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Instantly fell in love
More more and moar. It's a funny show aimed at tech and non tech listeners.
Incredibly funny and probably the best podcast on itunes after Sick & Wrong. Hoping for new episodes!
I'm not one for hyperbole, in fact I'm generally a pretty reserved guy so don't take it likely when I say that 'The Jeff and Casey Show' is, without question, the greatest podcast in the history of the Universe; all of the way from the Big Bang to the inevitable final big crunch. Fail to listen to this podcast at your own peril.
Two guys way overdosed on caffeine and sugar rant their way through a wonderful, hugely comical smorgasbord of topics, often taken to bizarre extremes. Sample episode 7, 8 or 9 of Season 2, and you WILL be hooked!
Fowl... And totally awesome. This podcast makes me feel better about my own neurosis.
Starting from episode one the Jeff and Casey show come to the scene with intense dissections of the happenings around their daily lives. Resulting in a humorous and greatly fulfilling podcast. At times Casey tends to dominate the podcast ranting about random things but with the almighty phrase of pork and pumpkins the podcast is returned to order. Overall a great podcast. Great to listen to while eating pork and or pumpkin (pie).
Good/No Good: Jeff and Casey show? Categorically good.
I mean it, it really is.
The Jeff and Casey show not only make you laugh out loud, but it will also make you: ponder life and your place in it; analyze your eating habits; give you exciting tips on the gaming industry; consider the combination of Pork and Pumkins; and slowly make you regard the rest of the world with a general disdain. Simply put, this podcast is the bee's knees.
Looking for a delicate weekly listening experience? Looking for a bit of mood music to start your day? Looking for an answer to a profound theological question? Looking for an answer to a riddle you heard recently? You can find it on the Jeff and Casey Show.
Starting from that stark premise, Jeff and Casey dissect the world of games and the world at large. Man's inhumanity to man has never been explained and metacritic onehundreded as skillfully as it is here. You will never walk away from an episode asking "where was the Burger King?"