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A podcast from the "Anime News Network" that has a lot of unique content from hosts who make use of the wealth of information they have and deliver it in an entertaining way. If you enjoy reading anime news I would definitely recommend this podcast. There are only two problems with the cast imo - the first is that the uploads are very inconsistent. You never know when you might get a new episode. The second is that the hosts are extremely cynical and hard to please when it comes to anime. If you don't feel the same way, you may not enjoy listening to them. But I do, and even though they do not interact with their listeners at all, I always look forward to hearing from them again.
This anime podcast is on the top of the heap. Zac and Jacob have great rapport and are extremely knowledgable. Give them a listen, it's worth it.
I have two anime podcasts I listen to and I give an edge to this one. The fact that there are industry folks as well as fans that appear on the pod give it the extra bit of quality and knowledge you look for as a fan. My only beef is that I wish it was more consistent in coming out, but considering the work the hosts do on Anime News Network, I’m thankful for the episodes they do release. Check them out; true anime film and television criticism as opposed to the generic and vague ‘I just didn’t like it’ that you get from most podcasts.
Of all the anime podcasts I listen to, this is the podcast I anticipate the most each week -- even after several years. The crticism is intelligent, thoughtful, and thorough, and the topics are varied. For fans who want to broaden their knowledge of anime and related industries, this is it. I hope the hosts continue for years to come.
This is not only my favorite anime podcast, but one of my favorite art criticism podcasts in general. Zac and co. (Mostly Jacob these days) are extremely charming, thoughtful, and entertaining. I feel a kinship without ever actually having met them. I learn something new about the world and myself almost every episode. A must listen for any anime fan.
This is one of the two or three podcasts that I look forward to every upload. The speakers are charismatic and well-informed. There have been many podcasts in the past that I feel like they're a waste of time listening to, because it sounds like a bunch of frat-bros gathered in a room. I really enjoyed the Rumiko Takahashi episode. I hope that in the future there will be more names that are the center of topic, like Go Nagai. Especially with Devilman Crybaby coming out soon. My boyfriend even gets annoyed because I will stop whatever I'm doing and click play, and he says, "Um, we're in the middle of an episode of anime, why are you putting on a podcast?" I like when Daryel and Dawn are on as well, they are voices in the anime industry that should be heard more often. Thank you for all of you hard work! ‧˚₊*̥(* ⁰̷̴͈꒨⁰̷̴͈)‧˚₊*̥
Thank you.
It's great!
I've been listening to the show for years and it continues to entertain and inform. Keep up the great work Zac and Jacob.
Would love if this podcast had timestamps in description like on the ANN site
I'm a big fan of the podcast, I love that the moderator will ask some of the difficult questions to publishers, it's good to hear someone else speak up for those who can't. Some of the interviews have blown my mind. the episode, "Over the Moon" is one of the best things I've herd in my life. Regular updates that mantain a high quality means that you should be hitting that subscribe button like Naruto hitting ninjas
I like the consistant rotation of explain the series, interview, mess about; has made this a boon. Before that, the Kill la Kill and Watamote episodes are my favorite. Though I still give my students Mangahood first and last; I look forward to being reminded of why Fullmetal Alchemist is such a great tragic-epic film despite being less of a positive example of how to be a socially just man than Mangahood it.


By Ryumoau
The podcast is almost unlistenable because of how pretentious these weeaboos get sometimes.
Great podcast that is informative about current anime news! The interviews and panels are always great. Zac is a fantastic host. I also love when Hope Chapman makes an appearance. Great, great anime podcast. :)
Really good stuff. Journalist quality interviews.
I’ve been listening to this podcast for years now and I’m happy to say that it’s still something I genuinely look forward to each week. Please keep up the wonderful work your doing Zac and Justin.
Don't look elsewhere. A fantastic podcast with insightful hosts and interesting guests. You can hear the in's and out's of the anime/manga industry, banter about video games and films, as well as breakdowns of some of the more unique shows. I can't recommend this show enough. I listen to very few anime podcasts, but I look forward to this being updated every week.
I've been listening to this podcast for about 2+ years, and honestly this is by far the best podcast related to anime out. Truly appricate all the work Zac and Justin put into the show to entertain and inform us listeners. Thank you for all you do.
Great podcast with everything you can ask for in this week in anime and more zack and Justin are great hosts that have great guests on and give very honest and knowledgeable opinions on the anime industry as a whole while you might not agree with all there opinions on anime,manga or in general they will give you both sides of the coin and tell you why. Great stuff
A really terrific anime podcast, cramed with deep love and knowledge of the medium, tons of insight on the industry, and an ability to call anime and its fans out on their BS.
I subscribed a few months ago and listened to the most recent shows. I liked it so much that I downloaded all the "backissues" and have been listening to a few minutes of old shows most days. Today I completed the last old show, and now instead of a guaranteed daily dose, I'll have to wait between podcasts. So sad :-)
This podcast is for a great pick for any anime fan. You can get news on the industry, interviews from special guests, reviews about anime/manga, and sometimes just random chat about anime and all other media. Has a bit of everything for everyone and it kind of feels like you're just hanging out talking with everyone at Anime News Network. This is a great podcast so check it out!
I just started listening to this podcast thanks to a tweet CJ from the Player One Podcast retweeted. I checked it out and was instantly blown away by how awesome this podcast was. It's really informative, and they do a lot of great interviews. I am definitely going to go back and listen to previous episodes and continue to listen to episodes to come.
ANNcast is my favorite podcast to listen on all things anime related. The hosts are knowledgeable, well rounded, experienced, and fun to listen to.
Justin and Zac host a great show where they not only good just shooting the breeze, but also get interesting interviews with people form the anime industry.
Wow! What a great podcast. Zac and Justin are critics in the best sense of the word. They are masters of unpacking ideas and themes, and help me think about aspects of works I would never have considered. Their chemistry together is great, and I love their dry wit. The only reason I gave this 4 stars is because the people they have on the show sometimes are dull speakers and/or socially awkward and do not engage the hosts or audience very well. Zac and Justin more than make up for this.
if you're looking for a podcast with a REGULAR SCHEDULE, frequent industry guests, even Japanese, look no further
I've been a listener since the beginning and this podcast never fails to entertain and inform. They have really struck a great balance of fun and professionalism. Thanks to everyone who works on this show, I've learned a great deal about the Anime Industry from you.
Really well discussed topics and interesting insight on not just an anime title, but also the history and business behind anime. Highly enjoyable and easy to listen to, this is what I like to see when talking about anime.
Great podcast for anyone interested in Anime or Manga
This show used to be so good. I couldn't wait for the next episode. It seems that the hosts have lost their passion & zeal for not only the show but for anime as well. It's gotten to the point that it's actually uncomfortable to listen to. The majority of the shows these days: "Oh my gosh can you believe how much work I have to do... I'm not complaining I love my job." "That thing sucked... That was mediocre...These people are stupid..." Twitter questions: "No... I don't know... I didn't see that."
Great podcast about the anime and manga industry here in the US. Plus, commentary on the anime itself. The podcasters are knowledgeable, interesting, and fans.
You will be hooked I promise.
Hands down ANN Cast is the best Anime Podcast and one of the best in general. Its a must for any Anime fan and the fact they cover other topics (films, games, etc.) every once in a while serves as a good change of pace.


By CimiHC
Out of the many Podcasts that are about anime, ANNcast is the most professional, informative, honest, and simply, entertaining.
This is the best source I've found for getting regular updates on what is going on in the anime world. Of course Anime News Network's website is also terrific. I prefer to listen to the podcast for multitasking purposes. Zac and Justin make wonderful hosts and entertainers. There are always new topics and people being brought onto the show to be interviewed. Definitely recommend to anyone who is a fan of the genre.
I listen to Zach to get the best anime reviews and news
This podcast is informative, especially when it comes to the inner workings of the anime industry, and offers some good in-depth analysis. However, this could be harsh to newer anime fans, like me. For example, in their recent Top Ten Anime lists for each decade, they rarely give plot synopses or description of any sort for the multitude of obscure anime titles they list off. If I hadn't already heard of them, I'd be completely lost. They also seem to have hit the Ebert-esque stage of criticism, where they've seen so much stuff that their tastes have become warped (Trigun didn't even make their 90s top ten list! AND MAD BULL 34 did!!!) Those are just semantics, though. I you like anime, this is definetly worth listening to.
This is an excellent show for learning about anime, manga, and related industry. I look forward to a new podcast show every week. Love listening to hosts and guests.
Entertaining podcast other than when Zac gets into his political rants.
Zac and Justin bring extensive knowledge of the anime and cinema industries to their critiques, bringing a refreshing take on both. It is great to hear reviews on a podcast that consists of more than a recap of the episode or series and get some in- depth discussion, analysis and (sometimes crotchety sounding) opinions of the work. As someone who is fairly new to the genre, the reviews, wide range of knowledgeable guests, industry interviews and general back and forth between the two has provided an excellent and enjoyable look into anime. As podcasts go this one is top notch in all aspects, highly recommended.
If you like anime, manga, games, and live action tv and movies, you won't be disapointed in subscribing to it. Keep up the good work Zac!
ANNcast is the only podcast I listen to every week without fail. Zac and Justin's knowledge of not only anime, but the operations of the Japanese and North American markets is so far beyond most other podcasts, and it makes a huge difference. They also always offer wonderful, specific critiques of current and past titles. Their reviews are not summaries, as are those of so many other podcasts - they know how to review without spoiling (that is to say, they know how to review). The guests they bring on are similarly informed, and often times they will bring on industry guests, something most other podcasts cannot boast. When I turn into ANNcast, I know I'll be getting informed, well-reasoned commentary, analysis, and reviews, and I couldn't ask for anything better. It's been a great four years, guys, and here's to many more! Oh, and Zac's sarcasm is wonderfully snarky. I don't care what anyone says.
One of the best podcasts for the anime & manga fan, very informative and entertaining. Zac & Justin do a really great job of covering topical issues, like the latest news, releases & streams. They also conduct in depth interviews with long time industry insiders that serve as an on going oral history of the anime & manga industry in America.


By SDProe
New to the podcast, but its been very good so far. I'm been kind of new to anime myself, so the ANNcast and the site itself have been helpful in guiding my choices of what to watch or anticipate.
ANNCast is the one of the smartest and content-filled anime podcasts you'll ever hear. The hosts not only know what they're talking about, but have had actual experience working in the anime industry. Not only will you learn about the business of anime & manga, the guys also talk about video games, live-action and foreign films as well. Worth a listen. I also recommend the Anime World Order podcast: the folks on AWO are also very knowledgeable about anime and review overlooked or forgotten anime gems.
It may not be "your special tree house," but AnnCast is the podcast you're looking for! For funny, informative, well-spoken and knowledgable commentators on all things anime, manga, Japan, Japanese pop culture, cinema, the Western anime/manga industry, this is it!