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By ptwas
The hosts are at once very boorish and egotistical but also overly apologetic and self loathing. Way way way too much baseball talk. Not enough cat talk. Though there is a good amount of cat talk once in a while, but their need to apologize for it is r/mildlyinfuriating. Every once in a while they get some little detail wrong, which is ok, happens to everyone, but when they are so confidently saying something wrong that’s when it gets really irritating. Great show!
I’ve been listening for years. It’s the perfect podcast to just unwind, laugh and get your mind off the news for a bit. It’s like hanging out with friends.
TBTL has been a part of my daily life for about 6 years. I love it and I don’t know why. That’s part of the charm and draw. Keep up the great work Luke and Andrew!
My favorite show! Been listening for 11 years and don’t miss an episode!
Please please for the love of god stop talking about wordle. There’s a few podcasts I listen to that do this and im starting to suspect it’s actually paid advertising. Spending an excessive amount of time talking about a phone game is crazy making. I just fast forward. But I hate doing that! Love everything else.
Can’t get enough of Luke and Andrew’s hot takes on the events of the day and enjoy their banter. I’ve been a listener for over 11 years and still can’t get enough.
I can’t miss an episode. Love my co-bros.
The Dummies are the best! I adore their silly, fun patter and listen every day!
This show makes me feel like I get to hang out with my best friends every day and talk about the quirky stuff that’s happening in the world. Ive been listening for about 10 years now, and it has gotten me through some rough times, especially in these last two years. With Luke and Andrew (and Jen and Sean’s) genuine caring for each other and interesting stories (and hot dog stories). I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve quoted drops and generally just felt like these are my “people”.
Give TBTL a whirl! It will feel like you’re not in on the inside jokes, but that feeling goes away quickly. It’s the podcast that’s there for you when you just need to unwind and chuckle a little. It’s a friend that’s there for you, but is okay with whatever you have to give in return. Luke and Andrew are two very special people who are genuine, vulnerable, thoughtful, and witty.
This show could be 6 minutes long and you would get all relevant useful information. That means you are wasting a little over an hour when you listen to it. I’ve never wished that more that my podcast app had a 10x playback option. Thank god it has a stop button.


My favorite. Just don’t ask me to explain why.
Thank you for being there everyday. I look forward to your conversation each day.
I’ve listened to TBTL for almost 10 years now and haven’t missed an episode. There’s nothing like checking in and talking about life. So relatable and entertaining!
This podcast has been my favorite way to spend time during the quarantine and is now my daily habit!
I used to be really into this podcast. I listened daily, donated, participated in events and fan activities — I did it all. Not anymore, though. We’re talking about a guy who has literally demonstrated zero personal growth in over a decade, and another guy who completely enables that. They can’t even run their show format with any fidelity. Why do these people have a platform anymore? After the past year, I just can’t give time and space to this nonsense that contributes literally nothing to the world. Like I said, it’s not cute anymore.
This podcast is like meeting up with your best friends. Those friends you share all your thoughts with, constantly laugh with, that leave you a good fuzzy feeling that just makes a bad day melt away. For me it started out of curiosity after a quick promo from Carina Longworth of YMRT. Very quickly it became a daily listen. I put it on while I’m on a morning walk, driving, shopping, working or puttering around the house. Luke and Andrew give us their hot takes with quick wit, jokes that don’t land and all too relatable mundane minutiae five days a week. Give Too Beautiful Too Live a try!
This podcast is like hanging out with you two best pals every day.
Impossible to describe, and that’s part of the point. I’m always in a better mood after catching up to an episode of TBTL, and dipping into the quirky, delightful and sometimes quite real world that Luke and Andrew (and Jen, Sean, et al.) have created over the last decade plus. Is there a sixth star?
Amusing stories and anecdotes of the hosts Luke Burbank of NPR fame and Andrew Walsh allegedly famous for the drawing of Tall Ships about daily goings on and how it effects their lives.
Ideal listening for those times when you can pay attention to something but not feel totally lost if your task takes your full attention for a moment. Luke and Andrew are funny, thoughtful, and good company.
No better duo. No better show.
I recently rediscovered this podcast. I am now able to make it through any mundane task with a smile on my face and joy in my heart ♥️ while listening to this podcast of awesomeness.
I’ve been a listener for over a decade and love listening to the daily happenings of Luke and Andrew. I couldn’t imagine there *not* being a TBTL in my world and I dare not think of it ceasing to exist. They’ve seen me through my planning my wedding, my pregnancy and labor and delivery, years of late nights of childcare, and helped me through some rough patches.
Love the pod, I’m a donor. Brace yourself for “long time listeners” who CONSTANTLY bemoan long since departed hosts. Move on people! Andrew is a king, that’s all. Power out.
I started listening to TBTL over the last year and it’s seriously been the best. The drops and music and funny-real life topics are super. Two very clever and witty guys trying to make sense of a world gone mad. As a “new 10” — I’m all in!
Past Seattle radio talk show hosts bro-ing it up on a daily one hour podcast. Both 40 something white males, and very aware of it. I’ve been a fan since 2008. They have “tens” of listeners. Luke Burbank has my heart because he has the same unhealthy obsession with his weight and shame eating and constant dieting as I do. Andrew Walsh is brilliant and funny, he just doesn’t really believe it.
I listen 5 days a week and plan my day around it! Love how they banter and also love that they talk about current events but not the ones that stress me out. TBTL is my daily escape!
This is the podcast that Dennis McLaren and Gregory Gordon listened to before meeting John Lakeman.
I love their wry and clever sense of humor. Been listening for a little over a year and always look forward to taking time to listen to the latest episode. It may take me few days to finish, but it's always worth it.
Intelligent people having intelligent (and sometimes not so intelligent) conversations. Best thing is that they are relatable and not arrogant. Sometimes I find myself laughing out loud as I listen. Love getting my daily TBTL fill!
Hilarious podcast. Even if you don’t like Luke and Andrew (and let’s be honest - who does?) it’s worth it for the drop-ins alone. Feels like I’m walkin’ on sunshine!


Good podcast for when you want to talk to your real friends but only the pod friends are available. A journey of life’s twists and turns punctuated by some sweet drops, and a bit of light reporting on mostly wacky world news and events. Love the variety and you never really know what will be discussed. Thanks guys for your ramblings ...sometimes it’s pretty entertaining;)
I’m here for the drops. More drops please!
TBTL is an institution. I’m coming back to it after a time away (different commutes, etc) but it’s great to see these guys still going strong. A wonderful daily presence, a great community, and well worth your time.
Though I didn’t listen to the first two hundred episodes, I’ve listened the all the rest. Luke and Andrew are just a part of life with all their quirks. I remember Luke’s stories when he starts telling one, likewise I know all of Andrew’s worries. I hope they stick around the episode 10,000! No Mountain Too Tall . . .
Ok how many podcasts can you say the following about? I listen to and love it, my mom (81) heard it in my car and now listens too, and my son (13) recently offered without prompting while in my car, « You know, I like TBTL. ». Flashy? No. High concept? No. Funny? Yes. Warm? Yes. Human? Yes. As a bonus, I will say that Luke’s and Andrew’s tastes in music are cooler than mine, so I find and enjoy new bands from them on the regular.
I really enjoyed 1/1/21 podcast. It was a charming example of this podcast. That’s why I supporter of TBTL. Brian
I listen to Andrew and Luke’s friendly banter and feel like I’m included. Both are whiz kids in pop culture as they meander around a various topics. While I’ve been listening for 10 years, the last 4 have provided an hour+ of calm during the craziest and most concerning of times. Inexpensive therapy! I’m continually recommending TBTL to friends and family. Long live TBTL.
I’ve always loved this show, but especially this year (2020). I’m a first responder and have had to isolate from my family and friends to avoid accidentally infecting them, and have never felt so alone. BUT Luke and Andrew and the amazing online Tens Community make me feel like I am not really all alone. In fact, TBTL is the only reason I have not completely lost my sanity this year. Thank you TBTL, pod pets, and fellow Tens! Highly highly recommend!
If the TV show Seinfeld was a podcast. Not sure I would have survived the pandemic (so far...) without this show. Thanks, guys.
Luke’s psychoneuropathy is sympathetic to me and to people I’ve turned on to the show. He’s smart, had an interesting life and does a bunch of interesting media things. Been listening for 15 years provides that comfort-friend-discussion. Miss Jen and a female voice but Andrew is good and a maritime enthusiast. They veer to sports, not my interest so much but have separated their lively sports show to another podcast. Ty for that guys. maybe not for everyone but they haven’t reached all the people that would enjoy. You could do worse.
Luke and Andrew are like your two friends you get to chat with 5 days a week. In honesty though, the chats are a bit one sided. Love hearing everything they have to say!
If you like Piña Colad... Wait... If you like discussions that might occur inside your own head, if you had a split personality, and need melted cheese, you just might like the verbal jousting.
Awesome very approachable guys, just started listening and I love their banter, pnw heavy but I like that make it seem more realistic
I have no idea how I stumbled across this but I’m so glad I did. I love the friendship, the silliness, and the inherent goodness these two share. It makes me feel grounded, happy and that maybe, just maybe, everything is going to be okay after all. When did they become so negative? Guitar Center, Thanksgiving “fiasco” Omg . Please. Stop with the long drawn-out negative stories where everyone but you is a clueless clown. Do not be male Karens. Please.
Fun and entertaining pop culture podcast!
I love this show! I look forward to listening to it everyday. Luke and Andrew can always make me laugh and they tell the best stories about the most mundane events we all have in our lives. Love these guys! It’s the best thing to do when you should be doing something else.