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To bad they dint do it anymore due to jason recent cancer due to his stress Good show
Great show. Look forward to this every week. Marc and Bri are great, but Jay is definitely the star of the show!
REally love this show. The hosts are always really funny, and the topics cater to a wide variety of interests.
The show is pretty good the only problem is that Marc guy he constantly shows off his wealth. Also Rest In Peace to Steven there number 1 fan. So sad he committed suicide hope he found the peace his tormented soul needed.
These guys are awesome!
Im addicted to this podcast funny as hell!
Hilarious guys!
Came here due to how good the Knicks podcast is love how they read the Facebook questions THIS SHOW IS AWSOME
I listen on my way into work and its usually 2 (or 3) guys talking about things that really annoy them or funny articles on infowar.s Jay the straight-man, is the everyman of the group that usually tries to keep the show moving. Mark and Bri are typically trying to pull in different and funny directions sometimes to Jay’s dismay. i really enjoy the pod and am a happy subscriber. i hope you guys continue with the pod and are enjoying it. Thanks for something that makes my Monday(sometimes Tuesday) more bearable!
I came over to this podcast from the (great) Knicks podcast by Jay and Marc. Although Marc lost *all* credibility when he called Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind a bad movie (Marc, please don't do movie reviews ... ever), I've forgiven him and love Brink - maybe even more than the Knicks podcast to be honest. These guys cover everything, and sacrifice a lot of their time to bring us some pure laughs. Love the show, love the dynamic, and love the content. Please keep being awesome!!
Marc and Jay are hilarious! Great jokes and stories
I followed these two from The New York Knicks Podcast over to here. What makes this show funny is that these guys are just being themselves. This is just a group of guys hanging out and telling stories. It's like hanging out with the guys and having some drinks and some laughs. Great stuff!
Good show. Really liked it. Make more.
Do yourself a favor and subscribe today, you wont regret it. Very original, well done.
WARNING! Listening to this podcast may make you stupid. It's basically ignorant hosts talking about subjects they barely know. They constantly make fun of subjects they know nothing about and dub them stupid. If you think this podcast is worth your time you're probably just as bad as they are. People like this is what gives America a bad name.
This podcast is absolutely hilarious!!! I've only just recently discovered it (someone I follow on Twitter was a recent guest host), and I'm so glad I did! I listened to the episode she was in - and have been making my way through the archive. Jay and his guests are sharp witted, tell it like it is, and clearly have fun together. I couldn't stop laughing! Warning though, if you take yourself too seriously, which they obviously don't, you won't like this. But chances are - if you like Little Britain humor - you'll be a regular subscriber!
I like the show, it never fails to entertain.
Wicked awesome stuff....keep it up!
This is my favorite podcast. Well this and Adam Carolla.
Found out about this one from their other cast -- Jay and Marc are hillarious.
Great podcast! I am a huge fan.
This is really the best podcast out there.
I download these guys and listen to them on my ride to work. Everyone else should do the same.
this beats regular talk radio by a mile.
keep up the good and hilarious work guys. this show is consistently entertaining.
This show is the best. I listen to it all the time.
yeah see title, show is super awesome
Everyone should subscribe to this show. Every week there is something that makes me laugh out loud. Love the variety of guests. Keep up the good work!
Keep up the good work guys. This show has become a regular on my ipod.
I have been hooked on this show since the summer. The hosts are really funny and entertaining. This is really one of the best podcasts I have found.
good range of topics, always interesting.
This show gets better every week. Love the variety of guests on the show.
This is a great podcast. Was a huge fan of "The incredible thing of will and jay", so I am glad to see that Jay is still doing comedy. Reminds you of the conversations you would have with your friends.
this podcasts goin places. I especially like that dude Marc. He's by far the funniest and smartest and best looking
The Brink of Sanity is a diamond in the rough. I find it fairly difficult to find quality comedy podcasts, so finding a gem like this show makes me feel great. In the pants area. I thoroughly enjoy the interesting, funny, and sometimes cynical discussion featured on this 1-2 hour show each week. Just listen to one full episode, and you will most likely be hooked; that is exactly what happened to me. Download this show and enjoy being on the brink of sanity.
I just discovered "The Brink of Sanity" show and can't believe I've been missing out on the fun since 2008. Jay and his buddies have a unique way of analyzing current events and the funny things that happen to them. I've been listening to a lot of the older shows and they're still relevant and humorous, even two years later. Glad I discovered this show, as it's excellent material that never gets stale.
I discovered Jay's witty podcast while searching iTunes for something to listen to in the car while commuting. I'm sure their weekly tongue-in-cheek commentary will eventually be discovered by a media executive looking for fresh morning radio talent. The hosts chat about current events, past and present television, and generally anything they feel like ranting about. Their personal stories are hilarious and the guests also contribute to the show's humor. I can see "Brink of Sanity" becoming nationally popular in the near future. I recommend this as a great choice for iPod listening.
Hey sweet stuff. oh and btw ron artest was in Detroit when he was trying to save the choking man. Love the banter keep it up and come to detroit and replace our lame radio people. peace out.
I listen to a lot of podcasts and this is one of my favorites. It is just basically guys talking about whatever but it is always interesting. Rarely is there a bad episode.
New listerner, great & funny show. Keep up the good work!
I was looking for a new podcast and tried this one because I liked the logo. It is actually really good. It is funny and just plain entertaining. Keep up the good work.
It's like having a party that you can press "pause" on when your woman calls. It's like finding $100 bill at the bottom of a pile of bacon. It's slicker than KY.
I love this podcast!
How much do I love this podcast? I listened to a year's WORTH of this podcast in a matter of a few months of listening. Love this podcast, but I don't know why it's not getting the reviews and amount of subscriptions that they deserved. SUBSCRIBE! IT'S FREE, DAMMIT!
I only started listening a few weeks when I was looking for a new podcast. Great show. I have only listened to the more recent episodes but I wish I had started sooner. The show is just really funny, interesting and just keeps you entertained. I love downloading it and listening to it when I am on the gym or the train in the morning. Keep up the good work.
Great show - freakin hilarious