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This isn't the most serrious of Star Trek podcasts or always the most on point. But they always have fun with their episodes and have a great balance between being critical of the shows and enjoying them.
It's obvious that Jon & J.R. have been buddies for years. It comes across in their natural conversation and relaxed mood. They both have easy-going styles that make it simple to listen and enjoy, even if it takes a while to get to the topic of Star Trek (ahem). It's nice to hear them and they are especially kind and welcoming when people join in on the conversation. Thanks, boys!


By 84109
Who knew that Star Trek could be so much fun! These two guys have a great conversation, not just about Star Trek, but music and movies and other television shows get some attention. It is very enjoyable to be able to sit back and listen to all the witty banter. The show can often goes over two hours, but you wouldn't know it. It is that GOOD! So sit back and prepare to go "where no fan has gone before."
Jon and J.R rock. I listen to a few Star Trek podcasts and these guys are the best. They have fun doing the podcast and keep you entertained. Sit back and enjoy. A must for any Star Trek fan. Keep the coming. Patrick
Been listening for awhile and am finally getting around to writing a review. One of my top podcasts. Imagine a slickly produced, well focused, serious podcast about Star Trek.....now imgaine the opposite and you have JR Watches Star Trek. But this isn't a bad thing! Love listening to their tangents and humor about Star Trek. This podcast has led me to incorporate things like "...and ::Clap:: they're friends" into my own conversations. Keep up the great work guys. Hope you continue on into Enterprise. Long live Ronald Silvermage!!!!


By kbrakma
Come on guys at least pretend you like star trek. No more yawning during the cast. *streches* and *yawns*


Love this show. After the death of "make it so", This became the only star trek podcast I listen to (outside of "Trekoff" which is also awesome, but I make that one)
It's hard to find people who'll share a night of Star Trek with you. But ever since my college comrade (David) introduced me to this podcast, that hasn't been a problem for me. Jon and J.R. not only review each episode with keen insight, they chat about their real lives, and maintain real-life concerns and humor in a decent balance. If that makes sense. It's exactly like having two bew Trekker friends. Also, a strong flavor of Mormon culture comes across, making this the G-rated Star Trek podcast, and supplying most of the knowledge I have about Mormons. I hope the rest of 'em are all like these two dudes. <3 <3 Keep listening as Jon and J.R. watch the rest of DS9, then watch and review Voyager and Enterprise! I was amazed when they promised to watch EVERY SINGLE EPISODE of Voyager, but I guess they're just that dedicated! -- Edwin Los Angeles, CA
Ronald Silvermage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not a fan of the original series, so I started listening with the first season of TNG and have continued listening through DS9. Here is hoping they do Voyager also!
I love JR Watches Star Trek for the first time because it draws in Star Trek fanatics like myself as well as people who never watched an episode. My friends who never have seen the show love the logical deconstruction Jon and JR do for each episode and how they relate it all back to everyday life! It is quite amazing! They are already to Deep Space Nine and we can only hope they forge ahead past Voyager and cover Enterprise! I just love these two hosts together. How they love to banter and carry on each episode :-) It warms the soul. Quickly catch up for the upcoming 100th episode is nigh and I know it will be special. I never miss and episode and what's even better is when they record live, you are a part of the show participating in a listener chat!! Well I cannot say enough great things about this show, so please subscribe and listen to each new show!!! Keep up the good work! :-)
This is a GREAT podcast for Star Trek lovers, or even just the very curious. Jon and J.R. are two witty, very intelligent guys and listening to them is relaxing and full of really fascinating information and viewpoints. Their wit is razor-sharp and maybe a little dry (I think Letterman would love them). The first part of the show is just sort of friends catching up with each other, and with the listeners via e-mail, etc. The opening topics range from Holiday greetings to football discussions. One of the things I like best about these two guys is that they are NOT stoned, not DRUNK, they are fully awake and totally prepared. Refreshing and reliably fun to listen to. I repeat, because I think I rated this before I commented and I want to make sure I'm clear: FIVE STARS!
Watching Star Trek for the first time is a daunting task, one that could exhaust even the most laid back television viewer. With episodes like "The Muse" and "Bar Association" coming up, it would be reasonable to quit while you're ahead. Luckily, JR and Jon's witty dialogue and humorous ranking system make the worst of trek the most fun to discuss. I've foubnd their podcasts to be the best background podcast to listen to while working (not intended as a slight). It's a great mix of actual discussion and random tangents that I feel I'm catching everything and always entertained. Alden I cannot wait for Worf to show up, because that is when these podcasts will be kicked into warp nine.
You know the quick wit, amusing digressions and easy rapport between hosts that make How Stuff Works the #2 podcast on iTunes? J.R. Watches Star Trek For the First Time has those same excellent qualities, plus the subject is Star Trek. What could be better? The episodes start with some general chat, usually on sports or movies, then move into viewer mail and the core of the episode - a summary and review of 4 Star Trek episodes (currently Season 3 of DS9). They finish up by ranking the episodes and giving awards to the best villain, technology, planet, etc. Always amusing. If you're on the fence, I'd encourage you to jump in and subscribe. You know you've always meant to watch DS9. And since everyone gets a chance to participate (by sending in comments on the episodes or chatting with the hosts while they record), you get the fun of helping to make a podcast too.
I started commuting over an hour to work, and found these guys about six months ago. I am caught up now and always looking forward to the next podcast.
Once in a great while, we are privileged to experience a an event so extraordinary, it becomes part of our shared heritage. 1969: Man walks on the moon. 1971: Man walks on the moon... again. Then, for a long time, nothing happened. Until 2008 when JR watches star trek for the first time premiered. Quite possibly the greats podcast of all time.
This podcast is truly incredible. I am a big fan of Trekcast and The Gamma Quadrant podcasts, but somehow Jon and J.R. make the listener feel more involved. They are also very funny in a dry and understated way. Keep up the good work guys. Your hard work is really appreciated!
This is one of the most hilarious things I've listened to in a long time! J.R. and Jon seem like exactly the kind of people I'd love to hang out with in real life, I'd probably even listen to them reading from the phone book! I'm so glad they're going to go on and do DS9, I missed out on a lot of it when it was first on, so it will be kind of like my first time too.
A nostalgic yet fresh feeling podcast. Listening to J.R. and Jon talk about episodes make me want to watch them again (or for the first time, in many cases). The hosts have also managed to make me laugh out loud a number of times with their offhand comments, an achievement which raises any podcast effort pretty high in my esteem. Don't settle for the Masters degree J.R.. Go for the doctorate (no matter how much it hurts)! :)
DaltonMania says this is a extremely entertaining podcast due to the point of view of JR who is new to star trek which helps a Trek Lover like me see how a non fan reacts to STTNG etc. John seems to effortlessly make very witty remarks and connections between star trek and other media and their debates are quite thourough and well rounded. I also love how easily it is to communicate with them and contribute. Thanks guys. Daltonmania
I had been looking for local podcasts and came across this. To my delight it was a Star Trek podcast as well. Jon and JR have very amusing musings about each episode (and cover alot of episodes podcasts too). I was also happy to find a Star Trek podcast that was less Trek news and more just talking about the show as it progressed. Needless to say I was quite happy to find this one. I quickly clicked the subscribe button, I suggest you all do the same.
I was actually looking for something EXACTLY like this. Thank goodness I stumbled upon this show. It's great to hear someone who's new to watching the series talk with someone who's already familiar with it. I'm actually nearing the end of Season 6 on my 'first time through', though, I've known enough random info that I'm not really as surprised. I managed to get my girlfriend to watch it with me, and she's hooked. The problem with that though is that she's a bit...hesitant to converse about it afterwards. This podcast is perfect for someone like myself who really has nobody else to talk with about TNG (yes...I'm a bit of a nerd, but my friends are 'too cool for that'). Keep up the quality podcast! Can't wait to hear season 5 and 6 - especially 'Night Terrors', 'Cause and Effect' and 'Tapestry'.
After trying several other Star Trek podcasts, I've finally found one that approaches the show just as I do-- they respect it enough to actually talk about each individual episode, while still having fun pointing out all the plot holes, hammy acting, and cheap production short cuts. The two guys have a long-standing friendship, and listening in on their conversation makes you feel like you're talking with your own friends. I hope when they are done with Star Trek, they branch out into Battlestar Galactica for their next podcast!
I've been getting more and more into searching Star Trek podcasts with the upcoming movie and MMO coming out. JR's podcast is one of the more enjoyable, not only because they stay on topic (which is rare I am noticing in all podcasts), but it is also informative. I do hope they continue to do this show and then also do DS9 and beyond.
What a great way to relive these old episodes! Jon & JR have a fun way of bantering on about the highlights and not straying off into the minutia. Their off-hand manner makes this podcast very approachable and one of my favorites. With only a handful episodes covered in each, it isn't too hard to follow along at home. They welcome participation, so hop on board—join us, as we boldly go...
This podcast is lots of fun. I'm kind of surprised J.R. has been willing to go through so many Trek episodes with his friend. They do a good of analyzing episodes but not ripping on them. Reccomended.


By EHH369
I love hearing these guys speak about Star Trek. Since you guys talk about Klingons, let me tell you that Gowron will be great because of his eyes. Also, I posted this because you wanted more than two reviews. Here you go!
I stumbled upon this while amidst a crazed re-obsession with the Next Generation. Luckily I found this funny podcast right as they launched into the TNG stretch. Jon and JR are funny and insightful. It's interesting to hear a newbie's take on my favorite show, critically digesting episodes that I've seen many, many times. Highly recommended.


By SocVis
J.R. and Jon do a great job analyzing the Original Series. Lots of great jokes are traded, and, surprisingly, J.R. usually seems to be more on top of the episode discussion than Jon, which is an added bonus for trekkies; watching a conversion is always fun. I hope they don't end it as they finish TNG, but keep it going through DS9 and VOY.