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I’m never sure how to describe TBTL...but I can say that I’ve been listening every weekday since 2012ish! Luke and Andrew are friends that chat every day about their lives. It’s funny, full of inside jokes, often heartfelt, but never saccharine. All I can say is, give it a listen for a few days, and I bet you’ll be hooked!
It’s really hard to put into words why I like listening to these guys... but I do! and it’s addicting!!!
So fun. So friendly. A total staple in my life for feeling good.
Such a huge part of my week! Like two little nugs o’ goofy fun that make my mundane-same ol’-muk-a-luk day a better place to be. Funny, smart, ridiculous, insightful, and without a point but to tickle your funny bone, your smiley muscles, and your stereocilia!
TBTL first help me get through a very dark time in my life. A time where nothing I liked could make me smile or bring me joy anymore. But during this time I found TBTL, something that could make me smile again. Sounds very cliché but it is the truth. Since then, Andrew and Luke feel like family. And the community behind this podcast, the sTens, are the best! I’ve “only” been listening since Dec. 2016 but I have not stopped and never plan on stopping.
I’ve started listening about a month ago, I wish I would have known about this podcast earlier. I fully enjoy listening to Luke & Andrew - they make me smile, laugh, motivated and put me in a cheerful state to start my weekdays. On weekends I’m sad, there aren’t any new episodes, instead I have to listen to my 4yr old twins yelling around. Although I could listen to the 2000+ older episodes (amazing how old your podcast is, congratulations on that!), or maybe I should stop writing this way too long review and listen to today’s new episode, or do actually something productive...I don’t know. 🤔 Anyways - I thought I drop a review since it has been a while anybody did (you mentioned that a couple days ago) Not sure if my talk here is going to help you out in any way, but maybe. 😄 Thank you guys! - Oliver
What can you say about TBTL? This podcast is as much a part of my life as my family. Luke and Andrew’s funny digressions accompany me through all of my daily tasks and have made my routine a lot more fun. They way they share their misadventures so openly let’s you know that you are not alone in life’s ups and downs. It’s like having two best friends right in your phone!


By Lynn085
Phyllis Fletcher is a delight
It's really difficult to describe TBTL. It's kind of like your other favorite podcast, but more so. You know the first ten or 15 minutes of most podcasts, where the 2 hosts are talking in a meandering way before they get to the point of the episode and they banter before they introduce the week's guest, usually recruited from the LA improv or comedy community? It's like that, but without the guest. And daily. And for, like, an hour and a half. It's good! After a week or two, you won't believe that you ever DIDN'T listen to it.
I started listening to Luke and Andrew this last fall...don’t even remember how it happened. Now I don’t miss a day. Better than a full dose of Wellbutrin and doesn’t make me gain weight or lose my libido.
I used to live in Seattle for a bit so this helps me feel back at home. I remember hearing the very first episode on the radio; it was magical. It was mental and audio dessert on otherwise mediocre days after clocking out at the job I loathed. I’d stay in my car on the street or driveway just listening, anticipating the end of each commercial break. Lukels McGukels and co. have kept me company in tough times and times when I didn’t feel comfortable/confident enough to be around other people. Today, I’m grateful to have Luke and Andrew in my ears daily.
Two people who over the past five years have turned into staples of our house speakers. When my fiancée and I first met, we bonded over the show. So thank you to Luke Burbank and Andrew “boom boom” Walsh for the help.
I look forward to listening to this podcast during my work week. It’s like having a couple of your friends around without out any effort on your part.
I've been listening for about a year. Luke was a guest on Savage Love. On that episode I was promised TBTL had dicks! So I listen and discovered 2 of the funniest dicks. You guys always put a smile on my face.
Love Luke and Andrew!!
Interesting podcast of two white Gen X men realizing that they have it pretty good and spend up to 3 hours each day proving it.
Best. Best. Best. I subscribe to 21 podcasts. This is the BEST BEST BEST.
I was late to this podcast, but now listen daily. Don’t neglect to subscribe to the newsletter! Thanks for letting us listen in to your banter, Andrew and Luke!
I'm a relatively new TBTL listener, having come to it in a roundabout way via NPR's "Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!" in 2016. (Luke Burbank, one half of the TBTL team, is a "Wait Wait" panelist and also appears on "CBS Sunday Morning" as a correspondent.) The show has been around much longer than that, originating as a Seattle radio program more than a decade ago. Monday through Friday, Luke and Andrew discuss their daily lives, pop culture, sports, and so much more. Listeners really connect to them, and as such, an online following popped up where folks support one another virtually and in real life. It's pretty darn special.
two guys, stupid stories, funny, current, culturally relevent.
Smart 5 day a week show that is a distraction from your real life. Luke and Andrew, the hosts, are generous, insecure guys. The dedicated fan base, affectionately known as the tens of listeners, are coproduces and have a vibrant FB page. TBTL is full of drops, inside jokes and last weeks pop-culture. Monday shows in the fall features sport talk at the end.
My morning go to for 5 years.
Seriously, this podcast has become my personal coffee with friends at a diner. It’s what I listen to when I’m homesick (despite their living across the country from me) and it’s the kind of chatter that punctuates my real life experience. Listen. Become addicted to your online friendos.
I just realized I have listened to 300 of these. Just freaking fabulous. You wont be disappointed!! Update: still listening and loving after all these years.
TBTL is like being at the table with your really funny friends. High-quality banter and some personal vulnerability but nothing too heavy and you can forget about the woes of the world for a bit. I've listened since 2011 and now my parents & friends do too.
This podcast will get under your skin. I love that it is a daily show and that the hosts, Luke and Andrew, have such a natural, smart, non-radio style. Both come from the public radio world but it's not an overly serious, stuffy NPR kinda show. Far from it!
I find myself referring to these guys as my friends... and I guess they are! They just don’t know it. I’ve been listening for years and hope to for years to come!!!
Even though we’ve never met Lurnk and his cobro the wickedly talented hodor of podcasting are my closest friends. We’ve bern through a lot together and well...now we’re here.
I moved from Seattle to New Zealand and then found this podcast. It brings so much laughter and joy to my day. It is relevant without having to go into much of the craziness of the world around us. I get doses of PNW, wit and wisdom from the amazing hosts, and funny Seinfeld-esque stories to listen in on. I also had no idea Luke was the host and he is such a treasure! I just love this podcast.
I listen to eight to ten podcasts. But if there is a new TBTL waiting for me, it immediately goes to the top of the list. It’s so funny and it doesn’t take long to get hooked and to get “in on” the jokes, references and hilarious audio drops.
It is super funny and touches on all the weird things that are on the news. I am a proud ten, and would give it 10 thumbs up, but I only have two thumbs
Luke and Andrew keep it real and real interesting. Must listen for me, later cal to my area but anyone would relate to their trials and tribulations. Keep up the great podcast... peace and love peace and love


By Jamfunk
My favorite
Great podcast! Luke & Andy are fun co-bros. I listen as I end my day after 2 jobs. Perfect for winding down. Thanks guys!
When Luke’s voice trembles. All the good feels.
I have been listening since the beginning of time. I love these guys and it’s like they are family and we walk around all day having a conversation. Highly recommend! Tiger
You will have well over 2000 episodes to listen to so that you can understand every inside joke & learn to randomly blurt out audio drops during family dinners or at bus stops. That’s right TBTL will enrich your life with just a back scratch of joy that’s so desperately needed today. Can’t explain it, but trust me. You’ll have a happier disposition and healthier buh-ah-dee if you take a listen.
I first reviewed TBTL in December of 2010. It's now September of 2018, and while a lot has changed in my life, TBTL hasn't! Luke and Andrew are always there, my best imaginary friends, with a mix of "news", current events, pop culture and everyday life to keep me entertained. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll RAWR at the awesomeness that is TBTL!
Like hanging with funny dudes in a bar or at a casual party. Funny and self-deprecating.
I’ve been a proud 10 for almost 10 years.
I love these guys truly...they have made my Day to day life a better place to be.in world full Of total chaos and uncertainty I have these two knuckle heads to steer me into there ridiculous abyss of daily stupid and amusing back and forth dribble. Thank you both Power out!
Seriously though. Subscribing and listening to TBTL is essentially the same thing as meeting a pair of new best friends. This show is about life itself.
Long time ten from back in the day! Love Luke and Andrew!! Great conversation :)
The best way to waste the maximum amount of time while being marginally informed of current events.
very funny
I love all the great news podcasts out there, but sometimes you want a podcast that asks nothing of you except a willingness to smile and laugh. TBTL is one of the beat daily listens that exists. You know it’s good when you refresh your podcast app every five minutes on your daily drive home to see if it’s posted yet!
Not to beat a dead dolphin...as I'm sure there are a million positive posts for this show, but I have to say I love it. I have haven't tired of it in the 4 months I've been listening! ( I know a long time, right?) I think it will be my pick for imaginary radio for quite some time! I look forward to new episodes arriving on my notification screen! I drive some for work and it's perfect for combating the increasing traffic in Asheville, NC. I'm happy to be one of the tens of listeners!! Power out!!! Jess A Ginger from Asheville!
It's my daily dose of sillyness that I've become hooked on for years now. They tell honest and funny stories about their lives, offer great music suggestions, and always find a way to fit in funny clips that will make you laugh out loud.
If a radio show could be a song, this show wouldn’t be this song—but this song may be a passing remembrance, before moving on to personal confessions, current events, while skirting the line of fair use and copyright infringement. It’s 5 days-a-week of compelling banter.