"Whirled News Tonight" PODCAST

Reviews For "Whirled News Tonight" PODCAST

An improvised show that skewers both the news and then does scenes! Its like th Daily Show and SNL. All in one! Fun Podcast with brief conversations with the cast afterwards.
This group's podcast is a recording of their weekly show in Chicago. Since it's improv, it's not always going to be perfect, but it's amazing how consistently funny the show is. Despite some dead spots, or some gags that don't hit very hard, the majority of the show is funnier than any stand-up comic or TV show dealing with the same material. I've laughed out loud on the bus a few times listening to this when they've taken me by surprise. I really like these shows and wish there was actually a bigger archive.
I just went to one of their shows in Chicago and it was hillarious. They really do improvise on the spot and they do a great job with the audience. Moreover, some friends and I happened to meet the cast later at a diner and they are really cool people too!