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This is a great show with a lot of personal accounts. My opinion of Tom has changed since listening to this show. He does not seem to be the hoaxer as many people claim he is. They get three stars because they interview the same people every single show. It's very rare they have a new guest.
This show is a joke. Tom Biscardi is as much as a hoax as Rick Dyer, just on another level. Hell they even teamed up for a little till Dyer took Biscardi for a fool. the interviews are like listening to trailer park interviews. The funniest thing is to listen to the start of about 5 shows in a row. I love how they go to Biscardi and toot a horn, and Biscardi is never there. No production. As far as the topic is concerned, all there doing is making everything look like a joke. Nothing serious about the show.
Biscardi is out there every single day looking for the bigfoot, the sasquatch, the so-called north american "wood ape". Ladies and Gentlemen, he has debunked the Patterson film. Listen to this podcast and you will understand the phenomenon, the real truth about Bigfoot.
Shame on you Biscardi. A 15 year old kid was o the show telling of his encounters. Biscardi decides to drop not one, not two, not three, but at least 10 "F bombs" as multiple Bull Sh#ts" all the while this kid is listening. Not to mention how many audience listeners are small children. You should be ashamed of yourself. You should apologize to the kid and to all of your listeners. That vulgar, profane outburst was a true display of your education, or lack there of.
Was a believer until the animal planet show and the multiple bigfoot podcasts that found on itunes. During the bigfoot live show from July 24, Tom yelled at someone named Steve about a bs comment that Steve made during the show but Steve is correct. Good entertainment but total bs.
Tom you have to stop ABC during the show. You really don't need to be "Always Be Closing" I hate to slam you man but it feels a lot like a used car sale...but because of Marco Bill I left 3 stars, can't help but like the guy.


I tried, but can't seem to find anyone intelligent to listen to on here....some of the callers are just plain agonizing to listen to. Fumbling around with words to describe their fake encounters so someone pays attention to them....sad really....
I look forward to the show every week! Even love listening to all the past episodes. Thanks Tom and Marco Bill from a loyal listener.
I listened to this show every week when it started but right after the August 2008 fiasco I stopped for a bit. After hearing Tom explain his side of the story on other podcasts I decided to give Tom and his team another chance. I think Tom is legit and he only plugs his own products on his show only two or three times a show unlike other major paranormal podcasts that run 30 commercials each show, make you pay to hear the conclusion of their show or sends the listeners emails begging for money. Tom is actually out in the field doing actual research. Each weekly show is is somewhere in the brush or on a Reservation, not in a one bedroom apartment with tin foil on his head like most of the podcast hosts out there.
You know what I went into this with the only thought of Tom in my mind as a Bigfoot hoaxer. While I still can't sincerely believe he is 100% legit and not in it for the money, this show really changed my view of this man. After listening to multiple shows of his I have slowly become a fan. There is no denying his vast knowledge of the creatures and sincere desire to help find one and listen to the stories of others without ridicule. The fact is this guy has devoted his life to field research towards this creature and that alone gains props in my book. Great show Tom I look forward to it every week!
I gave it 5 episodes. What a waste. A lot of patting himself on the back. All his guests are the hosts friends and family telling him how great he is and how everyone else is fake. Never any news or new reports. A lot of promoting his merch. Not worth it. See paranormal podcast, mysterious universe and gralien report for the good stuff and not this self serving rubbish.
Tom biscardi has made a fool of himself but that has nothing to do with the show he is a true Bigfoot believer and deserves more credit
Hello Tom Love your shows keep them coming. A bigfoot fan from your home town. Brooklyn Loves ya Tom.
I can't believe iTunes still allows this on here. Tom Biscardi is full of himself and likes to brag about all these bigfoot research things "he has done". Anything that is associated with this man needs to not even be taken with a grain of salt. He has been involved in many hoaxes regarding the search to find out if bigfoot is real. He is a joke and a clown to the field of HONEST people looking to reasearch and see if this is true or not. I hope that iTunes deletes this podcast and anything else that is accociated with this "man".
The greatest lie the devil ever told, was to Tom, promised him fame if he sold his soul. Unfortunately, Tom is too dumb to realize he's been suckered!
I too, have followed the questionable trail of Mr. Biscardi and I am also on the fence. There's no question that he's cried wolf one too many times... still I listen rapt to the people that come on his show. You can tell he is a believer, that isn't in doubt,and he and his team are always out in the field actually looking. Still, I can't tell if he is the most gullible person in BF land, a scheister, or just wants so badly to believe every story, picture, or video that comes his way. I tend to believe that he's all three with the majority being wanting to believe and being gullible. I think the scheister part is just not being entirely on the up and up when he's covering his a** due to being gullible believing other people and then being arm pit deep in the mess. He wants to be the first one to be a part of the "find" that he doesn't do what other people do and approach with scepticism. Unfortunately, it makes people, including me, question his judgment. Still, I do find his show the most interesting of all BF shows out there.
I am native American Idont need some a*s like this making people think we are stupid and our history is a bunch of wise tales. this animal is in all our heritage not yours. and this jackass needs an encounter that he will never forget. quit coming onto our land that your people "GAVE" us? F-you it was ours long before your christian greed took it over and will be after you are gone. you have no respect for people or nature. Karma is a good thing.
This podcast sounds like three guys with bad cell phone reception trying to interview each other on a three way call. They spend more time patting themselves on the back than they do giving any interesting information. Tom sounds more like a revival tent preacher than a serious investigator.


The host Tom Biscardi was involved in the 2008 Georgia hoax. Enough said.
Every time you hear that horn-honk an angel (or Bigfoot) dies! Something is being sold here and I suspect it's Profiteering off Bigfoot.
All substance.
Tom Biscardi is a Hoaxer and Desecrates Native American Grave Sights... Do not listen...unless you support these kind of actions!