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This is such an amazingly valuable podcast. Jeff is such a gracious host that really has a knack for connecting with his guests. The conversations are intelligent, and the topics are insightful. Love it!!
I’ve listened for several years and I’ve gotta say that Jeff & Chris and everyone else here makes this the most enjoyable & informative podcast that I listen to! MUCH better now than the older ones ( a purely personal opinion. No disrespect to Mr. Cherubino). I could actually listen to this 24/7! My only regret is that I haven’t taken the time to call in and participate. A gem of a show and truly valuable! iRod
As a computer technician trying to figure out how to grow and expand my business, this podcast is an absolute MUST to hear. Not only does Jeff provide great points, knowledge and process that has helped his business but having the additional techs on his show brings a great diversity and flavor of experience in one place. If you just found this podcast you'll need to listen to all the past content as it will elevate your business to a new level. I guarantee it.
Just a amazingly informative podcast about computers and computer technologies.If you are into computers or want to learn more about how to fix your own computer problems, this is the show for you. The information is not boring and the broadcasters are very clear when speaking and the information is fairly easy to follow even if you have little computer knowledge. If you don't understand something I suggest pausing the podcast and looking it up as you go. It has been very helpful for me in understanding exactly what is being said when I don't comprehend the computer/technology referenced. I am going back and listening to the earlier broadcast and I suggest doing the same if you really want to learn some more really good basic and advanced information over computer technologies. Check it out. :D
I've always enjoyed doing computer repair in my free time on my own computers along with family and friends. Before listening to the this podnutz cast I could have never seen myself starting my own business until now. I can honestly say I've listened to over 40 of the podcasts in just about a week. The materia lis funny and educational all at the same time. GREAT STUFF! Thanks so much for this great service.
Jeff has revived this show and it is my #1 go to show now. Keep up the good work.
This show and its guests are an invaluable resource. Getting to hear from others in the industry has been amazing. I look forward to every episode and hope to feel confident enough to contribute in the future. Thanks to those who do, especially Jeff who has been the perfect host!
Dudes are really cool and knowledgeable. As a noob tech I am learning so much from the show and am working through my second play through if the episodes. Please keep the amazing podcasts a coming guys!
always informative and a treasure trove of information
This cast gives insight on both the tech and business side of computer repair. Covers hardware, software, viruses, etc. Excellent resource!
For home computer repair and support you won't find a more informative show. If you either have a computer repair business or are thinking about entering the field, you should listen to this podcast because it provides a wealth of information and will help you to be a better pc tech.
I used to listen to The tech guy with Leo Laporte and was answering the questions before Leo did then I heard this Guy Steve C call in one day and said he is going places with the new show he was planning on coming out with. I later found his podcast Podnutz and have never went back to any on the Twit shows except Security Now. Steve's Podnutz shows are the best!


By zmorrow
There are TONS of accurate reviews on here of these guys. They are great. I sum up this show with one word. WINNING! (tm)
I really enjoy listening to this podcast. I learn a lot every time I listen. Keep up the great job.
Of any/all podcasts in production, this is the best. Anyone who is into computers and repairs from the hobbyists to part time to full time, this is where it's at. Podnutz not only has one podcast, but several podcasts that cover all matters related to repairs, virus removal, business operations, and more. In addition to the podcasts, Podnutz is backed by a large community of very active business owners, and IT employed techs. Several venues exist for communicating within the community: forums, chatrooms, Teamspeak, video, email, Twitter, and more. Bottom line if your into computer repair then you need to be into Podnutz.
This show is going to be really famous someday. I see a radio or a tech tv show for Steve in the future. Steve gives us entrepreneurs hope.
before this show i thought i knew how to fix computer. Just pick a random episode and you will get alot out of it. Steve brings in people who know what they are alking about. They go through the steps they use and recommend programs and it is in a matter i which anybody can learn even your grandma you will not regret it, it is not a waste
Thanks for the time and effert you put into these podcasts. Lots of great info.
Steve does a unique show. He loves what he is doing and a great sense of humor. He does a great show that is valueable to technicians and people sho know
Your show has provided valuable information on tools to get the job done without having to spend any money. Thank you and your community of listeners.
A-list guests, very informative podcasts. The Philly accent and its lack of syllables (do people from Philadelphia move their tongues?) does grate on the nerves, and a complete lack of humor and production elements makes the material very dry and sleepy at times. But with a little caffeine, you'll learn a whole lot if you can make it through. Great job Steve!
For those old enough to remember, network TV news used to focus on the news and didn't try to be cute and entertaining. While many tech podcasts try to be like the latter (cute and entertaining), Steve's podcast brings me back to the good ole' days, where you listened to be informed. I'm so impressed with Steve's willingness to share his knowledge and experience, and he's not afraid to have guests that teach listeners and him something as well. This is my favorite podcast by a mile and I hope it continues for a long time. Thanks Steve!
Full of great tips & tricks, this podcast will teach you how to solve PC issues the smart way. Steve asks the questions we all WISH we could ask! Episodes also feature interesting people who have been instrumental in the development of new, innovative, or high profile applications. When I'm listening, I keep a pen & pad handy to jott down ideas, best software to use for xyz, where to go for downloads, etc. It's like having a neighbor with years of PC repair experience, willing to teach his secrets. Highly recommended!

By dfoil
This has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts - I almost get excited when I see a new episode downloading. It's filled with useful information and interesting interviews. If you like this podcast, Steve also does a daily show which is fantastic.
Welcome back Steve!! Combine podnutz, miketechsow and techvets and you'll get the best free computer repair education available. Great podcast.
That' s all I can say for now Thx A
I am extremely happy with the wealth of information that Podnutz offers with each show. Steve's hands-on tutorials are top-notch. The guest that he has on his show have offered great tips to compliment Steve's informative format. Keep up the great work and thank-you for such a wonderful podcast!
Unlike some tech podcasts that are filled with fluff and mindless banter, Steve's show from start to finish is filled with helpful comments on his experience repairing computers. He is an expert on laptop repairs and electronics.
Great Tech podcast. They really get into the nuts and bolts of computer repair and diagnostic. Insiders guide to PC repair. Keep up the good work.
I started listening to this podcast just to see how it was. Now I can't get enough. It has helped me debug my own computer and now everyone in my family wants me to fix their computers.
This is a must hear for any self proclaimed, professional or just a casual computer technician. Steve Cherubino and great guests give insight in to what it takes to run a computer repair bussiness. It demystifies the industry and brings it back down to earth. Steve Cherubino is a very charismatic host and always has something useful to say!
I listen to many tech podcasts and this is my favorite!
Very informative and interesting. You have had some great guests on the show.
This a great podcast for anyone who works with computers. Steve has a very informative show, but in plain english. The various guest interviews on different topics make this a great learning experience for all.
Podnutz Is a great tech podcast. Steve is a computer technition and knows to ask the right questions of the experts he interviews and that along with his friendly demeanor makes Steve one of the best tech interviewers anywhere. I highly recommend Podnutz.
Independent techs like me often work in a professional vacuum. Other techs in the area are competition and not always willing to share tips & techniques. This podcast has become a virtual mentor - full of tips, encouragement, and insight. There are LOTS of technical podcasts out there, but NOTHING like Steve & the Podnutz. If you want sound, solid technical advice and tips, combined with real-world customer service, marketing and tech business management advice, you MUST subscribe to this podcast. You'll find it well worth your time.
There are quite a few Tech podcasts around, some are just entertaining but this is possibly the very best for anyone aspiring to repair PC's. The moderator, Steve, gets world class experts from the field and the software industry to share what they are doing and what they have learned. The information is absolutely current and in depth and you can benefit from the real field experience of others. And there are forums to share your experience. It impossible not to learn something. Truly educational. Highly recommended! .... meClaudius
Awesome and extremely informative!
keep going!!!!!
Although I still subscribe and listen to Leo Laporte's "The Tech Guy" podcasts, lately I've been getting more strictly PC repair info from this and it's sister podcast "Podnutz Daily". Listening to Steve and his guests is the proverbial fly-on-the-wall experience.
Great podcast! Learn something every episode. Very valuable information for techies in the trenches.
This is the best podcast ever. I've learned more from this one podcast than antthing else.
I listen to a few podcast but this one is a 10. Great tips from repair techs and a must for anyone interested in computers.
If your in the field of or have an interest in PC repair, you must check out this podcast along with "podnutz daily". He covers everything from hardware to software and even the business aspect of a repair technician
I am getting a computer repair business up and running and this podcast is great and steve has alot of usefull information, check it daily, wish there more episodes.
I love this show, Steve sounds just like Chuck Zito. I'm waiting for an episode when he mentions how he had to put a beat down on a client for disrespecting him. Its nice to hear a tech show from someone who sounds like a regular guy, not that uber-geek behind the counter at your local computer shop.
This is definitly up there in quality of content with Leo Leporte. Keep up the good job Steve
If anyone is wanting to start a computer repair bussines then this is the podcast for you. Every week brings a ton of computer tips and tricks with guests that have mastered the art of computer repair. I own a computer repair shop and I find this podcast to be the most valuable tool I own. Don't miss out.... subscribe now!
keep up the good job!