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Howdy Buckaroos & Buckarettes! So, are these folks strident ? Sometimes. Are they bombastic ? Not often. Do they go over the edge ? No, not really. Are they thought provoking ? By all means. It's sharp minds, speaking clearly, challenging your assumptions. Does it get any better than this ? Not in this genre pardner!
The people in this conversation-like podcast is hilarious and always have an interesting perspective on things going on in the world. Check it out no matter what your views on theism are!
Took about a week to write this critique, just had to listen to the 25 podcasts as quick as i could ... It's an intellectual addiction and thought provoking excercise with people who are quite friendly with one another, the comraderie is endearing, and all the hosts are open to discussing pretty much every topic out there, and keep you wanting for more.
I've listened to most of the episodes so far, and this is not a typical atheist podcast. First of all, there are four or five smart and funny people, all sitting around and having a spontaneous conversation as if they were sharing a few beers in a bar. Second, even though they're all atheists, they frequently disagree with one another about all kinds of issues. How refreshing! Third, every week, besides the thought-provoking conversation, there's some great music, a hilarious poll, and even a puzzle for listeners to solve. Most important, though, is that when I listen, I feel as if I'm right there with these people. And I wish I was.
This sounded interesting and I started listening recently. It's really good if you want to find out what it's really like to be atheist. It's not like people think, that we are evil. To the contrary we have higher morals than Christians IMO. This will prove it if you listen and you might learn a few things. If already atheist, they talk about many subjects that atheists don't usually have on blogs and such. I'm just saying I'd recommend to anyone! Keep up the good work. Oh, and I love your music!
I took a chance (hey, it's free!) and have now listened to about half of the podcasts. I'm not an atheist; more agnostic but it's ok because I've learned a lot about the atheist world by listening to atheists who could be your neighbors or co-workers. These guys and gals have a great rapport with each other and always find a current subject that I find interesting and then dissect it from a secular perspective. I've listened to a few shows featuring atheists, secularists and free-thinkers here on iTunes, but this is the one I keep coming back to. I would pay for this one (but don't get any ideas)!
Listen to this podcast. Intelligent, funny and riveting. A delight for the whole family. Seriously! This podcast is a roundtable discussion between heretics the on daily news and faith-driven insanity - it is intersting to listen to and funny as well. There's even tidbits of cool music thrown in. The discussion often gets very in depth and I like the tension created when there is disagreement. Yes, FFRF has a a great podcast as well, but it's nice to have some actual discussion and disagreement as well. These people are freethinkers. I've listened to all of the shows and I can proudly say I celebrate their entire catalog.
Are you guys morons, or just drunk... What a waste of time for the listener... Just shows that anyone with a computer and a microphone can produce garbage just like anyone else... don't waste your time!!! Listen to FFRF or A Moment In Reason or Humanist Network News... so many other better podcasts....