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Reviews For Voice-Over Journey podcast

I thoroughly enjoy Wayne's podcasts and the Voice-Over Journey is no exception. This show is well thought out and produced. I love the discussions Wayne has with others and I find the content to be very insightful.
Wayne Henderson’s Voice-Over Journey Podcast is a terrific resource for anyone interested in the voiceover business. If you’re in the biz, or just curious about it, this is a must listen podcast! I gave the show 5 Stars, but only because I couldn’t give more! Professionally produced, professionally presented and a whole lotta fun!
If you want to get into voice over, this is a great place to start. Wayne is active and involved in the VO community, and has grasp on what it takes to get in. It will give you genuine insight into what to expect as you become a voice over professional. Well done, Wayne. Keep em coming!
Wayne has done a terrific job with the overall quality of this podcast. I find the show to be very authentic, fun and entertaining. Make sure you check out all of Wayne's shows. Great job Wayne! I'll definitely keep listening.
Enjoyable, and informative. Keep it up!
Good Voiceover podcast, with a wide variety of different voice actors and voice actresses sharing their different voice-over journies. I first heard Wayne on his Tuning In With Wayne Henderson podcasts. Zeester
Being relatively new to the voice over industry ...the content of this podcast is both encouraging and informative for the newbies to the voice over universe. I appreciate Wayne's insights as well. That guy that was featured in episode #7 was exceptionally entertaining! Keep rockin' the mic, Wayne!