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Inane jibber-jabber between two damaged Gen-Xers. I never miss an episode!


Great show if you feel like you need a few friends and a fantastic community.
Discovered these dudes chattin’ it up a few months ago, and I’ve become a regular listener ever since. When life is stressful and the world looks grim, let Andrew and Luke be the bright spot in your day! 😊
A daily podcart, spending time with 2 guys from Seattle....full of hot dog stories, top stories and what;s going on in their heads.
Great show, like joining a conversation of old friends. Hard to miss!
The conversations are golden. They reflect human relationships in a most excellent way. Tends away from politics and more into the most important things in life, like why mustard stains or chasing random thoughts.
I heard my first TBTL episode on the road to Asheville from Chapel Hill as my boyfriend (my “eleven”, in TBTL-speak) and I were moving in 2011. I hated it! Full of inside jokes and obscure references to seemingly meaningless crap, I felt excluded from and annoyed by the world of TBTL. After four hours in the moving truck, it had grown on me enough that I became an unreluctant listener. A few months later, I was a full-blown Ten (a regular listener). Now, I never miss an epithode. Especially since Andrew, the “longest running co-bro of the snow”, joined Luke. They’re friends I check in with every weekday. Before you decide whether you like the show, invest a week. It’ll grow on you, too.
I have listened to this podcast for several years, and while I don't listen to more than one or two episodes a week, it always feels like going home again when I fire one up. They're funny without being crude, and the longer you listen, the more you get the inside jokes and references. There are a lot of podcasts I've listened to for a few months then realized I was tired of them, but this one is just the opposite.
These two bros share a daily conversation which encompasses pop culture, politics, daily life and a whole host of other side tracks. Their warmth and honesty attracts a community of "sTen" fans who get brought into the story and into tbtl world. Addictive listening.
I could only give this show 5/6 stars because they do not record a show for every day of the week. Otherwise, it is perfect; as satisfying as a perch dinner.
This is a podcast that is difficult to describe and impossible to stop listening to. Give it a listen for a week or two and see if you don’t agree. This show is my daily listen and has been for the last seven+ years.
I’ve been a listener since the beginning. It’s an everyday must listen for me.
I love Luke and Andrew! Very smart, funny and relatable.
At first listen you might think, "why is this a thing"? Listen a second time and you will be laughing along at how you agree (with at least one of them, probably not both) with their take on pop culture topics. Pretty soon you will be tuning in for their take on current events and you will feel like something is missing if you haven't listened to them in a day or two. They are funny and engaging and still opionated without being know-it-alls or alienating listeners. Welcome to the 10's!
Started listening to this to help with go to sleep. Helps me go to sleep and I listen to it during waking hours as well. Love stories of pod dog and bay kitty.
This is the only podcast I listen to that's two straight white men.
I've been listening to TBTL for 5-6 years now, and this show is amazing. Luke and Andrew are so genuine and entertaining, even if the show sometimes is "about nothing." The community of listeners, the "tens" are amazing, and it make the show even better. Yes, there will be inside jokes, yes there will be navel gazing, but it will get into your blood, and you will love this show!
Right, so I’ve never ‘met’ Luke or Andrew, yet being a Ten leaves me feeling a part of their lives and the STen community. My favorite shows are when they share from their hearts. And the DROPS become accents on my thoughts when I’m not listening. Be warned, you may be like me, I seem to reference terms or ideas from the show with others... who have NO idea what I’m talking about and then the subsequent bewildered looks when I try to explain.
It's 'human,' it's stream of consciousness. Comedic. I like the music samples. Worth supporting. It's a dollop of their life experience so it's bound to feel relevant at some point. They seem pretty 'woke' as far as most men and people in general tend to be--I do mean that as a compliment. A nice break from structured interviews and news. Breaks the typical podcast mold even though made by two caucasian guys. I often think of things I'd like to write them that remind me of things I talk about with people I know, which is testimony for their relateableness. Thanks for your work!
Love tbtl
Great for when I want to spend time with friends but don't actually feel like leaving the house or talking to people.


Love my imaginary friends!
Love this podcast!
This podcast is too beautiful NOT to be heard!
"Give it a couple of listens and you will become a "ten." Funny, sad, silly, smart, etc" This is my first review from 2009. I am a daily listener for almost 10 years. Luke, Andrew, and Jen are some of my favorite people. Join the club!
Been listening to this for a long time. Dipped in and out of many others. But these guys are still my virtual imaginary friends, all these years later, and it's really tough to explain why. You just have to listen to 5 or 10 shows, and you'll be hooked.
Picture this: you are sitting at your favorite bar/diner/coffeehouse searching for a new podcast. You have had your fill with slickly produced, high-profile talk shows that dominate the podcarts today and are looking for something different, something that you can follow deeply and forget in a minute. That something is TBTL. You won’t have to stress about content - they rarely have any! You will get hooked on the quirky astute of the show and then have trouble explaining why you enjoy it so much. You will become part of (instantly) a vast network of fellow listeners, numbering in the tens of people, in which inside jokes and tangents off topic are the norm. It is a bumpy ride, but worth it all the same.
admittedly, i have yet to listen to a podcast (sorry!), however, my husband is a devoted fan!!! he tells me about nearly every episode he listens to -- so, in a way, it's almost as if i know them all, too. nevertheless, i appreciate that he loves you, guys, so much which enables me to sit in my corner reading "pride and prejudice."
I'm a long time (off and on) listener. Whenever I need a podcast that is light hearted and not about anything in particular, this is what I turn to. Luke Burbank is something of an under-rated personality in my opinion. He is up there with the heavy hitters - your Carollas and such - when it comes to quick wit, and turns of phrase. I LOL every episode. Please give this podcast a listen!
One fateful day in 2008, While I was out on the tractor disking a sweetpotato field and feeling bored, I stumbled upon TBTL. As I listened, I began to smile, not knowing at the time how my life would change. At first I thought I had just found an enjoyable podcast to help me pass the hours on the farm, but soon I realized it was so much more. First, I found that I had more energy, more confidence, and I saw more beauty in the world. My father started giving me the love I had always longed for, and my three-year-old son now greets me with a handshake and a nod, letting me know he respects me as a man. So thank you Luke and Andrew, I have lived a good life, and will not be afraid when my time comes. Power out.
This show is a grower and then a... linger... er? It's weird to first get into but once you stick with it you'll wonder how you hadn't been always listening to them.
Casual, real.
Started listening to have something to talk about with my new girlfriend. Three years later, I'm more up to date than she is.
Great show to listen to on the way to and from work, especially with all the doom and gloom in the world. They stay apolitical (mostly, but you can take a pretty darn guess where they stand on things) and keep on with chatter that makes the drive seem to pass on by in no time. It's a show about nothing! Listen to it!
Luke and Andrew have a magical relationship that keeps me smiling through the most boring work day. I've been listening since the very beginning with Jen "Granny" Andrews and Sean "Japan's #1 Mixer" DeTore were on bored. Now with 2 Bros Broing It Up (Luke & Andrew) I can't imagine my day without TBTL. I love Luke and Andew they're like my family. GIve this podcart a listen. It'll make your day.


By Chi Ten
I've been listening to this show for 10 YEARS. That should tell you everything.
Look no further! These guys are so fun to listen to, a perfect podcast to keep you company
I have been listening to TBTL since episode 720 or thereabouts and I will still choose to listen to them on my long commutes over the 20 or so other podcasts I subscribe to. TBTL is what it is: a couple of real friends talking about stuff going on in their lives and in the world. Music is kept to a minimum and sport talk is in a tagalong segment so you get all the other entertainment before having to skip ahead. I hope to be listening for years to come.
By far my favorite podcast, TBTL feels like hanging out and listening to your friends. The topics range from the mundane to the truly bizarre. You might not understand every reference right away but you’ll catch on before you know it! TBTL is like a comfy warm blanket that just makes you feel good.
I love to tune in everyday to Luke and cranky yandy. I highly recommend tbtl!
I've been listening to this show (every show) for about 2 years now. I was looking for something that had a lot of new content (daily! M-F!) and that I could listen to when I had my insomnia (nearly nightly). I love listening to Luke and Andrew chat - you can tell they are genuinely friends and I find it super comforting to just hear them talk daily. I don't think there's anything else like it, in all of the 10s or thousands of podcasts out there. If you give it a chance, you will love it.
This podcast serves as a comforting conversation with two guys that I probably wouldn’t hangout with IRL but live listening to each day.
This is the perfect thing for when I'm stoned and falling asleep. It's just funny and inconsequential and soothing. I literally go to sleep to this every night. It's rare to find a daily show that lets you unplug, even if you're not stoned. Totally innocuous yet endearing.
Now that’s interesting!
This show cranks out a show every single weekday, and it's pretty much always entertaining. You'll get to know Luke & Andrew, and if you're like me, you'll really enjoy them. They discuss pop culture stuff sometimes, niche news sometimes, but I mostly love their meanderings regarding their own personal lives.
Hot dog stories, wind stories and wooden boats galore. The best podcast for bar surgeries! It is more than a podcast. It is a community.
Listening to TBTL is like making a bunch of new best friends and joining an amazing family. Every TBTL episode is like a great hang - it is the ultimate free-flowing conversation between two close friends who will talk about literally anything. If you are in to inside jokes and open-ended discussions that are both personal and weirdly goofy, TBTL is the top of the mountain.
Podcasts have got to be somewhat like music…subjective right? My opinion is that TBTL is the greatest podcast ever and that you will find the cure to human loneliness arriving in your earholes each time you partake in an episode.
Still my favorite podcast after all these years! These guys told me to do this but I wanted to anyway, I swear.


By Cmirer
It’s a podcast about nothing and yet everything ( except politics). Two guys in their 40’s talking about whatever is on their minds. It takes me out of the scary time we live in, calms me down and brings me comfort. I love this podcast!