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Can’t wait to see what’s next :)


By mill43
Please fix the podcasts is not playing I want to see the keynotes
Video Podcast like Apple’s Keynotes, Should appear in the Up Next Cue.
I love watching these! It’s like a great binge-worthy show on Netflix to be able to see the story of Apple progress through the years. From the announcement of first iPhone to the iPhone X, I can’t get enough of Apple Keynotes.
I love the fact that rather than having to go to the website, and play everything there, this just drops into my podcast when ever there is a new event! Typical amazing Apple intuitive, it just works!
I never saw this.
From the historic iPhone announcement to the magical retina display. We can begin to understand where the features started from & where they were going. I sometimes take some time and watch an on old keynote to look at our past.


I loooove that I can watch all the current and old Apple keynotes starting with the original iPhone announcement!👏🏻
Will someone please prioritize fixing this app? - 03/31/17 I have no idea where to go to tell you about problems with the podcast app. The show all podcasts button doesn't work. When I subscribe to a new podcast, it should automatically populate in the all podcasts channel. Also, I created a channel but I no longer need it. I tried to delete it but it keeps popping up. Please fix these problems. - 03/15/17
I buy new phones (yeah upgrading my iPhone!), boom I have to resub to my podcasts- Plus it doesn't show what I listened to, yeah that grey circle it didn't work so don't ask-"uhh didn't it catch it?" No, plus you killed playlists, traded it for play next...?!?!! And why would you put it as auto play recent stuff?? Do you read books backwards? We- "We"play most podcasts in story mode. And when I sub something new it downloads the current ep. causing me to rush over and change its settings. Really?? I already done what I could in the (limited)main settings area.
Can't wait till the next wwdc apple is the best
It's so hard to see the live stream because of work and be able to download the Keynotes and watch at any time is just a sweet present. Way to go Apple!
Apple is top in his business ' Tactics '
iPhone introduction was the best keynote ever. I re-watch it once in a while.
The best thing about keynote are give you new update, like iOS 9 or new update for OS (Mac) I always watched keynote since when come out!!! Please do WWDC 2015!!! I love you apple, (basically everybody love apple)!
I just wanted to say I think Apple is the best company ever created! You guys are so good at what you do its so amazing. I have been in love with your iPhones for years haha I mean who can think of the things you uguys can? You guys are so advanced and your phones look so cool it's like this futuristic little box and then you press the unlock button and this glass surface lights up that you can touch! Like wow haha, and the picture quality is so amazing it's so clear it's insane lol I mean I don't think it's possible to get any clearer! Also I love how everything is set up in the iOS 8 I mean every update, everything gets easier and cooler. And congrats on your success for the release of the all new iPhone 6! I can't wait to get one! You guys have single handedly created the age of the future!
☻☻☻☻☻ very good but, iPhone C is very expensive!!! ☻☻
The captions for deaf and hard of hearing are missing. I give it just three stars... No captions! That's so unlike Apple. They use take accessibility seriously.
iOS 7 is amazing
I love it thanks.
It's awesome and I love going old Steve-Notes, but its been 6 hours since the WWDC 2013, and its still not there?
The best thing


By Meto246
These podcasts are great. I think they were better with Steve jobs. I love my iPhone 5. I upgraded from the 4S. I don't know why people think Apple is falling, they are doing fine.
I think the Apple Keynotes is such easy to understand "Apple's DNA".
Very nice
We want it to be a Live prodcast, and the size is very big! Can you please publish older keynote?
First time ever, I got so bored watching keynote presentation. iPhone is not about my issue. I did not feel all the excitement and one more thing within the keynote. We are not interested in Live performance of band. We are waiting for "LIVE" performance and demonstration of Apple product. So disappointed. I still love Apple product and I have started to think of getting new iPhone. But that was when I actually saw the product, not by keynote.
Образец того, как должна выглядеть настоящая, живая и захватывающая презентация. И Стив, конечно, бесподобен. Жаль, что на сцене его мы больше не увидим…
They're all amaaaaazing events
Apple failed to produce a radical new design. The iPhone is too similar to the 4 and 4s to call it a complete overhaul. They also didn't produce the NFC chip that many of us were waiting for. Without the NFC the Passbook app isn't very desirable. Processing power was doubled across the board , but that's expected by Mores law. The new screen is a big selling point and I like that apple is staying unique and not make massive tablet-like phones like the galaxy III (4.7 in). I'm still waiting to get my hands on IOS 6 but I'm sure it'll be fantastic. Apples mobile software is easily the best around. However , all in all I see the iPhone 5 as just the next generation. Sales will surge early but I fear the galaxy III will continue eating up parts of apples smartphone market share. This wasn't the game changer I was hoping for. P.S. I still love you Apple.
Song near the beginning of the its not Coldplay. Looking for group and song name
Hi, I am deaf. When will the video of the September 12, 2012 iPhone5 Keynote have Closed Captions? How long will it take for me to wait? Thanks!
I guess this Apple Keynote was impressive and so much amazing. New iPhone 5, iPod touch 5th Generation with multicolor and the new iPod nano 7th generation. New earphone called "earpod" the iOS 6 and now with iPhone 5 we can take a picture with panoramas style. Finally words. Well done Apple, you really make the world change. All the best !
What else can I say? The Apple Keynotes never fail to impress me. Always great to see what technology is coming out next!
Where's the new keynote ?
These videos are the best way to find out what Apple has to offer the public. I too wish they were uploaded sooner.
Please post Sept 12 event!!!
I have been checking every 15 minutes for 10 hours where is it:(
The event was this morning! Why can't Apple have it uploaded by 5:35 pm PST? When will you post it? I was at work. I can't be on my computer blogging during office hours. I want to come home and watch. I am waiting!
Why is the first time the keynote address is not available the same day ????? I want to see the keynote address of the iPhone 5, iOS 6
I like watching these keynotes but I wish they were posted immediately after they are delivered.


By AJE85
These are so great to watxh
The most amazing way of finding out more about apple products..
Continued Success!!!!!
The title says it all❕❕👍👌😃
For about 3 weeks now it had been saying that it is not available to download. Tap to try again. I've tried that 20 times!!! It just won't download. I can download all the other ones just fine, but not the newest one! I'm furious because this is the only way I can watch this! iPod 3rd gen. EDIT: Fixed. Downloading podcast now
Love Apple!
Did good service die with Steve? Tech support gave me a giant goose egg on why it won't play, load, or sync on this pod.