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I used to be so obsessed with the Twilight series and I'd listen to these girls all the time. Relistening to these podcasts are so nostalgic. Five stars for amazing.
I used to listen to these when I was younger and really into the Twilight series. Even though I've grown out of that phase, it's sad that the Girls Necks Door don't do these anymore... I would gladly start listening to these again despite not being into Twilight just because I loved all of their personalities. This was one of the best podcasts of it's time. I will always miss it. <3


By Dehmee
The audio isn't very good sometimes. These girls are really funny and this is the type of podcast twilight fans should listen to if you like the feel of talking about twilight with your best friends. However, personally for me, they get annoying at sometimes. Though not my favorite, this is a pretty good podcast.
I love bloodsuckers they make me crack up soooo much. I like Vampire Wars in Texas! I am soooo sad that they stopped making them!!!
First of all, I am so happy they used my cheesy vampire joke in Episode 27! Second, this is one of my favorite podcast, and trust me, I listen to a million podcasts! And third, well actually there's no third, but like I was saying, awesome podcast. Highly recommended, these girls always make me laugh. The only downside is that lately, they haven't been updating episodes in a while, but I understand that they have lives.
You guys are awesome! Bloodsuckers is the best podcast for all things Twilight! You guys rock! I love your podcast and your very infomative and fun to listen to! You guys have some really cool discussions about Twilight. I really admire how you girls have stuck with it for so long... most podcasts quit after a couple of episodes but not you guys! You stuck with it. I really love Bloodsuckers. Don't stop podcasting! EVER! Can't wait until New Moon comes out! And i bet you guys cant either! Love the podcast, your fellow twilight geek, *New Moon Fan*
This is the best twilight podcast-wayyyyy better then imprint! Theese girls are funny,smart and easy to listen to. If your looking for a good twilight podcast, where you feel like your listening to your best friends, this is for you!
The sound quality is horrible. The content could be interesting, but other podcast do a better job and have better sound.
I love this podcast. Although somtimes their adiou is messed up, but that is easly over looked becasue their so funny! A-ray is my favorite.


By Nicky*
best twilight podcast by far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They're back? Where were they anyways? Oh well, I'm just glad their back and making more awesome podcasts. Like I said, they are definetly the best twilight podcast out there.
Glad to see them back!!!!
probbs the best podcast i listened to. hah.
I love this podcast but they haven't put a new one out in a while so HURRY UP BLOODSUCKERS!!!!
Hey when's the next Bloodsuckers podcast.


people were complaining that imprint (awesome podcast!) talks about Harry Potter all the time (which they don't) but they spent like 5 minutes just talking about other good books when they're suposed to be talking about Twilight and the podcast over all but it gets really annoying
I Love your Podcast and I love A-rays Cheezy Vampire of the week joke.. Lol! Keep Up the good work! Amanda Duis =D Muffins!


I guess it's Ok. Not my fav.
This is my favorite Twilight podcast. It's really funny, and it's definitely worth my time to listen to. It tells you all the latest news in Twilight nation, and some awesome information. Keep up the good work, guys!
You guys are soo funny! I can't stop listening. I'm catching up on the old eps now and I can't stop laughing. Keep up the good work!
gawsha why do they have to do this??? stephanie meyer is a fabulous writer, and i absolutely HATE how they are trying to push her to write midnite sun! CMON BE REASONABLE PPL!!!! if she doesnt want to write midnight sun she doesnt have to, wether we like it or not! i personally would like her to but they cant have her write if she doesnt really want to!!! PLEAZ back off... i wood never recommend this to ANYONE... nuff said PEACE <3 and EDWARDS HAWWWWWWWWWWTNESS
Hello, spidermonkies. After a long, not painful what-so-ever journey in trying to listen to all your episodes. Alas! I have succeeded. I absolutely love you guys. And it's nice to have a legit podcast about the Cullens. Other podcast seem boring to me, but yours is raw. (good thing) Keep up the good work. You should definately subscribe to them. :)
OMG i love this podcast. my friend told me 2 get it and im glad she did. this podcast is supper funny and it tell you the latest about anything twilight. i would soo get this if i were u
this girls are flippin hilarious. i <3 listening to them.
Why isn't THIS numer one, instead of number two or three or whatever it is behind Imprint!!??
I'm 29 and I love your podcast! You ladies you do a great job. I love the Edward Quotes. You do a great job! Keep it up!
this podcast is so awesomeee! it is by far one of the best twilight podcasts i have heard so far. gayle, a-ray, christina, maddie and janae are great hosts and i always can get a laugh from them. its a great podcast, its what got me interested in podcasts! i highly recommend this! (;
how could u nots ee the movie yet ARE U CRAZY LOL I LOVE YOU KAYLA FROM IOWA CORN!!!!!!
the cover rocks and the show is even better! theyre free - get all of them!
Wow, love this podcast! They are so funny and there are lots of girls who do it so there is a wide range of opinions :) My favorite segments are "Swoon Worthy" (A really cute Edward quote) and I also love the songs of the week. Please keep podcasting!!!!!!


this is one of my favorite twilight podcasts. they are so funny, and i agree with a lot of things they say. they always talk about the major events coming up in the twilight world, so i am always informed. overall, a super podcast. click yes if you agree. keep rockin girls!
I absolutely love this podcast!!! I love how there girls who totally know what is going on in the books and not people who have no idea what they are talking about. This is definatly the best Twilight podcast!
This is the best podcast ever. Listen if you love twilight and hate Jacob Black!
ok,i think you guys do a gr8 job of telling about the book and having lots of fun keep it up!!! ^-^
these girls are so hilarious and entertaining(: this is the best podacast out there and i hope they continue for a very long time! you need to subscribe!(:


By xojcp23
This is such a great podcast!
All of the girls are funny and witty, and even when they get off track they are still totally entertaining, I keep waiting for the next! Keep up the great work you guys!
i lurv this podcast! It's the best not only because they have cheezy vamp jokes (though it helps) but because they sound just like my friends when we're discussing Twilight!!!
u guys r amazing!!! sooooooo funny!!! i love the edward's quotes & aray's cheesy vamp jokes!!! keep up the good work!! Nicole from Georgia
I'm glad you guys are back I just hope you can do more shows
I like this podcast the best! I have subscribed to every twilight podcast but this one is the best even though i don't always agree. It's perfict to listen to when you are travling to satisfie your twilight needs.
I enjoy the connection the Girls Necks Door make, and they have an entertaining conversation every time. However nhe audio is horrible. They turn the music up when there's no voice, and the voices are too soft. Background noise is almost always in the audio as well.
YAY!! The girls are back!, i was starting to lose hope....i LOVE this favorate parts are the music and the swoon worthy quotes!!!!!!!!! if only they would post.....
Best Twilight podcast on iTunes!!
The discussions and topics are fine. What really distracted me was the continuously playing music in the background, which was a little too loud. Another thing was the sound quality was subpar. I couldn't hear some of the girls half the time. The music also made it harder to hear the "quieter" girls (sound quality again). I'll continue to listen if they have future podcasts. I'm hoping that they'll continue to learn as they go.
You guys have a really good podcast, but I have to comment on a few things :D, Okay, first of all, Jacob did have a crush on Bella when he was still techniqually human, but when he was a werewolf, I don't believe he was really in love with her. Personally, I believe he was in love with her ovaries. And Stephenie Meyer didn't make the whole Vampires Can't Have Babies rule, she was just saying that the other vampires THOUGHT they were unable to. And, I have to agree with you: I LOVE the whole saga, but Breaking Dawn isn't my favorite one. And the reason why Nessie became the center of attention for the book, it was because Bella focused her attention on her, not because Stephanie wanted to resolve everything in the first half and then focus it on Nessie, Nessie, Nessie. As for the other episode, episode 23, I loved it. It was hilarious, and I'm definitely NOT gonna unsubscribe like so many others had. It was very entertaining and I hope you guys come out with a new episode soon. Kacie Kae, Texas
the girlies are so hilarious and its a pleasure listening to it! keep up the lovely work! oh dear gayle! (:
this podcast is amazing. the girls are intelligent, funny, sharp, and they really know their stuff. sometimes they poke fun at stephenie meyer and the twilight series, but it is all jokingly and in good taste.
Well, the reason for the cover is that Bella was a helpless pawn and turns into this queen that is stronger and defend herself when before she was a helplesss fragile pawn Well I like the music in the bakc round and Listened to this podcast first today I like it =] keep up the good work
Hey great show, Keep them coming