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Content is pretty interesting but the sound quality is poor and this made it difficult to continue to listen.
Z has always kept my interest. She now has a new sound system that makes her more enjoyable to listen to!
Z doesn't podcast on a set schedule, but I'm always happy to see a new episode show up on my phone. I love that her podcast is low-key with no music. It's like a conversation with an old friend across the table, unhurried and full of yarny goodness.
This is such a pleasant podcast to listen to. Loads of information shared and I enjoy spending my time listening to it while spinning and knitting.
I really really love this podcast! I think Z is great and when I listen to her, I feel like I'm sitting down with a friend. She is so conversational and pleasant and always has interesting things to say about her knitting and travels and life, etc. I'd love to hear from her more often, but as a student myself, I understand the time crunch and podcasting takes a lot of time. Every episode is like a little treasure though and I get excited every time I see one load up! Thanks, Z, for the great podcast!
Listening to ZKnits share her experiences has helped me to navigate Paris, Stitches East and most importantly my yarn stash.


By oleeie
She seems very young with all the angst about her body shape, and please, there is difference between "part" and "partial." However, it is about knitting, and it has no annoying music. I do keep listening.
I like the content, but I also find it unpleasant to have the mouth sounds and sniffing noises right in my ear. I'm not sure how other podcasters avoid having it sound as if they're speaking with their mouth right up in one's ear. Is it distance from the mike or the use of a popscreen or the quality of the mike? I think it's worth Zknits trying to find out because she has interesting content and I'd like to be able to listen without the 'extra-close' noises.
Love the content but I can't continue to listen because of the mouth smacking noises. I'm so sorry but I find myself waiting for them. The mouth or tongue clicking sounds are way too distracting for me. I would suggest she listen to her podcast. If it bothers no one else then nevermind.... I do love the conversational aspects.
I feel like I am getting to know ZKnits through her podcast. Love her forays through her stash! I am listening to all back episodes as well as keeping up with new ones. Keep up the good work!
Thanks, for sharing the LOVE of shopping for YARN!! GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!!
I've enjoyed this wryly humorous podcast since its inception. As a listener, I can sympathize with her constant struggle to learn more and become a better knitter while simultaneously watching her impulses and her pocketbook, and examining her knitting weaknesses. Listening is a very sympathetic experience. A side note: no music (YAY!)
So far, this is the best I've found 1in a sea of knitting podcasts. Thank you.
I can't believe no one has submitted a review for this podcast when I know its pretty popular. Really great knitting podcast from one obsessed knitter's point of view, and I totally relate to her, her knitting and her stash. She has a wonderfully calm and soothing voice yet you can still tell when she's super psyched about something. I highly recommend this if you are looking for a well rounded knitting cast.