Reviews For SciFiDig

Aaron Macom (the host of SciFiDig) presents this show as if he were talking to a bunch of friends, and it is that delivery that makes this show so special! His enthusiasm about his subject is infectious and my only complaint might be that I want to go out and watch or read whatever he chooses to talk about! I never miss a show and SciFiDig is always at the top of my queue.
I'm subscribed to the show but I tried to download the August broadcasts and iTunes is throwing an error saying it can't find the link. Let us know when they've fixed that so we can continue to tune in, thanks!!
I've been listening to podcasts from before iTunes was a podcatcher. SciFiDig was one of my first shows and I love it still to this day. What more can you want then the feeling of chatting about your favorite things with some friends? SciFiDig is more then a show, it's a community.
Sci Fi Dig is an awesome podcast that really captures the community around the subject matter. Every week, Aaron has listeners sending in their own audio comments, trivia, and feedback. Aaron, the host, always keeps it real and down to earth, and he's extremely well versed in the subject matter.He seems to look at things with a critical eye, digging a little deeper than surface viewing, and I can appreciate that. Plus, he loves the band KISS. Although it's bittersweet, because not many people know this, but Aaron was the 5th member of KISS in the very early 70s. Each member had a persona, such as The Demon, The Spaceman, The Starchild, and The Cat. Aaron's alter ego was "The Gorgon" and he would say on stage, as he played his mandolin, that none could stare at the Gorgon and not be turned into rock. Then he'd say "but if it's rock you want, it's rock you get!" And then he'd play on his mandolin as if his life depended on it. However, shortly before KISS broke through with their first album, they decided that having a mandolin player was really counter-productive to rockin', and he was sacked. So when Aaron talks about KISS on Scifi DIg, remember, it's because he can't let his past go. But in the quiet of his room on a winter's night, he sometimes picks up that mandolin, and the Gorgon lives again. Listen to Scifi Dig. You won't regret it.
Have ever sat around with your buddies and talked for hours about a SciFi film? If that is something that sounds appealing to you, give this podcast a try. Aaron, the host, gives you the news, DVD releases, and discussions of anything in, or even near, this genre. Heroes, Babylon 5, you name it, there is something here for you. It is more than just a podcast, it is a community. Can you dig it?
This podcast centers on babylon five reviews, but only after covering news, events, dvd releases, and movie of a scifi nature. It's worth listening too. Give it a shot... download it... do it. You'll thank me later.
SciFi Dig is one of two sci-fi podcasts I always listen to. The coverage of news, DVD releases, Babylon 5, and special topics is all first-rate.
This is one of the best podcasts for Sci Fi fans. Great community, great coverage of all things Sci Fi and some things that are not... Check it out - if you like Sci Fi you will enjoy this podcast.