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Everything this man says is accurate everything you told us in the late 90s is happening now I think more Washingtonians and listen to this man He lets us all know about the corruption in Washington’s government and 90% of the time he’s the only one letting us know
Love this show great to listen to. Don't miss it.
As a listener who lives across the vast pond in the Philippines, it is great to be able to keep up with the local happenings in Seattle…I enjoy Dori’s political views and his penchant for calling a spade, a spade when it comes to local government…Quite refreshing….
I've listened to Dori for years...I disagree with him fairly often but I still like listening to him most of the time. He and producer Jake make a good pair, and can be quite funny together, especially when discussing lighter topics.
…if the show wasn't so Seattle-centric, but that's the sponsors' demographic. My point is that the quality of production, as well as Dori's own scintillating presentation, is easily as good as any of the national shows and more entertaining than most of them. Even if you're not a Seattlite, give this show a try if you're fond of irreverent, satirical harpooning of big government and other flavors of small minds. P.S. to the reviewer who couldn't deal with Dori's yelling about big gov't: you totally missed the point of the show, and for that matter Dori himself. You might be more comfortable with NPR.
Dori Monson is well rounded and he understands cmon sense and he seems to be legit. I understand that people in his position don't really care about the little people, but he seems to care. I will be a life long listener.
Dori's show is enticing and edgy. Dori has a creative way of conveying the truth while being sometimes judgmental, yet unbiased. The show is constantly entertaining. Dori is a true watchdog of Seattle as well as Washington politics.
Been listening since day one. Find the show to be entertaining, educational and inciteful. Common theme is, smaller government, less taxes, personal responsibility and common sense. Go get em Dori!
Dori leans right but isn't afraid to tell it like it is.
Just recently started listening to Dori on the radio. Very happy there are podcasts! I can catch up if I ever miss a show. Love listening to him. Hasn't taken me long to become a fan!
Dori does a good job with pop culture topics but unfortunately he spends too much time yelling about the government. He also ridicules people when they get off the phone which is plain childish. I listen to podcasts to cheer me up and perhaps learn something. Dori rarely fits the bill.
Right on Dori keep them on their toes, and step on them when you can!!!
It is a pleasure to get the full hour in 35 minutes; Dori is insightful and worthy of the listen. Bad- sometimes the podcasts aren't downloading and sometimes the topic is not added. The downloading issue has been resolved but sometimes no topic is shown but I have chaqnged the rating upwards.
Very insightful show Dori Monson has created and worth listening to.
Some say he's down the middle on most topics, I don't necessarily subscribe to that opinion. He does see and report the pro's and con's of each party, and that's great, but for a true change to occur (and he believes this) those con's must be reported (and debated) and not glazed over like other talk show hosts do. In politics he’s a realist, he leans a bit right, but he does claim the Libertarian label. An A+ show, with great guests.
I like Dori for his insight and well rounded journalism just like a fairway...down the middle! Well done and pride for Seattle and Pacific Norwest.