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Been listening to your podcast since the beginning and have yet to rate your show. Well, here you go. Keep up the good work you guys do, your ramblings are rather entertaining.
Matt mentioned in Ep. 332 that the last review was from 2014, so....here you go. On a more serious not, long time listener to this podcast and I have to say these three are some of the funniest guys doing gaming podcasts (not that the caveat of "gaming podcasts" limits their comedy). Though they started out as big WoW fans, the 3.5 segment evolution has maintained the laughs after so many years. I highly recommend downloading and giving it a listen.


By Jar Bin
They make me laugh
I have been listening to this show for the last five years and it is one of the rare World of Warcraft podcasts that I have stuck with for so long. Maybe in no small part because they still release episodes ever after the game it was centered around has lossed some of its pop culture appeal. The three hosts are good friends and you can tell by how well they carry on show to show. Now for the episodes themselves they are a mixed bag of indepth WoW discussions, rants about every day life, and stories about playing currently popular games. I would recommend this show for anyone who wants to listening about what is going on in WoW and lot of tangents about other games. Really that is a big reason I love the show - the crazy nonsequitors and breaks they take from WoW to play other games. I guess that is the big reason I love the show. Compared to other podcasts that stick to a ridged structure this show is not afraid to take a break from their format to talk about whatever interests them in video games.
Played from beginning of bc until beginning of cata, but still listen because the hosts are great and really funny. Love the podcast even though I had to move on from WoW.
I cant wait for your next cast to come out so hurry already !!!
Three friends from the South talking about games and movies and just having fun online. I've listened for years and, even though they don't talk about WoW much anymore or play it, they always have something interesting to talk about or at least they make it sound interesting with their jedi trickery.
Addictive, funny!!!!!!! Great!!!!!!!
I have listened for years guys and well you recently said that you don't care about the podcast and it is starting to show. It seems like there is no effort put forth before hand, and I don't mind that you don't talk about about WoW much because I don't play it anymore either. What really bothers me is you guys just get things wrong now because you don't really have a central theme. You guys go and ramble about phones and Kinect games, and you obviously have just a passing understanding of things. So while I can't complain about a bunch of guys "riffing" on just about anything, I also get tired of listening when you guys don't care. You might as well have Angry Nerd on the podcast to keep you guys straight.
Was a horrible podcast couldn't get halfway through the first episode I downloaded they don't seem to know what they are talking about and every other word they use is a swear word would not recommend this podcast to anyone wish there was an option to give a negative star
One of the best podcast's to listen to while grinding levels!
This simply put the worse podcast ever. Very offensive, racist, and has no reason to market a video game podcast. Humor is poor for a podcast that marketing toward wow community you have to ask how many kid download this and listen to his racist slur's and profantiy non stop. Pure white trailer park trash talk. And I"m white. Would think this type attitude would died 20 years ago.
Guys, I just want to say that I've been a loyal listener for over two years now (maybe longer) heheh....and I really appreciate all of the hard work and dedication you three bring to the show every episode. I work nights and believe me, listening to you all cut it up every week is better than 2 pots of the strongest coffee....lol!! Even though you really haven't played WoW for a while now, it doesn't matter since you guys could spend three hours talking about grass growing and dog poop piling up and it would still be funny as Hell! I'm glad you have the courage to try other games and review them fairly, it's very cool for listeners like myself that play other games besides the Holy Grail (right), the all powerful (ok) WoW!! Keep up the good work and keep us all laughing! Oh yeah, great job on episode 200!! Sorry I missed the live show, maybe next time. Shane T. High Desert, California
These guys have the best chemistry of any podcasters I've listened to. They're hilarious, smart, and they don't take themelves too seriously. Whether or not you are a gamer isn't important. If you have a sense of humor, you should love this podcast. And if you don't, it your own fault. If they ever decided to stop making Outlandish I would be devastated!


Congrats on reaching Podcast Episode #200!!! Wishing yall the best in all that yall do. Mconniff Arathor
I have been listening since some of their very first episodes and love them. I still play wow regularly so I do like to hear about it, sometimes. I like the mixture they bring of wow information an real life conversations and they are some of the funniest groups I've heard that can talk for hours. I love you guys and I hope you never stop podcasting <3 there's a special place in my heart for you guys
I must say I love this group. My only wish is that they perform in the US, at least one time. (inshallah)
Such a fun group of guys to listen to. Love it so much I'm starting over from episode 1 just cause I can't seem to get enough!!
I really don't know what more there is to say. I've been listening since about episode 50 and, in my opinion, they just keep getting better! The new format, a little less new now, works well and has taken the podcast out of the realm of just WoW and allowed them to expand their programming. I always look forward to having a new episode to download because I will have something to listen to, laugh at, and argue with on my drive to law school each week. I can't thank you all enough, Matt/Justin/Jeremy, for the quality product you put out. Just know that there are many more fans like me who love what you three do and sincerely appreciate it. Thanks guys and keep up the fantastic work!
Love the show. Very funny. What happened to posting on Stitcher??? I dont have a fancy hoity toity iphone anymore.
Mattt, Justin, and Jeremy are three friends who have created the BEST WoW podcast available. Offering not only insightful views into everything that is WoW, but also giving quality humor, stories, and philosophical insight into almost anything you can imagine. I have not played WoW in 3 years, yet every week I listen because they bring nostalgic memories of a game I once cared for, along with humor that could easily best anything you see on paid programming. So if you think you are ready to step out of the kowtowing nerdherd of Blizzard, and listen to a podcast that will give a REAL opinion about the game, then I implore you to subscribe today!
I wrote in to the show twice-they read half of my mail and proceeded to make fun of the half they bothered to read.. I started paying attention and they did this quite often with other listeners. I stopped listening because of it and got hooked on,"Convert to raid"- a clean podcast that I can enjoy around the kids. I won't support a group of guys that mock their listeners!
Although i'm a former wow player, I still listen to these guys for the comedy. Where else can I get this many laughs...for absolutely free?? Keep up the good work guys. Oh, and to the guys complaining about u having a poor mic, I've never heard anything bad...maybe they have s####y speakers.
Used to b my favorite wow cast. Now only one of the three even play wow. Sorry Jeremy, it would b nice if u had someome who knew wut was going on besides u. I give 2 stars for Jeremy and negatve 3 stars for the other shlubs
been listening for a long time and while i dont play wow anymore or very much video games this is still one of my favorite podcasts. The conversation between 3 friends about wow and lots of other things is great. All in all a good listen.
Love the podcast never miss it.


By Buddvh
I made it thru about 20 minutes of these guys podcast, they don't know how to use a mic which is what made it so bad.
This is not your source for in depth lore or raid tips and hints (though there is some of that occasionally), just an enjoyable, funny podcast loosely about WoW. Probably best for seasoned, slightly jaded WoW players who don't get offended easily. The hosts are often hilarious and just as often very vulgar. I get my WoW news from the Instance and WoW Insider, my WoW laughs from Outlandish and Bind on Equip. Oh, and one bonus for fellow Rogues...Jeremy is about the only podcast host I've heard who plays Rogue, and he's far and away the most serious WoW player among the cohosts, so we get some rare Rogue perspective on raids...when they talk about WoW.
This show is nowhere close to what it was. I need a pod cast that talks about wow. Good luck with your 3.5 podcast.
Don't listen to the reviews about people who complain this show isn't exactly what they wanted it to be. This is easily the funniest podcast that has something to do with wow. I like the guy who writes that rant review and ends it with " I have a great sense of humor".
Title says it all. The content of the show is very funny and fun to listen to. I would give it 5 stars if the guys would learn how to use a mic. 90% of the show is muffled making it very hard to hear what they are saying. Will continue to listen for now but don't know how much longer I can put up with the horrible audio quality.
I greatly enjoy this podcast because, at it's heart, are three guys who enjoy (or enjoyed in Justin's case) a game and give their opinion on it's good points (they do mention a few) and points they generally feel can be improved. Let's face it, no one gives their time and effort on a game they do not enjoy (again excluding Justin lol). When I listen to them I get flash backs to when all of my friends played and we sat around and talked about Wow. Great vibe, friendly atmosphere, a nice comfortable place for wow players who happen to be away from the game and want to enjoy funny guys who are friends chat about a subject we enjoy. Thanks, keep up the good work, Kanthosen, Perenolde.


By Qiw
OK I generally listen for the trainwreck that is the show which deteriorates into personal rants that no one else but the hosts would understand. However your commericals are pretty clever so I added a star for that :)
a striking documentary about the last three cool guys that played wow i laughed i cried i sought help
And I mean ever this podcast I original and amazing an these should never change or stop doing what they do with this. Mandragoren exodar
This is my favorite podcast. Rating a podcast is all very opinion based, many people gave this podcast poor reviews because they didn't like it, and they are entitled to their opinions. Although their opinions are wrong as my opinion is the only right one. I know for a fact that people who dislike Outlandish either literal made of feces or blind AND deaf. And if you disagree with me, you've read what I've had to say.
Awesome show guys! I'm a late bloomer but I've been doing my best to catch up on all the podcasts. I often listen to the podcasts in my patrol car on my iPhone (I'm a local town cop.) Your show literally makes me laugh out loud. It really makes my day. Your mix of WoW content (I'm a 85 Resto Shaman) with everyday topics is perfect! Keep it up! Missy
This show is like finding a dollar in the litter box. You don't know why you have a litter box because you don't own a cat but your just happy to find a dollar, and whos @#ting in my litter box?
If you are not one of the host's of this show then you don't know how to play WOW. You don't even have to ask them they ALWAYS let you know.
I have a 85 arcane mage and would like to here more about our class,keep up the great work i love listening to you guys at work.would like to shout out to souls of shadow on arygos us.also would like to here mandy on podcast some time soon.you talk aboout here alot just want to place a voice with the person.PS sound quality does not mean any thing when your good and you guys are good
This is a great show. Some people may not have the same sense of humor. But if you have only listened to later episodes and like it, do yourself a favor and go back to #1 and listen through them all. The hosts have been friends for a long time, and their chemistry works well together. And they are about the same age as I am, so I understand the popculture references they give.
In my mind it's a good podcast. If you want a strict WoW podcast ... Honestly you should probably look elsewhere. You'll probably get some snippits of wow news. The best analogy I have is that it's more like listening to your friends TALK about what the weather for the week looks like, as opposed to watching the forecast on the weather channel. You get an idea but it's normally vague and can be wrong. You'll pick up things, but don't come here for wow news. Come for wow flavored discussion. That being said it's a cast where I regularly listen to back episodes because the discussion is so entertaining, that I rarely care if the news is still pertinent. It's just a great and fun cast.
By far the best podcast on the web.... And sometimes they talk about WOW. These are The Mother F**ckers when it comes to great honest info for WOW. They let their views be know even if they don't agree with blizzard. Not fanboys, great community, you feel like they are your bes friends and I look forward every week to whats next. Keep it up!
Iv lessened to this podcast for a year now and realized it is really far down on the list of game podcast so hears a nice 5star rating!
This podcast does not contain much information about WoW! Information is often out-of-date. The quality of the conversation is much like what you might hear on a newbie guild chat channel. I have tried this podcast several times over the last year and each time I arrive at the same conclusion: Why dont they talk about WoW!?
The only podcast I that makes me lol. if you spend time listening you will realize it is not a tech. Wowcast,but full of things in wow that make you laugh.Also there fake commercials and skits are the best out there.
I'm a long time fan of some of the other popular World of Warcraft podcasts. I enjoy listening to them on my way into and out of work every day. This one however, is very very subpar. The hosts have very little knowledge about any of the topics they discuss. If you are going to bring up a particular raid encounter, at the very least have one of the many people on your show who have a basic grasp of the concepts and mechanics included. There is a very large amount of "so what does that boss do to the tanks" "I don't know, do you know" "no I just stand ther" going around. If this was intended to be a satire then I could understand it to a point. It's obvious from the 5/23/11 show in the first 20 minutes that these guys really don't have much of a clue. Same goes for content under development. They bring up firelands then have a chorus of "oh I don't know, I haven't heard etc..." going on. The listeners are listening for the purpose A: entertainment B: information. If you can't be bothered to remember where a token drops, what Halfus's drakes do, why you need two tanks for Chimeron, what's different in Heroic versions of the same fight etc... don't bring them up. This show could be much better with a little structure. I would reccomend they come up with a rough outline for a show and do a little homework. One of the hosts is trying to describe one of the boss fights, and is not accurate in the least, but at least he does admit he "doesn't know" about certain aspects. Then goes on in the next sentence to say "I'm not worried about xyz, I'm only worried about what's best for the guild". For him, I would say "what would probably help your guild would be if you could take a couple minutes and research a fight & not be carried so you know what the heck to do. And you should know why as well." If you can't have a basic understanding of content you are currently working in then you have no business authoring a podcast. Seriously, you guys sound like a bunch of car mechanics trying to describe how you think brain surgery works. That's my rant. These guys will irritate you. If you are legitimatly looking for a good WoW podcast I would reccoment "love to the guild leader" if you're into that, and of course the Goliath of WoW podcasts "The Instance". Again to the authors, I can apprecieate you guys are just having fun. However, if you present misinformation you are failing your fans that don't know any better. For the record, I have a fantastic sense of humor.