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Jason Powell is one of the best in the wrestling biz. I listen to ALL of his pods!


By VVaughn
Jason is a fraud who is only trying to steal your money. Nothing he reports is new, in fact he steals it from other shows like DTKC and Wrestling Soup.
Powell's insight and humor make the listener feel right at home. Like your having a conversation over a few beers.


Lmao T.G.O right? Lmao
If you're the real Tommy Dreamer, you would Think you'd know how to spell WRESTLINGLoser Marks are 
Jason has always shown the smart side of wrestleing. Listen to Smart Wrestleing Fan for a free reveiw of all wwe and tna shows plus it is really funny.
Jason is the best and it is the one place where I go to catch up on wwe ppv
I just can't get enough of Jason powell and this podcast. I love the site, I love the app, and I love the website. Good job Jason.
Great podcasts. Powell knows wrestling, and has great opinions. I would recommend his site and audio to any wrestling fan, great job Powell.
I'm a Big Fan of Jason's website and his Podcast. I recommend