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Long time ten from back in the day! Love Luke and Andrew!! Great conversation :)
The best way to waste the maximum amount of time while being marginally informed of current events.
very funny
I love all the great news podcasts out there, but sometimes you want a podcast that asks nothing of you except a willingness to smile and laugh. TBTL is one of the beat daily listens that exists. You know it’s good when you refresh your podcast app every five minutes on your daily drive home to see if it’s posted yet!
Not to beat a dead dolphin...as I'm sure there are a million positive posts for this show, but I have to say I love it. I have haven't tired of it in the 4 months I've been listening! ( I know a long time, right?) I think it will be my pick for imaginary radio for quite some time! I look forward to new episodes arriving on my notification screen! I drive some for work and it's perfect for combating the increasing traffic in Asheville, NC. I'm happy to be one of the tens of listeners!! Power out!!! Jess A Ginger from Asheville!
It's my daily dose of sillyness that I've become hooked on for years now. They tell honest and funny stories about their lives, offer great music suggestions, and always find a way to fit in funny clips that will make you laugh out loud.
If a radio show could be a song, this show wouldn’t be this song—but this song may be a passing remembrance, before moving on to personal confessions, current events, while skirting the line of fair use and copyright infringement. It’s 5 days-a-week of compelling banter.
Life is a highway, Friendos. It’s a beautiful story. I love your story. Rawr.
Luke and Andrew feel like old friends that make me laugh and forget the stresses of the day. Listen to the Luke’s boat story if it’s your first time listening.
Smart show that is 5 day a week distraction from your real life. Luke and Andrew, the hosts, are generous, snarky and focus of a dedicated fan base. It is full of drops and inside jokes, silly but not at the expense of people. Listen to WTH is TBTO
I love these two fellas!
After about a week of listening Andrew and Luke will start to feel like old friends!
A great show to listen to when your doing something else. Luke and Andrew are not always the most informed but they are entertaining and they keep me current on most pop culture.
Apparently I reviewed this podcast way back in 2009 (completely forgot btw). I will attach my old review just for nostalgia's sake but it's worth updating because 2009 is a long time ago and I will admit to being a bit gobsmacked that it is still going strong after all these years. It's a sign of a great podcast that it can survive it's cancellation as a radio show, several cast changes, location changes and who knows what else, and still be as entertaining as ever. It's a great show to relax to after a long day, have a laugh and think about some topics (pop culture and otherwise) in a new light. Still five stars worth of podcast. My old review from 2009: TBTL has successfully made the transition from the radio show to a podcast. It is still as amusing and worthwhile as ever. Luke has been getting great guests (Adam Corolla, Ira Glass) and hasn't lost a step from the days when it was too beautiful to live for the airwaves. It is best when Jen and Sean are on; one downside of the cancellation of the radio show is that they are not always on the podcast, especially Sean. It remains 90 (-ish) minutes of 'radio' magic.

By NSB32
I listen to a lot of really smart, thought-provoking podcasts - Revisionist History, Akimbo, Freakonomics, etc. And, TBTL is not one of them. What it is, however, is just as important. It's a light-hearted look at the world that offers a much-needed break from the hard news and never fails to make me laugh (often out loud!). The rapport between Luke and his co-bro Andrew is real and earnest. Their ongoing conversation about life - theirs and ours - is earnest and compelling. They've enlightened me on topics like hot dog cannons, monster trucks, and laser balding helmets. And, they've moved me to tears with stories about their deepest insecurities and fears. The fellas have become a daily ritual for me when I'm walking the dog, driving to work, or otherwise looking for a distraction. And, I encourage you to give them a listen... or two!
These guys crack me up! Love that there's so much content available. The jokes/drops don't make sense at first, but before you know it you're quoting them IRL. Let the fun begin!
…with these guys in it. Luke and Andrew are my best friends. They don’t know it. But they might be starting to suspect it.
Take these guys with you daily. Luke & Andrew are two witty, smart, insightful podcasters ...with just a little bit of sophomoric humor to keep us all down to earth. Their sweet silliness & interesting discussions have kept me company & kept my spirits up during my day job while driving to see my home patients in hospice. So if you’re having a tough day, inoculate against the grittiness of life with an injection of TBTL Podcast. (I can’t believe you told that joke!)
Simply put, this is so much more than a podcast. It’s a community of imaginary radio friends who provide laughs, encouragement, life hacks, spoofs, and a cure for global loneliness 5 days a week! Check out Luke and Andrew’s show - if you find an episode unlistenable, you’re doing it right, just keep going and don’t miss out on the magic that is TBTL
Carry your coolest and quirkiest friends in your pocket everywhere you go. Listen to TBTL!
Ever hang out with someone you've known for years and a lot of the same movies, and love the same music and really feel comfortable talking about whatever comes up but still learn about new music they love or old movies they've seen and you never heard of? Yeah, it's kind of like that. Inside jokes that long time friends get and that crazy thing you saw on the interwebs and a new song you're geeked out on and can't wait to share with your friends while having a drink and just talking about nothin'....and everything. It's kind of like that. (Inside joke, I miss, "What's the worst movie you could watch this weekend.")
I have been listening for years in various formats and the show just keeps getting better and better. Andrew and Luke’s daily conversations are like sitting down with old friends. They are warm and inviting.
Daily shows are hard to come by, but when you need to fill hours of your day with some kind of content, they are much needed! Fortunately, TBTL is not only a daily show that will fill an hour+ of your commute/workday/chore time, but it will also entertain you! Luke and Andrew are two very likable guys who chat about current events, specializing in the weirder stories from the headlines. It’s great stuff!
I’ve been leistening for about two years now. I look forward to the ~hour of content each weekday. Great for a commute or while doing chores. The hosts truly make you feel like a friend.
What would I do without Luke and Andrew to make me laugh every day?! I appreciate their honesty with themselves and with us, the Tens of Listeners, and honestly, this is how I get a lot of my pop culture knowledge. So glad I found them years ago - they’ve brought so much to my life!
TBTL is the show that lets you take your hair down and check out for a bit. Current events (non political) funny stories and shared insecurities allow you to connect with these two middle aged white guys in a way you will love.
Like checking in whit a couple buddies. Luke and Andrew chat about current events, "hot dog stories", and just random things that happen to them. One of the most real podcasts out there, and they post every day!
At least three mornings a week my showers (and coffee and ride to work) are spent with these two knuckleheads. Just a couple of funny, nice guys jabbering about whatevs but for some reason, you get hooked. "Sardonically irreverent!"
Picture this: you are sitting at your favorite bar/diner/coffeehouse searching for a new podcast. You have had your fill with slickly produced, high-profile talk shows that dominate the podcarts today and are looking for something different, something that you can follow deeply and forget in a minute. That something is TBTL. You won’t have to stress about content - they rarely have any! You will get hooked on the quirky aesthetic of the show and then have trouble explaining why you enjoy it so much. You will become part of (instantly) a vast network of fellow listeners, numbering in the tens of people, where inside jokes and tangents are the norm. It is a bumpy ride, but worth it all the same.
Check out TBTL for your daily scoop of what it is to be human! Built-in inside jokes, an amazingly supportive and caring listener base, and of course, Luke & Andrew who discuss random life occurances, awkward situations, hilarious spoofs, hot and cold takes and more. Listen while working out, driving, packing, cooking, gardening, shopping, sticking it to the man, with or without yr kids or significant other! One of the best shows I’ve ever had the honor to listen to. Give it a shot! Might need to listen to a few to get i to it but COMPLETELY worth it.


By Megadeg
I wish I could figure out how to go back and start listening from the beginning, but as a Luddite I have no idea how!
Luke and Andrew have a great, funny, smart podcast. Fresh and hip, it’s like hanging out with old friends. I have been listening for all the years they have been podcasting! Give this them a listen-you will be hooked!
You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. (But mostly from laughing so hard!) Proud and slightly ashamed to call these guys my friends, because I don’t know them personally. You have to listen to understand.
Inane jibber-jabber between two damaged Gen-Xers. I never miss an episode!


Great show if you feel like you need a few friends and a fantastic community.
Discovered these dudes chattin’ it up a few months ago, and I’ve become a regular listener ever since. When life is stressful and the world looks grim, let Andrew and Luke be the bright spot in your day! 😊
A daily podcart, spending time with 2 guys from Seattle....full of hot dog stories, top stories and what;s going on in their heads.
Great show, like joining a conversation of old friends. Hard to miss!
The conversations are golden. They reflect human relationships in a most excellent way. Tends away from politics and more into the most important things in life, like why mustard stains or chasing random thoughts.
I heard my first TBTL episode on the road to Asheville from Chapel Hill as my boyfriend (my “eleven”, in TBTL-speak) and I were moving in 2011. I hated it! Full of inside jokes and obscure references to seemingly meaningless crap, I felt excluded from and annoyed by the world of TBTL. After four hours in the moving truck, it had grown on me enough that I became an unreluctant listener. A few months later, I was a full-blown Ten (a regular listener). Now, I never miss an epithode. Especially since Andrew, the “longest running co-bro of the snow”, joined Luke. They’re friends I check in with every weekday. Before you decide whether you like the show, invest a week. It’ll grow on you, too.
I have listened to this podcast for several years, and while I don't listen to more than one or two episodes a week, it always feels like going home again when I fire one up. They're funny without being crude, and the longer you listen, the more you get the inside jokes and references. There are a lot of podcasts I've listened to for a few months then realized I was tired of them, but this one is just the opposite.
These two bros share a daily conversation which encompasses pop culture, politics, daily life and a whole host of other side tracks. Their warmth and honesty attracts a community of "sTen" fans who get brought into the story and into tbtl world. Addictive listening.
I could only give this show 5/6 stars because they do not record a show for every day of the week. Otherwise, it is perfect; as satisfying as a perch dinner.
This is a podcast that is difficult to describe and impossible to stop listening to. Give it a listen for a week or two and see if you don’t agree. This show is my daily listen and has been for the last seven+ years.
I’ve been a listener since the beginning. It’s an everyday must listen for me.
I love Luke and Andrew! Very smart, funny and relatable.
At first listen you might think, "why is this a thing"? Listen a second time and you will be laughing along at how you agree (with at least one of them, probably not both) with their take on pop culture topics. Pretty soon you will be tuning in for their take on current events and you will feel like something is missing if you haven't listened to them in a day or two. They are funny and engaging and still opionated without being know-it-alls or alienating listeners. Welcome to the 10's!
Started listening to this to help with go to sleep. Helps me go to sleep and I listen to it during waking hours as well. Love stories of pod dog and bay kitty.
This is the only podcast I listen to that's two straight white men.
I've been listening to TBTL for 5-6 years now, and this show is amazing. Luke and Andrew are so genuine and entertaining, even if the show sometimes is "about nothing." The community of listeners, the "tens" are amazing, and it make the show even better. Yes, there will be inside jokes, yes there will be navel gazing, but it will get into your blood, and you will love this show!