Grace Church, Bath Campus

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We started attending Grace over a year ago and it is the first church that has felt like home to is...I love that the podcasts are available if we miss a service or want to listen to one of the services again.
I live out of town but my brother attends this church. On the first visit I was overwhelmed (positively) by their passion for Christ and spreading His Gospel. I love that I can keep up with the services on podcast in between visits. Rock on!


By Knisew
The priority of this church is to teach Christ to everyone they can reach. Amazing is the growth of this church and it is because of the message they preach and their concern for the young adults. I love it! God bless!
I have been attending Grace Church for over a year. I am working on Saturaday nights and Sundays and I am unable to attend the church services, but with the podcast I feel like I am there. I miss the notes though... :{ I am also a member of a Real Life Group and absolutely love it!! This helps me stay in touch.
Applicable to everyday life and full of challenging ideas that address the issues we all face as we go in our own directions. Take the time to give it a listen; make a habit out of it, and it will make your life into something more meaningful and uplifting.
You guys are on fire! This is the best and most important podcast you will ever subscribe to in your life! I am so happy that I decided to attend Grace church over a year ago. I encourage anyone who is in the Akron/Cleveland area to try Grace Church in Bath, OH out. It will open your heart and mind to the spirit of God.
This is awesome. I haven't even listened to it yet, and it's changed my life. Keep it up Grace!