Reviews For The Zicree Simkins Podcast

This is a great podcast for people who want to learn more about making TV shows, and the ups/downs of being a writer in Hollywood. There are many TV veterans being interviewed here. My favorite podcast featured Del Reisman, who was an editor/associate producer on Rod Serling's Twilight Zone. In other podcasts, they've had writers who worked on Monk, Dresden Files, Warehouse 13, X-Files, etc. Any new episode immediately becomes a high priority in my listening queue.
As an aspiring screenwriter on the outside of “the business,” I was warned of numerous adversaries on the winding road to Hollywood success. Materialistic agents will see you as property, not a person. Manipulative studio executives will take control of your work. Callous professionals will try to abuse you, and combative peers will see you as competition. Such preconceived notions can poison a career before it begins. However, this incredible interview with CHILDREN OF MEN and IRON MAN co-writer, Mark Fergus is the best antidote to that poison. Mark is amazingly grounded for someone in the ever-shifting world of entertainment. He humbly and eloquently attributes his meteoric rise to A-list Hollywood screenwriter to letting go, and writing what you know. Sounds simple, but such concepts oppose those preconceived poisonous notions that scream “never give anyone control of your work,” and “write what sells!” Mark takes the enlightened position that giving up control of your work improves it in unimaginable ways. After spending years attempting to write for the fickle Hollywood marketplace, he instead began to work on projects he actually cared about. Mark’s approach works, as evidenced by the fact that he’s now working on a film project with Industry giants Steven Spielberg and Ron Howard! This interview offers hope of succeeding in Hollywood on your own terms, and encourages you to press toward your personal screenwriting best. It’s life-changing, and a must hear!