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Best podcast out there with not alot of BS. It helps that they all know what they're talking about and try explain it well. Now if they could do it weekly... Only bad part is when they're late posting them. Also check out their system guide on their website, which is the best I've seen.
I really like this podcast. Jordan does a great job hosting and Scott, Cyril, and Geoff really know PC hardware. I enjoy learning about the latest pc hardware and learning about stuff that is coming in the future. I'm able to stay updated on the PC news at the same time be entertained. Thanks guys or a great podcast!
This is a great podcast for people interested in computer hardware and other tech subjects. The easiest comparison is probably TWiT, but I feel that the TR podcast is superior in a number of ways. First, the TR podcast is much more focused. You won't hear political opinions or what wine to buy. They do stray from computer hardware and occasionally talk about consumer electronics and PC gaming. Second, the people on the show really know what they're talking about. It's incredibly rare for me to hear something on the TR podcast and think "that's wrong." Finally, the show is well produced. The whole show is segmented into chapters, which makes it easy to skip to something that you care most about. It's clear that they have an idea of what they're going to talk about before they start, but they do so without making the show sound scripted or rehearsed. Overall, it's a great show that has replaced TWiT as my first listen of the week. I just wish it was still weekly.
I am an avid fan of WoW Radio's Podcast. I recently upgraded my hardware and someone suggested the Tech Report Podcast. I started listening from Episode 3 and then downloaded the previous 2 podcasts. I enjoy the conversation and the reporting by the hosts. The content is very up to date and it convinced me to make a certain video card upgrade too. Thanks guys and I look forward to new content soon. The sound quality is excellent.