Reviews For Podnutz Daily - A Day in the Life of a Computer Repair Tech.

I really enjoy this podcast and just found it and subscribed!
Great show! Entertaining and a great resource for everything related to starting, owning, and operating a small computer repair business. They have a guest every week that is a computer repair business owner, that tell their story of how they started and what they do differently to keep the edge on the competition. If you only listen to one episode I guarantee you will find something useful in your business!
I'm new to this show and have been binge listening for 2 weeks now. Love the show - hear myself in it in every episode. I've learned alot too. I find myself jotting notes to remember websites or tips. A must listen to computer repair business owners. Also, Jeff is a great interviewer and makes it seem so easy!
Great host, great info. If you are into tech support the show is a must listen.
This show and its guests are an invaluable resource. Getting to hear from others in the industry has been amazing. I look forward to every episode and hope to feel confident enough to contribute in the future. Thanks to those who do, especially Jeff who has been the perfect host!
I've enjoyed powering through the massive backlog of shows picking up tips and tricks for fixing windows computers. While tech moves quick, I find a lot of the information is relevant. Great job !
This podcast is awesome. I am a 24 yr old noob tech and I've got to say Door and Steve are some good dudes. Thanks so much for the podcast guys. Ive been playing games on the computer (WoW) and xbox since i was a kid and though i knew a but about computers. Gotta say that You have opened my eyes to a whole new world and I can't thank you enough. Please keep the amazing content coming!
Love all the insight in to the world of computer repair.
Door you ROCK! Keep up the great work and ALL THE GREAT INFO! Great videos Steve! Best Regards ~ Joshua
Steve has put together the best podcast for computer techs. Each show he has a tech that give you tips, tools, and thier first hand experience with customers. A must listen for anyone interested in computer repair.
Excellent show. Thank you Steve C for what you have done for Computer Techs. I am another one of those who started a computer repair business because of your podcast. Leo's podcasts are OK for our customers to listen to ... LOL Real Techs definitely need to listen to this show. 5 Star Hands Down!
HI This podcast has been very helpful to me. I am not a tech but with podnutz help i will try anything after all it is not working and i end up fixing them 6 so far thanks PODNUTZ
Podnutz daily is a very informative podcast for computer techs. It is a must listen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The information Steve and his guests give out is one of the most valueable assets I have in my computer repair business.
A must for anyone who is serious about computer repair.
that I can't give it 10, because anything below that is just underrated This podcast will take over the world
This show has really helped me at key times, Thanks for the time and effort you spend.
This podcast is fantastic. Only thing better is if they handed out cash. Steve C. rox!
Great show a must for PC techs
I have been listening to these podcasts for several months now and they really are great if you are interested in learning very valuable and currents PC skills. Steve has really come a long way since his first episodes and does an excellent job. Highly recommend
Great podcast! I enjoy hearing about his day as a computer repair business. Occasionally I learn something new, that will help me repair a desktop/laptop.
Very informative and easy to relate with.
Awesome and extremely informative!
Want to get in the computer repair business, this one is probably a good start, Steve talks about his day at the shop and what he's worked on, so you get a good idea of what's involved. He doesn't talk much about the business end of it, but will take questions on it.
Steve the host does a great job on all his shows informing us on computer repair techniques and the problems he encounters every day at his repair shop. He's the "real deal" slightly rough around the edges but he a hands on kind of guy who isn't afraid to admit when he makes a mistake but he always explains how he remedy's it. He helps his listeners learn from his mistakes so we don't make them A must listen for all computer techs or wanna be techs.
The Podnutz Daily podcast is a great way to learn new computer repair tips. Steve and his cast of many pull out all the stops to keep things bright and fresh every day in his computer repair world with an energetic style and enthusiasm that few can match.
Steve isn't a slick, professional podcaster, just a real guy sitting down and sharing the day to day experiences he has at his computer repair business. That's what makes this podcast so good, the information is shared freely and is real life stuff not manufactured for public consumption. If you have any interest at all in computer repair, whether it be going into the business or just wanting to know enough to take care of your own equipment, this is the pocast to listen to. Practical, useful information coming to you daily.
I like the part how Steve talks about computers. :p
I've been debating about keeping this podcast - there really is some very useful information, but much of it is too technical for me. I've found the whole on-going thing about the leaf blower irritating - should he, shouldn't he on and on and on. Yes, this is the most important question in technical services whether a techie should use a leaf blower on computers or not. Then on the podcast today, there is going to be a contest to win some leaf blower/not leaf blower. Wow! Another how many weeks about this stupid topic. (Oh, and the word "unknowledgable" came from what level of hell?) And then the problems with the Skype calls - people call too early and irritate the podcaster and then he has to tell us how irritated he is. Then, when he is ready for Skype calls, people don't call when he wants and he is irritated. Yeah, I don't get enough of hearing irritated people talking, I need to subscribe to a podcast to hear more. He plays phone messages after reading emails that say the same thing. No, his voice is not so melodious that I feel like wasting my entire day with redundancies. I'm done, I'm unsubscribing. Three stars is charitable - although I'm certainly willing to admit that if you are extremely techie or want to be extremely techie, the problems are probably overlooking. shrug - not for me.
Steve puts out a great daily podcast for all who would like to know the ins and out of running a computer repair business. Very interactive with his listeners. I listen to many tech podcasts and I rank his show at the top. Thanks Steve for putting a different spin on a tech podcast..
Once upon a time techs had to rely on knowledge passed around from person to person or written in books before internet forums were around. Steve is helping to develop the next support wave - podcasts. In the daily casts Steve goes over what kind of system issues he has run into during the day and how he fixed them. Also on his site he has a live chat at the same time he is recording the daily shows so anyone can chime in. Very interactive and informative.
This is exactly what I was looking for. Relevant tips & tricks on a daily basis From someone struggling through Just like all of us. Great tips/tricks/gripes and trench camaraderie
This is a great podcast if you are interested in learning how to repair PCs. Very practical, hands on information.
Love the show! I have totally revamped my pc thanks to tips given on this show. Keep up the EXCELENT work!
Steve, keep up the great work. I am addicted to your podcast, and listen to it everyday.
This is a tech show that is quite different from many. Steve talks about real world solutions and problems. He does a great job with his guests that range from Mike (Mike Tech Show) and Carey Holtzman to name a few. This is an extremely well done podcast and I also listen to his new podnutz daily show. Checkout his website as well.
With it good useful informant on computer repair, and how to run a small business info. Also Podnutz has good guess speaker
This is Steve's daily show where he goes over the computers that him and his dad repaired in his shop that day. It's recorded live and there is a live chat as well as video on Ustream. At the end of the show you can call in to ask Steve a question or share a tip or story. If you can make it live at 3PM PST, you should definitely check it out on Ustream. This show is about computer repair and computer business. There is no extra junk in this podcast, only good stuff!
I've been listening to this show from the begining. It great to hear another professional point of view. I always enjoy how he deals with customers & with other show host he interviews. He never has a bad word about any event or problem. He loves the challenge. He will inpire you.
Podnutz Daily is a gem of a podcast. Steve is a wonderful podcaster and very acknowledgeable and interesting to listen to. I have learned so much since I have started listening. Podnutz Daily makes you want to listen to the next day. I hope Podnutz continues on forever.
I'm very inspired by what I hear in this daily podcast. Keeping computer issues fresh in my mind is the best way to stay on top of my personal computer service needs. I'm sure you will find yourself listening daily if you are interested in computers and computer repair.
I found this show very helpful and informative on the subject of computer repair, and no nagging ads. And as if a bonus, it is also fun to listen to. The host is straight forward and to the point . With a honest and "down to earth" approach to repair topics.
I subscribe to this to support Steve and if I should happen to miss it live on He talks about his daily activity in his computer repair store.
Steve keep up the good work! Great podcast! A must listen to podcast!
I found this the other day. Fantastic job. Looking forward to listening everyday
Superb! This is truly a great podcast for P.C fans and mac fans alike. On each episode I learn so many new tricks and tips for fixing computers. I also recommend checking out "Podnutz"
This podcast is from the guys who do the Podnutz weekly podcast. It is a great addition because I need a daily dose of tech and this fills the need. I learned tons about repairing PCs and Macs that I did not know before. Highly recommended.