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As much as I love Pendragon, this is not the best Pendragon podcast. There's only one host, so that's kinda boring. Though she talks about plans for future episodes, there are only 3... If she got more hosts and updated more often, this could be a really good podcast.
Although this podcast is a bit more unorganized than other new podcasts such as Saphiracast, I'm very excited that they're are now TWO Pendragon podcasts! For a while they're were none, so once this one and Hallacast came along I've been very excited. I hope that people take to heart how incredible the Pendragon series is...I only know ONE person who has read them...only ONE!!! Now that is very, v-e-r-y horrible and I hope that more people will read them with supplements from podcasts like this one. Great job Katie, hope you keep making more episodes!
omg!!! i love this podcast, it is so cool. and katie is just like me LOL! good job!!!
i enjoy listening to these and hope you keep on doing it