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Just recently started listening to your podcast (heard of it via Lefty Brown) and all I can say is "Yes!" I've found a great podcast that I look forward to. Thanks for making the show, and please keep it up. And if at all possible, maybe you could do three shows a week? no? ok then, two will be fine. :)
this cast has alot of original thoughts that others do not..Commander Tim is little annoying when the FPS/xbox hate starts to spew forth and Edie can get a little perverse and tangential, then theres Hawks who isnt really there most of the time do to life or skype issues...if you can handle all that then you will gather alot of gems between the non game chatter. Boil it down so i can just drink it please.
I always have 30 to 50 podcasts waiting in my queue, but Gamehounds remains one I'm excited to hear. I've been a fan for years. I've seen members come and go. When they visit or form other videogame podcasts, I tend to follow. GamerEdie has a leash on my kraken.
This show is great. I never miss a week. Edie is the best! :)
Edie and Holy Goalie are breath of fresh air in gaming podcasts. They tell it like it is. They are thought provoking, funny, and very well informed. This is the podcast I always look for first. Keep up the graet work. CidersShadow03 Kingston, PA.
I have been a BIG fan of these guys since the very first episode, but when Cooper Hawkes left the show awhile back, something happened to Gamehounds. I remember anxiously waiting for each episode to download and listening to the hilarious but informative variety of topics and Cooper's awesome rants and raves. There was never a dull moment! But now days, I can no longer say that and it deeply saddens me. I keep waiting for each episode to bring back that feeling I used to get, but it just never happens. Still an ok podcast about gaming, but definitley not as good as they used to be. Bring back that old feeling guys, please?
both are great independent journalist's and are always honest about their opinion I listen to you every week and always keep me in the loop about other councles and news. P.S. Edie if you Goalie read this thank you :)
I usually listed to 15+ podcasts a week during my work day, and been doing so for a few years. This podcast has one big nono a giggley chick who does not bring anything to the podcast except to laugh at the guys. This is most annoying especially when these guys say the lamest jokes and she laughs....and laughs and laughs... This is the deal breaker for me, I don't mind chicks in podcasts if they bring something to the podcast. thats my 2cents on this podcast
I've been a long time listener and I have to say when it comes to news and comadey this podact knows the right mix.
Since the days of Gamer Andy!! Love the show don't change a thing. Great job!!!
The GameHounds podcast is without a doubt a light hearted, if at times juvenile, talk show that prizes itself on being loose and free in their discussions without concerns of boundaries. This can a double edge sword since on one side who have their easy going nature but also their bombastic, loud means of getting their points across. As much as it pains me to say, there are many "Fox News" moments in the podcast in which the hosts go into loud tyrades over their views and the shows suffers from it. I really wanted to give them the top score but I often find myself fast forwarding through the shouting matches that take place over hot-button topics. Also, even though I agree with the hosts views, I feel that many outlooks of the show are too biased and I would like to hear different views without it turning into a debate. I enjoy the show because of their light hearted humor and I forgive them for many of their flaws. I'm sure they have potential to make GameHounds into even greater show if only they were able to show a little restraint and kept a stronger grasp on the softer parts of their podcast.
Hey guys. Just wanted to leave a review and say that this is definitely one of the best gaming podcasts out there. I've been listening to Edie and Hawkes since the Gamer Andy days back in '06, and since episode 1 of Gamehounds. Keep up the great works guys! =)


By E Balls
Hey guys i just wanted to say that this show has got to be one of my favorite shows to listen to every week!! You guys are awesome and wanted to say thank you for how funny you guys are and your great arguments and discussions!! Thanks a ton and keep up the hard work!!! Ethan Gamertag-EBALLS234
When I hear Gamehounds start up, I always smile. Definitely for adults, this is no holds barred discussion of gaming news and trends that has quickly become one of my top couple of gaming podcasts.
gamertage: vintagethizz707 If you like video games and claim to be a gammer you'll love gamehounds.
As in my last review, I mean "cynical" in a good way, i.e. where most shows would spend your invaluable time flailing around a shiny fancy scimitar of a sales pitch, Gamehounds comes along like Indiana Jones and takes 'em down with just a few shots from their revolver of cold, hard reason. (Whew, I've been wanting to use that analogy for a while.) Seriously, this show is among the few to take a step back from individual games so that it may provide a broader perspective of the entire industry, the better to keep the ordinary average consumer guy informed of what to expect from those who compete for his/her money. All the while, the show is presented with a rare degree of passion that must be lauded, even if by that same token the hosts sometimes get carried away. (BrĂ¼tal Legend, anyone?) Lastly, I hope this show never, and I do mean NEVER strays from its explicitly profane nature. To anyone who has the gall to act surprised when an M-rated podcast is M-rated, I would say, grow a pair and drop 'em already. There is a vast plenitude of other podcasts out there who would take you by the hand and try to rub you the right way in a family-friendly fashion, so stop trying to spoil things for the rest of us. Thanks Gamehounds, and if my podcasting habit were a burrito, you'd most definitely be among the carnitas surrounded by a bunch of cheese and dips. Damnit, now I'm hungry.
You guys are great keep up the good work :-)
A spinoff of the defunct GamerAndy podcast, GameHounds is both entertaining and gaming informative, with a big ol' explicit tag in your face! Can you handle this podcast? If you can, you've found video game radio GOLD!
i just listened to my first episode which was ep95. everything was good except for the prolapse thingy.
I am an adult, I like to have good dialogue, and hear good dialogue about games. Are we to understand that this groups main focus is are the word, "FV<k"? This word has it's place, I am well aware. But I believe it is being overused and abused during this group. It feels like I'm back in LIVE playing with a bunch of teens, when they are trying to impress other teens with there great use of that word. Really, i think we can have GREAT podcast with out or at least less of the word. I'm trying to glean gaming info from your show but I'm being force fed this crap. If we were gaming together U'd all been MUTED or reported. Seriously. Do I need to listen to another podcast? I will, M trying to be objective. M hearing good meat in the cast but hard to get past the crap.
There is nothing better then when Commander Tim goes off on one of his rants. I love this podcast they definately provide some good gaming information and opinions on this show. One of the best things is you have an old school gamer (Tim) and then one who has missed out on some of the old greats (Edie) which provides some great entertainment. These 3 give some great insight on gaming. Keep up the good work guys.
I have to admit, I'm a newish listener to GameHounds. I listened to one episode about five or six months ago featuring two of the three hosts (Edie/Tim) and was instantly dismissive of Tim and vowed to never listen to another episode. Fast forward to about three months ago, around the time of PAX/Tokyo Game Show this year. I caught a one-off episode of another podcast featuring Edie along with some other female gamers/podcast hosts and felt that because of the wide range of topics discussed on that particular show, GameHounds deserved another shot. I listened to my first episode around that time and since then, GameHounds has become a instant favorite among the podcasts I subscribe to. I congradulate the three hosts on a surprisingly great chemistry, and while the content is for mature audiences ... they never disappoint in bringing their opinions. Thanks Guys (and Gal!) for a great show.
My favorite 3 hosts Gamer Edie, Cooper Hawkes, and the now over the hill Commander Tim :P, always get me ready for the upcoming week by making one of the best gaming podcast known to man and alien. Edie brings the class, Tim brings the sass,and Hawkes brings the a*s lol. From the creative podcast titles down to the witty humor during the show and the love for games, in my humble opinion this show rocks.
Very good podcast they cover a lot of info. They're funny and real. Not censored the way every podcast should be!
I can't go one week without listening to this podcast. Keep up the great work.
Love the show, and the adult theme. Look forward to the show each week, and it is #1 on my list of podcasts.
if you are looking for witty, adult humor about gaming, modern culture and everything that is holy in the world. this cast is for you. Everything from "Violating" Bungie studios for not adding Adam into the Halo franchise, to Cooper Hawkes being gay for Tim, to the handicap zamboni game, to this episode's public service announcement (83). there is no end to the madness that is the Game Hounds. maybe Cooper MIGHT even sing that ashley simpson song if you poke him enough. things coming in the future? there is the punishment for losing the bet to do adult things to a Wii-mote, and who knows what Hawkes has to do with Legos. STAY TUNED!
This is such a great video game podcast! They give you all the news and hot topics. However they are EXPLICIT. The content is great and they all make for very good podcasters.
Edie, Hawkes, and Tim deliver some great discussion on the video game industry. I don't always agree with their opinions, but I'm always glad to hear them.


By JaLopp
Love the show. BRING BACK HAWKs! (Hawks 24/7)
So you know: I had to create an US iTunes account just to be able to write this review. (I could have left one in the Dutch store, but I was slightly worried it might go unnoticed there). With so many gaming podcasts around, and only so little time, this one is truly the must-have, the go-listen, the Supreme Number One. The almost encyclopediac knowledge of gaming history of Commander Tim combined with the truly encyclopediac knowledge of profanic metaphores and cynicism of Cooper Hawkes overseen by showhost Gamer Edie - who I'd propose to if it wasn't for the sheer amount of blue ocean between us (and some other minor details, like poligamy being prohibited in Europe) - makes for the best gaming podcast (if not the best podcast in any category) available. It keeps you wanting for more and more every week! Truly love your show, keep it up! Djasp (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
GameHounds features a wonderful variety of perspectives that always serve to make me consider the gaming news in a different light. Commander Tim is a pleasure to listen to, as there are few video game podcasters with as much knowledge and as deep a gaming resume as he has.
What a great team Edie and Hawks make. And Tim into the mix and you have a great show! Another welcome addition in the Platform Nation family
This is a solid podcast with great if quirky hosts. You know who you are. I get the feeling this podcast has it's head stuck in the gutter, and love it all the more for it. Keep up the good work and inappropiate language. Yay.
I found this show looking for Alpha Protocol material and I'm addicted. I like how a Edie lends an alternate perspective along with angry man, who dislikes everything that can't be played on PC. Overall the quality is GREAT and it never strays too far from games and details about games. This and Listen Up are the best 2 gamer's podcasts there is! What other podcast do you hear Careless Whisper sung by a deaf person (he had to be deaf to sing that terribly)
Thanks for bringing the REAL scoop on all games old and new....Awesome show don't change a thing!
No kidding, these hosts are the real deal. With each unique personality and style combined, forms perhaps one o the greatest alliance of show hosts. Hawkes and Tim FTW
In the latest episode the hosts call Sony executive Jack Tretton a name I can't repeat here, and then joked that he should die in a fire. This over his comments in a story that he was tired of press leaks. These people are just nasty. In addition, in the E3 wrapup podcast Edie Selllers had to be repeatedly corrected by her co-hosts, saying things such as that she plans on buying Forza Motorsport 3 for the Playstion for example. Being nasty is bad, but being nasty and foulmouthed on top of being misinformed is a waste of your time. Don't waste your time with this podcast. As another reviewer pointed out, there are too many other good gaming podcasts out there.
Wow. The chemistry of this podcast used to be golden with Edie and Hawkes. After listening to their latest coverage of MS' E3 conference specifically, I'm done. This "Commander" Tim (the new guy for a several episodes now) -- some closeted, jaded gamer that clearly dispises anything MS -- closed the door on and future listenings. Of course his schtick is that he loathes anything Halo, but that's just an excuse to bash any and everything MS. As so called gaming podcasters, at least make an attempt to enjoy games and not what systems their on. Actually, just drop the Commander off at the nearest Nintendo or Sony convention and let Edie and Hawkes get back to doing what they do best -- a nice balance of complementing & tearing into the big "3" equally.
Edie, Cooper and Commander Tim represent different aspects of the gaming community and all bring something different to the table. Eddie's professional smooth persona regulates the wild hilarious antics of Cooper Hawks while Commander Tim bashes all things main stream and praises gaming classics. While listening you will agree and disagree with the trio, but you will be entertined by a great podcast with three great hosts.
Well I've been a silent, long time fan of these guys for a long while and when they started up again, I was very pleased. I'd have to say that this is one of my favs to listen to. I just miss Andy. :( Keep up the great work though guys. Oh and don't forget, punch it chewy.
I have never heard such filth, anger and pure enjoyment come out of a podcast till I found Gamehounds. Love the dedication and energy the hosts have. Give it a listen if you enjoy well thought out game discussions without worring about falling asleep.
This podcast is by far my favorite. The news and humor are the best. Thankyou for making my commute and time in the office casing mail enjoyable. Keep up the good work Eddie, Hawkes and Tim.
Wow I have been listening to podcasts for a long time, and I have been a part of several, however GameHounds goes above and beyond the standard and makes the show not only informative but down right enjoyable. It is one of the great gaming podcasts out there.
In many ways this is an excellent podcast, I found the topics covered by this podcast to be an interesting array of subjects of interest to me, a video game player. The opinions expressed were well reasoned. The hosts were interesting and engaging. But.. These podcasters have big fat potty mouths. And it was too much for me, so I won't be listening again. This isn't meant to be a complaint, just an observation. They were completely honest and up front about it, so I've no right to complain, so I won't. But it was extreme enough that I won't be listening anymore. Which is probably as much my loss as it is theres, if not more so, because other than the language this podcast was excellent. If you can stand the langauge, and enjoying gaming, you'll enjoy this podcast.
Cooper and Edie keep it real. I agree and love their view points on all topics of gaming. Edie is a breath of fresh air and shows a great female perspective that has been lacking in the gaming community. She is much more than just a pretty voice! Cooper is the perfect compliment that always tells it how it is without pulling punches. Great job guys. Keep up the great work!
This is a great podcast for any gamer. This podcast is not for the faint of heart so beware.