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I’ve been listening to the show for a couple years now and still find it enjoyable. I would like to see the episodes come out a bit more frequently but I realize these take a bit of work to release.
PGR takes me back to when I was a kid visiting or staying over my Grandma’s house and listening to my cousins and their friends talk about various topics.
love this show! sad to hear it’s ending. been a loyal listener since the way way back. thank you for all the years, JVB!
You guys have one of the best podcast been listening since forever
The discussions are incredibly entertaining; they almost feel like rap battles. Yet through all the debates, you can tell these are some chill dudes who respect each other.
I Like to hear when a bunch of normal guys just talk about games and other stuff and it makes me laugh just like a hang out! JVB AND CREW Will make you laugh. They talk about top hitting games and they give you their opinion. VR podcast and reviews keep them coming. Been listening for about when PGR started. Great show!
Long time listener of the show cause it brings a different vibe than the other gaming podcast that are mostly hosted guys that all seem like they have the same flow. Golf Rat gets a little too over powering at times but the other hosts usually reign it back in. They do talk about console fanboys a little too much but it's a great show and a break from the same old same old.
These guys keep it real when talking about games, and don't hold anything back like some of those paid for "game reviews" on those other podcasts. Keep up the good work guys! -Everything According To Me
I've been a fan of this podcast since the days of Paris, skittles (aka Jay) & the DMC. I love the relationship that all you guys have on the podcast JVB, TG1 Eddie, Heroic Superman, soldier, Derrick, Neff, golf rat, Julie, and everyone else that been on the podcast. You balance talking about current events, what's going on with your jobs, family, talking about video games and tech and it's a well balanced relationship between all of these components. When it comes to the videogame industry, you guys are always up to date and offer the latest information It's also much appreciated that technically this is professional podcast. Always sounds great, equalized and just an overall good podcast. Your podcast, titled "Living", broadcast on August 4, 2014 is probably the single most hilarious things I have EVER heard!! That conversation about powerlifting with TG1Eddie & heroic was pure comedy genius. Very glad you guys had the transition to talk not just simply about video games but also what is going on your personal lives. This factor is personally very entertaining to me because it also speaks about things that I care about and things that I'm going through: family issues, kids, bills, and all that kind of stuff so I really appreciate you guys very much. I never review podcasts but I just thought that you guys should know that you have a lot of fans, I try to tell all my friends about you guys so I just thought you guys should know that. Wishing you guys success in all that you do going forward.
This is the only podcast on my phone I refresh every Monday, and get mad if new episodes are not posted, I hav listened to every episode since May 2014, fun overall, as an immigrant I like all the racial jokes & diversity. Jvb when u mixed up your show with talking bout life and movies it was awesome. My favorite co host is derick bcos he is logical & yes destiny is a cash cow, & golf is a Sony fan. I wish we wud stop fueling the console war & hav more fun. But u guys are great overall, I moved from ps to Xbox one & I don't regret it one bit. I played the mcc halo are the best Imo. I'm playin 5 now & I play for the lore. Keep up the good work guys & I'm "solar protocol" on Xbox
The funny banter between these guys is second to none in the podcast world. I always listen just for the laughs alone. PS, stay with game talk, I don't give a crap about movies.
I arrived to the PGR Party Late... Listening for 8 months now & used to look forward to each new episode & y'all's opinions on whatever's new in the Gaming Industry that week. However when the announcement came that the format was changing slightly i had my worries but hung on to see how it would go. So far its been hard to keep listening. Still a Subscriber for now with hope things may go back after awhile. -Torey D aka xXShifftyXx
I used to look forward to listening to the show but the last couple you have changed and stopped talking about games. Sorry but you guys just aren't interesting enough to listen to you guys talk about nothing in particular. I'll just keep listening to IGN's shows and Gamertag. Keep entertaining yourself about beard oils
Long time listener of JVB and crew. Even though the show has become essentially a PS4 centric show, and I readily disagree with many of the opinions on the show I still come back every episode. There a a ton of gaming podcast out there catering to snarky hipster types out there; but PGR keeps it real, and very conversational. Even though I've never met the crew in person, you guys come across as the type of people I'd hang with online; if I had a PS4;....yes, even Golfrat. :P Keep up the the good work guys, and remember; you can always come home to the loving arms of XBL. ;) -Rich aka rolexdpracer
I hate PGR! "In 5 star fasion" (JVB voice). LOL. Just kidding. I been listing to PGR for about 2 years now. I listen to it every Sunday during my 10 hour shift at work. Everyone brings their own style and delivery to the show and each one is missed when they can't make it on the show for whatever reason.
Hands down top gaming podcast on the internets, JVB, SoldierX, TG1eddie, Golf Rat, DerrickGott007 all make this show a must listen!! Real talk, many won't like the truth, but it's the truth that makes this show REAL! Playstation, XBox, some film and TV talk, perfect for the real info listener !
These guys are funny, have a good range of staff, include the community and are passionate about video games and Tv. They are hienst and tell it how it is. Cant ask for too much more.
These guys aren't scared to tell the truth. (must not be sponsored) so many game podcast have people trying to get their foot in the door & those people will beat around the bush or avoid the conflict all together. Not these guys. Great podcast 5 stars. @Danielsmile
This podcast is very informative and hilarious at the same time. I love the trash talking. Mainly I listen to JVB and co. to get an honest opinion about new video games from guys who seem to be just like me. Normal gamers, who have a job and a family and don't necessarily have thousands of hours to play a game. On another note, I am a foreigner so it's also very interesting to hear the ethnical jokes. Helps me understanding about the american culture. Keep them coming!
JVB, SolderX, TG1 Eddie, Nef, Golfrat & Derrick Gott (Can't forget you bro) have taken a show already awesome & redefined it with great different perspectives on gaming & entertainment. Please subscribe and laugh out loud.
PGR is my top podcast I listen to every week. All of the personalities mesh well together and the show flows very nicely. Great group of hosts that are very informative and definitely entertaining. This is a can't miss gaming podcast. Keep up the great work! PSN - DeckDog29
Passionate community based podcast, with a large spectrum of different voices. It’s refreshing to hear JVB speak from the heart and have it balance out with Solider X’s humor. Everyone on the podcast brings a different point of view that works great off each other. It’s not flawless but that adds to its uniqueness.
If you love Ricky Martin you should listen to this , they give you updates about his current life. Im joking its a good podcast about the lastest updates in the video game industry. Its funny and JVB ( who sound black ) keeps it real.
Great show from real gamers. Varied opinions and a lot of fun to listen to.
These guys are real. Like it should be with gaming info.
PGR is one of my favorite podcasts. The discussions are both entertaining and informative. JVB is an excellent host.
If your looking for an imformative gaming podcast with a high laughs per minute count then you've found it! I highly recomend subscribing to this podcast if your like me and don't have time to go digging through all the gaming news. These guys do the dirty work for you! Shout out to DerrickGott and Spongebobbies for bringing me into the family. Keep up the great work guys.
Ok, I gotta say this is a great show, JVB you talk like a snail really slow. Eddie also needs to talk more and Derrick you are a good addition to the show. Soldier the X is a hater but he's super funny. I never really write reviews but I felt like I had to, especially since JVB reads them it is my way of being heard by the community...I think you guys are way better then gamer tag radio especially Godfrey that guy is a moron with a capital M. Love your show. Been listening for 2 years.
Have been a longtime listener and enjoy the banter and interaction of the crew. The recent addition of Derrick Gott help the discussions flow better!
One of the best podcasts out there. Been listening for about 3 years, and it never gets old. These guys are great.
Been listening to you guys since you were part of the gamercast network. Live in upstate NY, but originally from the Bronx right off Jerome Ave and Grand Concourse. You guys remind me so much of my life when i was younger and would gather up with all my friends and catch up with whats new. Not always exactly right but you guys never claim to be experts. Just having fun together with a hopeful goal of listeners equally enjoyng it. keep up the good work.
Love PGR but Soldier X blindness love for The One is kinda sad, he's like a beaten wife, no matter what the husband does, she defends him.
I've been listening to PGR since the beginning. It's been over 5 years and I never miss an episode. The guys on the show all bring their own opinions. The conversations are interesting and at the same time funny. They have great chemistry right up there with other popular podcasts. This is a can't miss listen if you're a gamer of any kind and love to laugh.
PGR is one of the few gaming podcasts that I listen to regularly. You guys keep me in touch with the gaming world while I spend long hours on the road. To JVB, Soldier X and the rest of the PGR crew ... Keep up the great work and I'll keep listening!
Gotta give some love to PGR, the new hosts are great. Soldier X is doing his best to maintain balance in the force as the other guys slam the XBox One. Good shows and always a fun listen
I have listened to the show for many years and have enjoyed every bit of it. As a matter of fact, I have often told my friends how honest and funny the show is. I have enjoyed the numerous hosts that appeared except for GUI J. I have always though he was great until he started saying Sadamanjeh. Its not that its is not humorous, it is that my father passed away a few months ago and his name was Sadamanjeh. Its not a common name but now when I hear PGR with GUI J on it he makes me cry at least two times an episode. Please get rid of GUI J or ask him to stop saying Sadamanjeh.
PGR is a great podcast. If you like video games and like to laugh this one is for you. This is one of my top 3 gaming podcasts


you guys crack me up on a weekly basis. Anybody doing the midnight launch for the consoles ? gamertag: EuroChuckNorris :)
You guys are crazy, but fun to listen to. Few podcast make me laugh, and yell at my iPhone. lol JVB, Soldier, and Nef form a great trio that is vastly underrated.
You guys rock!!!
PGR brings you an unabridged view of gaming from a crew of guys that are genuinely passionate.
Great podcast guys,just all around nice,piecesof comedy here,various pieces of gaming news, soldier's mixer is always interesting,Guij is helpfull tg1_eddie needs to talk more and superman needs to remain calm. (lol). Just so awesome keep it up.


Awesome chemistry among all host. Will definitely keep listening.
This podcast has fell off BIG TIME. That Solider X dude..smh


I'm sick of that puerto rican wannabe Xbox fanboy ( douchebag X , whatever his gay name is) get rid of him and this show can go places but right now its just mediocre at best


By thawk24
New one please.
Soldier is right get rid of that guy. Great show soldier is cool I'm a big fan!