Reviews For Filthcast

Why not rate this 5 stars? The total amount of amazing content (which is all of it) is amazing. I am so glad they give us music like this! Dont stop please we need music like this!!
This drum n bass is so hard and dark, I love it!!! I scared people with this podcast! XD
The best dark DNB podcast from one of the best labels. We want more!
I want all the podcast inside of me!!ยก:0
This is what i listen to to get amped up! It is de bomb! DnB forever!
chunky. beefy. raw. dark. evil. nasty. all the things one could want with dnb. its official...all the dopest dnb comes from across the pond. big ups fellas!
Great podcast! Heavy, driving, dark, massive, powerful drum and bass that makes you want to dance to you drop! a must listen for all drum and bass fans! keep em coming please!
This podcast is absolutely insane......its the best heavy dnb cast out there.!!