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Thanks for posting these lessons, they make learning Hebrew fun. I'm on Lesson 3!
There aren’t too many Hebrew podcasts out there! Thanks for this one!


Where are all the other episodes? I subscribed and only got 10 episodes. Not even 1-10, it skips from the early eps to ep 117. I kinda want to experience in its entirety how “awesome” and “helpful” this Podcast is said to be.
I dream of going to Israel but really want to avoid being an "arrogant American" and upon looking for Hebrew podcasts, I stumbled upon this. Three words: I LOVE IT!!!!!! I currently use Rosetta Stone for Chinese Mandarin and as Hebrew, it is a very complex language. Unlike the over-rated Rosetta Stone, it does not tell me the words in English and what I am learning would not be useful if I was going to China. Here, we have the word in Hebrew and English. Their website also includes supplements/transcripts with the words in Hebrew, transliteration, and English along with a few other pointers for each lesson. Overall: highly recommend and I am still dreaming of moving to Israel someday!
100 episodes later... Still the best by far!! After 36 episodes.... These are the best language podcasts I have encountered – in any language. Learning Hebrew is a challenge and this team makes it fun and easy. Created it seems by well-trained education specialists, these podcasts follow an easy to assimilate format, at a perfect pace. Interesting dialogues with useful vocabulary are first spoken, then explained in detail, and reiterated with pauses for the listener to practice (essential!). The information load is exactly the right amount for any one lesson. As with most language podcasts, there is ancillary information available on their web site – lesson guides, flash cards, video versions - for a small fee. All of these are as good as you will get, or better, than on any other language podcast. If you are a serious student of Hebrew, these podcasts are great for broadening your vocabulary and honing your accent. If you simply want to learn some Hebrew in preparation for a trip to Israel, select the appropriate episodes (directions, meals, visits to the Knesset, holidays etc.) and learn them by heart. I have found them extremely useful on trips to Israel. But what I love most about Hebrewpodcasts.com podcasts… No hype and very little sales pitch. No babble in English – they get straight to the point – the lesson. The format of the podcast and pace of dialogues are perfect. The voices are pleasant – all native speakers of Hebrew. They are, in my view, the perfect language podcast!
I really like this podcast! I really wanted to learn Hebrew not only because I'm Jewish but because so many of my family members spoke it and I love the language. Thank you for creating a podcast that is so easy to follow and understand that is really helping me talk the language correctly and easily. I appreciate it very much!!
I agree with many of the other reviews. I especially like the lesson plans- very helpful with hints. There is also a vocabulary builder with also pronunciation that is a great way to force memorization. The videos are first rate. I am mainly interested in the dialogs- using common phrases- slow enough to sort out especially with the added commentary. Not much wasted cutsy stuff like I've seen with other programs.
I lived in Israel for a year recently, if only this had been around then! Oh well, better late than never. Best Hebrew podcast I've tried!
These podcasts are really comprehensive. I'm a new learner and the podcast have everything I need to learn hebrew. The speakers really make an effort to slow down so that you can hear the pronunciation. Also, the introduction to the aleph bet is excellent; the best I've heard anywhere.
I'm already up to lesson 10. Danny really keeps things interesting. It's a lot of memorization but they make it fun. I listen to this on my way to work instead of the radio.
I've never tried to learn a language on a podcast before. My girlfriend's first language was Hebrew, so I'm learning it for our future kids. The funny thing is that she won't speak it with me or teach me. Now, I'm in Europe, and there is a plethora of podcasts to teach me the various languages to survive: German, French, Italian, Dutch (Well, not so much in Dutch).... and let me tell you they are all terrible in comparison to this wonderful podcast for Hebrew. You get three different voices to teach you words: A man named Danny, a young woman named Noa, and an adorable, little girl named Rina, all of which have beautiful accents. The lesson guides are worth the investment. You get more conjugations of the verbs used, tidbits about the country of Israel, and since the language writes from right to left, they're so easy to read: English on the left of the page, and Hebrew on the right, with phonetic spelling directly beneath---but you can't cheat while trying to learn to read Hebrew, because you start on the opposite side of the phonetic spelling. I never realized how awesome this podcast is. The recording quality is consistently great. I am a recording engineer by trade and have done these before. I hear a little bit of the room sound, but the consistency and reliability is something a lot of other podcasts are lacking. After suffering through the learning of my other phrases to get me around in Europe, I turn to my Hebrew podcast just for the comfort and familiarity of my friends from Israel and the higher quality. And for the listener: For me, lessons one through four I got through in about a day each.... Well, the alef-bet I had to post on my wall, kindergarden-teacher-style.... But the longer dialogues do take me several days to really grasp them and hear every word. They also get faster, and therefore cram more words into the same 10-minute-ish lessons. My future in-laws are very impressed by my pronunciation, and the coaching within the lessons from Danny is always great advice. Repetition and diligence. What's missing: The Nikkud. I'm learning to read the Hebrew as an adult without ever learning the Nikkud. New words are hard to guess without the vowels in there. And scripting (like cursive for Hebrew): I saw a hand-written letter in Hebrew and thought, "What is THAT?!?" So, I had to get a kids handwriting, dry-erase sheet to practice my script. The videos? Not so into them. The sync is a little off, so I find them hard to watch on my iPod. I hope that's not too much info. For those of you wanting to learn Hebrew. THIS IS IT!!! For those of you making language podcasts, learn some lessons from these wonderful people!
This is quaranteed to get you out of your rut with Hebrew and learn new words irreqardless of your level. .ie, stormy or thunder.This will also clear up some rules in hebrew you were never quite sure of..Recommend you also download HaUlpon L'hitarot
The podcast itself is very good, it doesn't go too fast, but it doesn't go too slow like some of the other podcasts. The accompanying website has very helpful pdf lesson plans to read along, but you do have to become a member and pay for that. Then again, this is probably a better investment than something like rosetta stone...
I found this podcast a few weeks ago and so far it has been working out for me very well. I am an extremely slow learner but with podcasting I just go as slow as I like. The pace of the lessons is good and the people teaching do a good job of helping you pronounce the words properly. My only complaint is that sometimes they don't give you time to repeat words out loud before moving on but, again, since it is a podcast I just pause it and then move on when I am ready.
Although I speak, write & understand Hebrew fluently, I can certainly see how this approach taken here in these podcasts work for most people. I'm trying so hard to get my wife to learn Hebrew as we both eventually want to drop everything in the States & move there. However, if you go to Israel & don't speak Hebrew (well enough to pass for a local), you might as well write 'Tourist' on your forehead & underneath 'Rip Me Off, Please'. Laughing Out Loud! :-)


By hamuda
much better than other podcasts on iTunes for Hebrew but still not great comparing to Coffee Break, for example. However, they don't have Hebrew podcasts yet.:(
All Hebrew podcasts help somebody learn Hebrew. A lot of this is memorization, but it is still very useful to know.