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I have said that Vajra is the best DJ in the world since the first time he blessed our eardrums at The Peanut in Kansas City. Thank you for all that you have and will give your fans.
Best mix ever! Thx
There a ton of hip-hop mixtape shows on the web, but none of em touch this one. DJ Vajra is one of the most funkiest and creative DJs I've heard in a while. He pays his respects to the roots and gives current heads their just due. Download them all if you know what's good for ya!
When you consider that the DJ Craze's favorite Dj is QBert and QBert's favorite Dj is Vajra. Enough said!!! Dj Vajra is smooth in his mixes and creative in his cuts. Check out the beat he creates with his cuts. 7042407 I would also highly recommend his mixes on Youtube, watch and learn son...
One of the Worlds most Amazing & Talented DJ's keeping it real! Your a great mentor amazing mixtape keep raising the bar. Down load it get the CD go to his website if you dont know you better reread < the last 16 WORDzzzzz! PEACE
Be on the lookout for more podcasts being added frequently. PEACE!!!
As he is known to do, DJ Vajra brings his smooth style and skill with these nice mixtapes of both local and national artists. Subscribe to this. CEE-OHH!