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I listen to all the video game podcasts and this is the one I look forward to the most. I enjoy the voices every week. Now playing is my favorite part and I like the music intros. I like that they don't set a time limit for their show. They just talk about games. Highly recommended for listening every week. Thanks, Guys!
Unfortunately some people decided to listen to the episode right before PAX or misinterpreted something as shameless plugging and decided these guys were bad. These guys are great, talk about all the news that aren't only news but also seem to dig up news I just had no clue about that is important, maybe that's thanks to Jason's journalism skills. Now they're not perfect but they are indeed a great podcast, the first reviews here all seem to think so. Now I also want to say not to let one thing that seemed like plugging or just listening to one episode make you judge the podcast as bad. That isn't fair to only judge them like that on one episode. Keep it up guys.
I heard about this show from the TRS taping, during the live Q&A. Generally, I am not a listener of many Podcasts and even only listen to TRS when I'm in the room of someone else who is tuned in. So, after hearing the plug for the Podcast, and wanting to break into the Podcasting industry (listening--that is...not creating), I decided to take a chance and download your show (and maybe gain you some mad cred). I downloaded the most recent episode and decided to start listening...however, I stopped listening soon after I started. I most likely will not listen to this show again. I might not have given it much of an opportunity, but because it was plugged during a Podcast I like, I assumed it would be just as good...or...close???? I do suggest, though, after listening to a few others to: 1. Get some personality (not weird voices, not extreme behavior, but maybe some humor, some wit, something?) 2. It sounds like you're unprepared for the show and that you don't know what the other person is bringing to the table--It's IMPORTANT for all contributors to the show to have an opinion on the topic. 3. This show is WAY too long. It needs to be an hour or less (you had a lot of blank time in the show...cut this out). 4. Are you guys even friends? Did you meet on Craigslist under a tag "need second Podcast host"? I can't tell if you even know each other or even if you have the same interests... 5. Your intro music is way too long--cut it back.
let me preface this review with the fact that i do *not* believe in going to another show's panel to plug your own. even if you feel like it has to be done, have something prepared. incoherent babbling will not garner much love when trying to *sell* your audio podcast. at any rate, i decided to download the latest show, back at the hotel room, to see what this little gem might deliver. first of all- the show is terrible. the hosts have absolutely no chemistry, no general direction as they wander through nearly 3 hours of uncomfortable banter, reckless abandonment for any basic principles of broadcasting, and seemingly no real research aside from highly biased gameplay. at the panel, one host declared that he had only hit 100 unique downloads and held a contest of which only his friends participated in. after 68 shows- my advice is to continue what you love doing: playing video games. keep the dialog within the confines of your gaming circle and leave podcasting to those that will invest the effort to create something unique and work hard to self promote without the need to abuse the success of others.
While the topics are informative and relevant, the banter between Bossman and MSU add another level of entertainment to the show
Steven and Jason are knowledgeable, up-to-date and fun to listen to. I love that they talk mostly about games and not just commentary on gaming news. I'd recommend the checkmate arcade to anyone that wants to get the latest on games or find out more about gaming culture.
great dialog, good podcast, a little long for my taste, but well worth it
If you're a gamer (Video or Tabletop), you'll appreciate the work of Big Boss Man and MSUHitman. Their shows are usually at least an hour long, and they're always full of entertaining, informative discussion. Check em out! Simon D.I. CyberpunksGaming.Com
Another good cast to listen to by the guys at realmworx.
A great podcast about games by actual gamers. Listening to the two hosts is like overhearing a conversation between two guys in a Gamestop.
The latest from RealmsRadio is just as good as all the rest. If you like video games you'll like this show.