Shooting From The Hip Wrestling

Reviews For Shooting From The Hip Wrestling

How can you not love this show? Dan, Michael, & Shaun are an entertaining bunch and really just love to have a good time on the air. But don't be late or you will miss role call!!
Great show. Not much care for that Dan phelps. Michael classic is amazing. I went on a trip to Saudi Arabia and a downloaded every episode of this show. Shaun holds the show together. He is amazing. Michael is the funniest man ever. He has an amazing voice I would just Liston to a loop of Michael classic saying "shut up Shaun" till the dye I die. Thank you, Omar kamal
These guys get it! I really enjoy the fact that they are willing to discuss the world of Professional Wrestling in its totality. I enjoy the Indy talk as well.
Dan, Michael, and Shaun do a great job of keeping this podcast fresh and fun to listen to. Definitely worth going back and catching up with old episodes if you're new to it like me.
Started listening when they koined the TWR Network and instantly became a fan. Great chemistry, great format and a very high level of entertainment. This show is a natural fit for the network.
These guys have some real chemistry and know their wrestling.


Never before has someone captured the dry humor and irreverence of the new 20-something male so wonderfully and realisticly. Reality podcasting at its best. Bravo.
Great podcast. Look forward to hearing more of it. Keep up the good work. I recommend listening to it.