Reviews For Metal Moment Podcast - English & Japanese Bilingual Show / Interviews / Guitar Talk / Beer / メタル / ビール

This is awesome. Great study tool and sweet jams.
I love the flow of this show and while I don't speak japanese I'm always happy to listen to the learning japanese segment. I love how Chiaki speaks, beer of the moment, talking about food, and of course, the metal!
Love the different metal. Love the Japenese - dont be afraid to open your minds with Chiaki !
ignore those over-the-phone question fests...this guy gets fly-on-the-wall interviews that are real with the artists guard down...and Chiaki-san does his homework! GANBATTE YO!! \m/ark
Love the bi-lingual (japanese/english) show. Great stuff & great music. Thanks.
Like it a lot.
i have to say that this is a great podcast, but red hot chili peppers is not metal so yeah... But otherwise a great podcast
This guy does a great job with his show. Good interview and solid production.
Unfortunately, this show is broadcast in two languages (Japanese and English) and it does not work. I can't recommend it to anyone and it's a shame, because the person doing the show has great guests. How about doing 1 show in English and the same show all in Japanese? I bet you a lot more people would subscribe to this podcast. I would!!!!!
This Metal Moment Podcast is conducted in 75% Japanese and in 25% English.  The interviews are great and the music the host Chiaki introduces are  Rockin'.  If you like the classic 80's metal guitar heros and their guitars, this podcast is for you.