Reviews For Oral Arguments from the Eighth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals

What a poor sound quality. It sounds as if the whole thing was recorded from a broom closet in distant location. Certain episodes are clear to hear but terrible, terrible editing job. Starts in the middle of sentence. So you have no idea what's going on.
I don't know why I enjoy listening to this so much, but I do. I don't have any type of legal background, but there is something very interesting in listening to both sides present their cases. It often takes a while to figure out exactly what is going on and what is being dispute, so it's like a fun riddle to solve, and it's funny to see how convincing both sides can be. I'm glad I'm not one of those judges. I recommend you give this a shot and see if it's your cup of tea. One thing though is I get really curious which sides ends up winning, which we don't get to find out,