning show in the country. I just wish someday Felger would join them, he would fit in perfect. Go Pats!! Tebow time ends Saturday night!! (the Mayan calendar says so :)