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This group needs to bring Craig back to the podcast. He's the only analyst in the group with thoughts and suggestions that reflect worried Blackberry users' and especially shareholders' concerns. The others don't seem to have a clue about Blackberry's troubled journey. If Craig is no longer in the show, then many of us will need to drop this podcast. We're tired of listening to fanboys that have no clue the Titanic Blackberry is sinking!


By Blktmo
Bad show you guys spend more time being kids thin giveing info find something to do with your time
Great podcast
Episode 53 is the best.
Go us. :). (deathcommand in crackberry forums)
Great pod cast. It Is one of the few out there that I listen to all of it before I get bored.
Crackberry Podcasts are the best of the blackberry and smartphone related broadcasts. Kevin and the rest of the cast do a great job of keeping BB users informed and entertained. Keep the podcasts coming.
I absolutely love and look forward to the podcasts! A must for BB addicts!
I love this podcast. The longer and crazier the better! I listen to everyone. thanks for recording!
I want MORE. Entertaining stories and solid information about all things Blackberry.
I love the website, and love the podcast, when they make them. The need to agree upon a weekly or monthly schedule for making the podcast. Thus my 3 star rating. If they were on a solid, weekly or monthly schedule, I'd definitely give it 5 star.
The quality of their sister sites, precentral, wmexperts, etc. is far superior to the quality of this podcast not only in terms of call quality but also content. Just getting through their weekly introductions takes over 10 minutes. How about answering more questions or issues that are posted on the forums. Nope, instead it is what blackberry are you using today? With a response that usually is well on Monday I used this, but when traveling I used that and when I am at home I used this device.....Plus they come out every few weeks. Keep it shorter and at least bi-weekly.


By jbautz
If you are a CrackBerry member, this is awesome. I wish that they would do a podcast daily!!!
I love listening to Crackberry if own a Blackberry you have to listen to Crackberry lots of tips.
This is a must-listen for Blackberry fans. Interesting insight and entertaining conversation.
One of my favorite podcasts. Chock full of information with a hint of fanboyism from kevin, but Craig usually straightens him out with the facts. They both do a great job. Now if they can just get past all this Blackberry Bold talk :)
Great "Crackcast" for us Crackberry addicts! One of the more informative and educational podcasts out there for Blackberry users.
I really enjoy listening to the the guys. They are knowledgeable about the products of which the speak and are entertaining as well. Keep up the good podcast.
If this podcast was 15 minutes long with the same content it would merit 4 stars (minus one for production quality). There is simply too much filler and triviality.
This podcast is educational, informative and entertaining. Thanks guys for all the work you put in to make this such a success.
Kevin's the fanboy, Craig's the expert. Together they really know their stuff. Welcome to the podcast family, guys!