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This podcast can vary. There have been one or two amazing episodes - like - Episode 114: 'The return of Mr. Masie' but of late there can be a lot of nonsense the worst was the recent episode which was painful to listen to - a bunch of drunken boys giggling - a frustrating waste of time. Simon, respect us & our time. Delete or edit your show if you can't control yourselves.


By Paul_sb
Excellent ZA podcast of local IT based entities and of course all Gadgets. Podcasts are live video/audio and can also be downloaded a few days after the show on iTunes or the ZATECH web site. Keep it up! The panel is often varied with guests from various IT/Gadget related entities.
Awesome Podcast for anybody that loves technology.
Love the show. I've been following religiously for a good few months now. It could be aliased as the ZA Apple show. ;)
Great podcast-the guys are knowledgable without sounding snooty. Best of all, they actually do feedback be it via email or in the show itself. Highly recommended for SAfricans.
Great SA tech podcast, tops my weekly tech news list!
A easy listening podcast on interesting topics, a great one for SA techies or people just interested in tech stuff! I love the SA feel.