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I try to listen to this not fake news (well sometimes...) radio show as often as possible. Their honesty, kindness, humor and superior music taste keeps me entertained and coming back.
Peter Segal of Wait Wait Don't Tell Me on NPR referred to TBTL as a 'confessional' podcast. It is alternatively goofy and candid, and like Arrested Development continually builds on itself so that you are gradually taken in. I've been a daily listener since 2015 and have seen Luke and Andrew at a few live shows. They are funny and caring guys and have created a wonderful community of listeners (the Tens) who have creatively and financially contributed to keeping the show running for 10 years. Its truly a unique undertaking.
Laughter and imaginary friends, what else could you want? A+
Give this show time. You won't be sure why you listen, but you keep coming back. The show's snarky vibe is balanced by its heart. It's whimsy and silliness - reinforcing the fact we all have guilty pleasures, so just at TBTL to that list. If you feel lost, the Facebook fan pages (fans are called Tens - but the main Facebook page is called the Stens) that will embrace you and help navigate through the world. Good friends have inside jokes - make TBTL your good friends and get in on the joke.
I have listened daily since 2011! This is the best podcast if you are someone like me. How would you know? You wouldn’t! Listen to the show. Update 2017: I stand by this review.
Things are going to start happening to you now.
Each weekday, Podcast Host Luke Burbank and Andrew Walsh Co-Host are your Jerry Seinfeld and George Costanza of podcartery. It is a Monday through Friday daily podcast that talks about daily life, Sport-ball and Music for your weekend. TBTL started as terrestrial radio on January 7, 2008 on KIRO radio a year and nine months and continued as a podcast (the first of its kind) on September 14, 2009. It’s a fun podcart to listen to along with other “Tens” (TBTL fans). An awesome #1 choice for iTunes.
I usually listen in the middle of the night when I can't sleep. It does not make me to sleep, but it does make me to laugh.
I’ve been listening to TBTL since 2008. Luke and Andrew are relatable, funny, and informative. Tackling day to day life hacks, awkward real-world situations, and current events. Their followers (10’s, Tens) are dedicated, and provide support, both financially, and by providing feedback to the daily dialog. Best podcast period…
Great comedic duo, local to Seattle but apparently their humor resonates to people everywhere!


By mluetke
I’ve been a listener for two years. TBTL is as much a part of my daily life as showering is. In a world that can be dark and frustrating, TBTL brings lots of fun and joy!
This show never fails to have me in stitches! Love these guys!!
Except with less off-white carpet and two funnier people? Yet still a welcoming, agreeably loopy universe that's extremely pleasant to hang out in while you (I) commute, or garden, or maybe do the dishes? Anyway here's why you should give it a try: because you'll feel better after listening than you did before you started - and how many things can you say that about these days?
Listen to these guys - I love this podcast!!
Give it a couple of listens and you will become a "ten." Funny, sad, silly, smart, etc
I love this podcast and rarely miss an episode. It is like listening to your friends have a conversation. All without political BS too! Keep up the great job guys!
I've been listening to TBTL for years. If you like listening to two guys shooting the breeze about current events, this show is for you!
TBTL is a perfect way to get out of your own head (and the Trump-related fears that live there) and into the weird minds of Luke and Andrew. Always entertaining!
What is TBTL? Well thats kinda hard to put into words. Basically its 2 guys sitting around, talking about life and current events, making jokes, playing "drops" or cool sound bites. SOmetimes the discussions are mundane, but often they veer into some pretty intimate territory and it gets very real. Its ALWAYS relateable - so relatable! The hosts are so much fun and so interesting to listen to - dammit I cant explain TBTL you just have to give it a try and see for yourself. This show makes me feel happy of myself!
Luke and Andrew are creating a new art form. It must be experienced to be believed.
It is so tricky to describe why I love TBTL. I love the inside jokes, the drops have worked there way into my inner monologue, and the Tens are some of the best people around. It boils down the reason TBTL is too beautiful is because it cures loneliness, makes me feel normal, and is a wonderful distraction when the rest of the world seems so heavy. Dolphinately for sharks reminds me there is no mountains too tall.
I love this show. I have been listening for six or seven years now. It's like having a conversation every day with old friends. If you are new to listening to TBTL, give it a few episodes to let the charm of this show wash over you.
I've been listening since the birth of TBTL and love it! When the world starts to wear on your brain and your head needs a vacation listen to TBTL. It will mellow your mind.
I don’t know what it is about Luke and Andrew but listening to their hilarious and intelligent conversations about everything, and nothing, puts me in a happy place.
Listen to at least a week’s worth of shows to see if you like it.
This podcast is DAILY! And they don't talk about anything that will make you upset. It's such a great stress release and connects me to all of the other friend-os that I have out there in the world.
If you and your friends enjoy inside jokes, private hilarity that only you get, TBTL is for you. Luke and Andrew are the funniest guys on the planet. They remind me of a British panel show. Quick witted and charming. Every day. Weekdays.
Been a listener since 2008!
Necessary to listen daily for laugh out loud moments in the banter between brilliant co-hosts, inside jokes, and take on news/pop culture
Do your ears a favor and try it!
Long, long-time listener; my can’t miss podcast, and five days a week! A sometimes goofy conversation that touches all topics from the small, to the big—no, make that medium. Luke and Andrew can be word-magicians at times, and their often masculine-insecure observations are oddly reassuring and calming—an antidote to a world that seems to be crumbling around us. “Drop” by, but take note: it may take 3 or 4 episodes to get the hang of it!
This has been my favorite show for almost 10 years. This is appointment listening to me everyday. Luke and Andrew make my days so much better, and I think everyone should listen!
Andrew and Luke are like my family , I look forward to every episode! TBTL makes me laugh out loud daily. Power out!
Just found this podcast a couple months ago and now I never miss an episode. Funny and interesting. Love the meandering "which track is this crazy train going to take us on today" quality. Seriously!
So much. And I wish there were more like it, but I'm somehow glad there isn't, so it's SPECIAL
I've been a fan since they were on the a.m. radio. It gets better every listen, like peeping into a conversation of some old friends on a tangent. The only source I get my pop culture references from, as well as updates on the new music I listen to. It doesn't matter if you're an NPR-loving pinko, a sportsball fan, or if you're just into poop jokes, there's something for everyone here. If you haven't started listening, it's time to start.
Maybe it's the natural flow of a conversation riddled with inside jokes, elevated by great music suggestions and random references to hotdogs, the commode and a pod-dog. Maybe it's that I listen to mostly cerebral podcasts like Long Form and Revisionaist History, that I need these gummy bears to sweeten my attitude. I love Luke and Andrew. They do it for me. Thanks dummies.
This is special... When I moved to Austin TX (loved the live show there BTW) it great to listen to a mix of light listening based out of Seattle (where I was raised). It fits any situation.
I have been listening for three years and have not missed and episode. Andrew and Luke are part of my day.
Luke and Andrew provide funny takes and spoofs on some of the top stories each weekday and provide an interesting view into their daily lives. Power out!
Despite having numerous inside jokes and a whole podcast dedicated about it, TBTL is fantastic. It's funny, lovable and downright enjoyable. I got a tattoo based off the show, so that should say something.
Pick this show up! You will soon be in on Luke and Andrew's inside jokes... You may even find yourself referencing obscure quote/drops in your everyday life. I listen to them for my long commute and they keep me entertained.
Title says it all!
This is the perfect thing for when I'm stoned and falling asleep. It's just funny and inconsequential and soothing. I'm dinging it one star because one of the hosts said people with babies should stay home rather than go on airplanes, which I can't even begin to explain why that's so stupid and awful. But other than that, yeah. Toke and cast.
We all wish we could spend more time in the company of our good friends. These guys bring you TBTL, roughly five to fourteen hours a week of smart, funny, largely unfiltered back and forth between real-life good friends Luke and Andrew. Get to know these people. You start getting the inside references sooner than you probably want to, and suddenly you feel connected to a whole community of great listeners. Go for a walk and try this.
I've listened to every episode of TBTL since 2008 and it's become an integral part of my life. Luke and Andrew discuss current events, not-so-current events and everyday trivialities of modern life in a heartfelt, joyful way. THey have endeared themselves to a fiercely loyal group of listeners who have created a wonderful and supportive community online and in real life. TBTL is a diamond in the rough landscape of the podcast-iverse!
It's a family, it's amazing. Listen!
When I first started listening on KIRO it took me a while to like it. It felt very insider to me. Also I hated still being on my way home from work after 7. That probably didn't help. But this show grew on my and now I'm an official Ten. It's like listening to to friends chatting about news, sports, weather and their personal lives. It's hilarious and I have found tons of new music that I heard on the show.
This podcast has been a comforting companion of mine for years now and is a treat I look forward to five days a week. I believe one of the original founders of TBTL, Jen Andrews, had the goal of combating loneliness for the listeners. Well for this devoted fan they've succeeded. I wish all the best to Luke and Andrew and all the podcast friends I've never met and to the wonderful community they've brought together. No mountain too tall, and good luck to all.