Reviews For The Futile Podcast

This podcast is very enjoyable and intelligent. Ian and Zack (the hosts) are both opinionated and good at excavating interesting or humorous nuggets from the story of the movies they talk about which is fun to listen to. You can tell they are good friends who have a pleasant chemistry (kinda like an old married couple that argue with each other, sleep in separate beds. but still love/appreciate each other's company). Mark is also a good niche co-host too that seems to be the go-to for gritty crime films. Maybe that's coincidence but he's good too. I appreciate that the podcast is casual discussion that takes a "lets see where this goes" approach, which for me is more down-to-earth to listen to rather than regularly recurring bits, cliche segments, etc. - Futile doesn't really have to do that to be enjoyable. Also, they have talked television series as well which is nice. Some recos: I enjoyed the Dark Knight podcast in which they verbalize all the same themes that a listener like me has ...but they really peel away the layers and provide points that make you think. The most humorous episodes for me are Zack's re-telling of Travolta's character from Broken Arrow and Ian's lonely episode where he reviews The Money Train. In summary, anybody who will review the Paul Brothers' classic, Double Trouble is good in my book. Thanks gentlemen and keep up the solid work.
These guys are pretty funny and their dialogue deconstructing movies is enjoyable to listen to. I liked the Hobbit podcast. If you like alot of deep conversation about movies and their characters and plots, this is a good podcast to listen to!