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Total crap
You have a great show Jesse. It's not perfect but then nothing is, right? I love the fact that you speak of accountability and are specific about those people who make outlandish irresponsible claims. Too many good things to talk about here(Justin is great too!) so I will just say Keep Fighting the Fight as you are an inspiration to myself and countless others.
What is going on ?? Is the show gone for the free people? Another show turning to premium and leaving the free listeners to wonder what happened. When I listened last you said it was on 5 days a week. I can't find you 2 times a month. Later Jesse I'll just find another show.
I began listening a year ago thinking this show was going somewhere. Well, it hasn't! Jesse talks and talks and talks, and after a while you're wondering what you got out of all that listening! He often has Alejandro Rojas on the show to help prop it up some. But Ufonaut Radio is nothing like Alejandro's Open Minds Radio show at all! Alejandro is actually entertaining to listen to and he has very good guests on his show! This Ufonaut Radio thing stinks and listening to it leaves one amazed at how desperate Jesse seems to try to get you to pay him money and to take him serious as a pundit of all things supernatural or alien! A truly sad effort, indeed, especially because he hasn't got the goods to deliver!
This is a contrived radio show with a host who's knowledge is less then average in this genre. If it weren't for ufotv this show would have never made it. They are trying to be like C2Cam and it doesn't work here. I think I want original programming and a show that doesn't make you pay to listen. It's not like the show is making history. It's just repeating the same old stuff we all heard before. I won't pay for this when I can listen to The AZ UFO Show on blogtalkradio for Free and it's a lot more fun with 2 chat rooms, webcams & great guests lately. UFO"Not"Radio
I followed this show from the beginning and I must say it is thee best show on air today. Those who mock Jesse or the show are not apart of the new guard. What are you doing to help ufology?
Honesty with a side of humility. JR's production is consistent and guests are great. The New Guard has found a home @ Ufonaut Base Alpha - Thanks so much, JR.
I love the show and the guests! Just please keep your radical political views to yourself ! Not all of your listeners tune in for politics. And most importantly don't put down Mufon. they have done alot to put the UFO business into a serious and professional spotlight!
The host should learn about asking a question and then shutting up. He keeps babbling on and on about his own opinions and answers his own questions rather than letting his guest answer them. If he shuts up and not keeps interfering with his guest's answers, it will be a much better show. He is a moron.
As you can see below. many have their own opinion and thats fine. I have been listening for a couple months and really enjoy the show. Podcasting is alot of work and I think jesse really does a nice job, his enthusiasm and quality discussions make for great entertainment. The only way to find out is to give him a try!!
Amazing show! Unfortunately you should have been up front with everyone and just stated that you HAVE to become a member otherwise you cannot listen to the show anymore! Jesse...you have made it sound like it was an option. It took me three downloads of an annoying commercial to find out that I no longer am able to download the once free podcast. I am a big big fan but am totally annoyed at how this was handled. I have yet to join beacause I am so ticked off.
Like the others, I too was a long time listener. It used to be very good other then the occasionally poor voice quality. Starting a few episodes ago, they somehow decided to make it members-only, i.e., they want your money. Before August, the host kept saying all the wonderful new things that are coming for the show. What they didn't tell me was that you have to pay for it. I found that very deceiving. The free shows now are just a waste of time; very disappointing. I won't be surprised to see their revenue drops as the result. This kind of business model just doesn't work. Farewell, UFONAUT RADIO!
Gosh, 3 weeks ago on your podcast you were promoting the future with a web interactive version blah blah. You were to be far superior then those money grubbing phonies on coast to coast. Then to my shock and dismay you become just another money grab phony and leave us with adverts to join a club to pay for what we came to enjoy on your podcasts. Now to find a replacement on my ipod.
There are no guests on this podcast...is this just a commercial or is this the podcast? I think we're getting ripped off here!
I don't think it's fair to judge the show based on the fact that Jesse mentions the member site. If it were not for UFOtv, we wouldn't have the opportunity to listen to such a formal and organized show with such great guests. Sometimes, FASCINATING guests!! In terms of Podcasts, I don't think it gets any better than that, and I believe we should be greatful for it. Besides, the member fee is next to nothing. Personally, the Ufonaut experience is well worth it. I wouldn't dream of giving it up over that! Jesse does an amazing job. The greatest Podcast alive! :)
At first I was just disappointed that UFONAUT had become nothing but a weekly promo for the paysite version. Now I'm wondering . . . is this even allowed on iTunes? Are people allowed to post podcasts here each week if those podcasts are nothing but commercials for non-iTunes broadcasts? This isn't a podcast anymore; it's just advertising. There's no content. Anyway, if you'd like to hear a twenty-minute commercial telling you all about the real podcast that you're not getting, this is the one for you. Enjoy.
This was an entertaining diversion of a podcast (NOT RADIO! WHAT FREQUENCY ARE YOU TRANSMITTING AT? NONE!) but now the host expects listeners to join a special club and pay for this subpar content and production? I don't think so! Many other podcasts out there with better content, production values, and more entertaining. Bye bye!
The best UFO Podcast out there. Great host! Great audio mix!


Great show Jesse,I listen to this podcast every week Don't know if I'll be able to with the new format but keep up the good work
This is for the serious skeptics, not the crazies or the deaf and blind monkies out there. What makes this show so much different from other podcasts is that it is recorded LIVE so it is accompanied by a live chat room and the listeners can call in with their questions or comments if they wish to listen live via the internet. Top notch guests every week. Jesse, the host, does a fantastic job of asking the right and sometimes hard questions. With every guest Jesse lays everything out to get out all the information he can to allow the audience to decide on the validity or wackiness of each guest or event topic. I love the current event segment with Alejandro T. Rojas, Education Director of MUFON, where this witty chap gives the skinny on some of the ground breaking UFO sightings, follow ups, new government document disclosures, etc. that are actually being reported/released every week. Producer Tim Crawford and host Jesse Randoff do a great job!
This is by far the best show on I-Tunes....
**WARNING** this program deals with an audio quality that may be considered controversial and may be frightening or uncomfortable to certain listeners.
UFONAUT Radio LIVE and without commercial breaks makes this show fun and worth the listen. I have heard all of the shows. The guests are great, the interviews are heart felt, and the host is well informed. Keep up the good work!
The last review is total junk. I have listened to all the shows from this guy, and he's really good. Have some respect for folks that are trying to inform and keep us aware of what is going on within this subject. I listen live every Sunday at 7pm on the blogtalkradio network. You can call in which is even cooler. I bet guys like dracool would never have the guts to call in. Ufonaut Radio I am a fan!!!!


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Great show, actually updates often and seems to have a lot of good guests. I will definetely be a long term listener. Thanks for the time and effort to bring us all together