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This brilliant man named Joshua, is an incredible instrumentalist, and singer/songwriter. His music is something to keep looking forward to, no matter how many albums he puts out. That is truly inspiring and a breath of fresh air to the music industry. A lot of bands have come out of the music industry and have failed, to keep going, but the perseverance The Aeronautical legends have is quite amazing. I being a songwriter myself look up to him and hope to be in his same shoes one day. This podcast shows everyone that he truly cares about his fans and that he has passion towards his music.
Not often can we get such a candid look into the 'behind the curtain' shenanigans of making a record. A very entertaining, honest take on what goes in to everything from songwriting to mixing - and eventually what will go into promotion and editing. I couldn't be happier to be along for the ride in this podcast.
Wow! Fantastic! Inside the mind of a brilliant underground songwriter. It's amazing how much work and thought goes into just one song, let alone the whole album. Totally original idea presented in a very interesting and entertaining way. For anyone who likes Wilco or Sufjan, this band is for you- and for anyone who loves music docs, this podcast is for you!
Not sure what else to say about this pod cast except it's entertaining and informative. You get to hear great music, fish impressions, and learn interesting trivia facts. I never knew the Appalachian mountains were no longer mountains. It's also a great new way to look at a musical album, that for most of us that just listen to the album never got to experience before. The inspirations, the process, and the technology behind the tunes coming out of the speakers. I really am enjoying it and can't wait for the new album.
I used to work with Josh and listened to the aeronautical legends when they were first starting. I must say that time has worked well for Josh in finding and solidifying his sound. From what was done to put the listener in the recording studio with these podcasts is amazing. It allows us to hear the album every step of the way and is great to see how the songs come together and change throughout the process. The new cd is bound to be a hit and listening to these podcasts only makes me more impatient to hear the final thing.
...and great execution. For me, there are few things greater than peeking behind the scenes of the record making process. These podcasts reveal the creativity, decision making, and pioneering that are found in independent studios and basements all over the world. I'm looking forward to hearing more about the new album, as well as listening to the finished product. Rock on...
I know Josh of the Aeronautical Legends is really looking for his big break, and this podcast will certainly help. This podcast sounds great and offers insight into what an indie band goes through in the process of making an album. Unlike a large, signed band, Josh works full time, has a kid, and still has time to do a podcast and make music. Rock on