A Course in Miracles Audio with Lisa

Reviews For A Course in Miracles Audio with Lisa

I just want to thank you for taking the time to do these pod casts. You will never know what they have done for me and for everyone in my life. I look forward to taking my morning walks with you everyday. I have only been introduced to the Course since May, and have dived right in, completely surrendering. I wished for years for a labotomy, well, this is definately the same result, without all the physical pain. The Course is a Miracle, our lives are miracles and this belief is peaceful. Challenging at times (going through a divorce right now), but once you start, it is impossible to go back. There is too much information for me now (thank you God) to ever go back to the egoic ways of my past. Again, I thank you so much for these podcasts and being a teacher of the course. You are an angel to me! Wishing you true love and peace, Jennifer Teichman
Lisa Is so good at getting to the point. She speaks from the heart. And best of all she walks the walk, Gary Spears.
Great podcast however sound not so good lots of static
I tend to share my book with curious brothers and this podcast always allows me to keep my own copy with me. Thank you Lisa for your dedication to the Course and for your hope. I only wish Taraji Singh was alive to have a podcast, he would have loved the opportunity to share as you have.
If you are interested in A Course of Miracles, but are having trouble getting through the text, I encourage you to do it with Lisa! She goes through each chapter of the text, explaining and giving examples, making it easy to understand. I am reading on my own, then listen to her chapter podcast. I love it!! Thank you so much Lisa.