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Great show great story can’t wait for more to come I got hooked pretty quick I’ve been looking for a podcast like this forever
Such a good podcast! Helps me get thru work, the plot is exciting and the quality of production is great. Hopefully there’ll be more!?
I listen to A Lot of podcasts and run out of good stuff to listen to. I scour the internet for science fiction audio dramas and have never seen this one on any list. I finally heard about this on the Immunities podcast. The voice acting is great. The story line is fun and over all this is just an entertaining podcast that rivals some of the more popular audio dramas out there. Give this a listen, you won’t regret it.
From the minute I started the first episode I was(and still am) obsessed. I laughed, and cried(sometimes in a crowded room). Every time I’ve listened to an episode I think to myself how something can be so good. I’ve listened to all of season 1, 4 times since last week and I still love it. I recommend you start listening as soon as possible.
An absolutely amazing idea and execution. Perfect writing and tip top execution by the voice actors.


Well done production
The writing on this show is hilarious. Super witty and relevant. The chemistry between the actors is great, they all sound amazing together. Audio is high quality, making it really easy to visualize all of the crazy cool action scenes. Episodes are a little long but that makes it way better because you'll still really anticipate the next episode but you'll feel satisfied with the story you've gotten so far. Overall great show and I highly recommend it.
This podcast has an interesting cast of characters, excellent voice cast, and enjoyable stories and writing. Just an all around great podcast, A+++ would recommend!
Compelling and impressive. The creators have managed to make a dramatic podcast that is both dramatic and laugh out loud funny. It' a must subscribe for anyone who loves to be entertained.
This is just a good show. It’s like if the old school Buffy live journal fandom and the current Tumblr/AO3 fandom were locked in a room and forced to watch all of the Marvel movies and then rewrite that BBC show “misfits”. It’s well written, it’s fun, and the most recent episode made me laugh out loud a couple times at work today. Download it, love it. Do it now.
An incredibly compelling story with endearing and interesting characters. The humor is on point, the references are fantastic, and I definitely wished there was more the moment I finished the latest episode.
Thanks guys for all of your hard work.
I have been a fan since the start of the original Geek By Night and it is great having the show back in this rebooted version. The show still has the characters I fell in love with years ago and most of the original cast. I’m loving the new cast members as well, especially Lorelei Swift, and I cannot wait to hear more episodes!
I love this show, I'm so happy it has returned and I think it''s better than ever. A MUST SUBSCRIBE
Finally comming back in Aug, Just in time for my Birthday!!
I love this series and can't wait for the rest of the series this September (according to the authors Twitter).
I freakin' love this podcast! The writing, acting, production, and even the cover art are all fantastic. It's dorky, fun, and frankly more compelling than most of what's actually on tv. A huge round of applause for everyone involved. I can't wait for the next episode!
This show is a lot of fun and shows you how much fun you can have creating something when you're not doing it to make money. I just wish I was part of this!
A must listen for any geek!
Geek by Night is amazing! I was surprised by how much I like it, but it really is fantastic. The acting, writing, and characters are all great. I love the Panel Discussion episodes as well. I can't wait for the next episode! If you're a geek, or if you just want a great audio drama to listen to, listen to Geek by Night.


I love audio drama and this is one of the best on i tunes. Good job boys and girls. geek out
A fantastic audio drama about a group of comic shop friends who accidentally gain superpowers. The show has witty dialogue, tons of geek references, and an amazing cast who brings these original characters to life. Another great aspect of the podcast are the panel discussion episodes, where the cast and writers answer fan-submitted and other questions. These are always insightful and often hilarious! Bravo to everyone involved in this podcast -- it is an extremely well acted, written, and produced show that never fails to entertain.
I think everyone needs to listen to this podcast. A must hear for any geeks if for nothing but the great writing, acting, and pop culture references! I listen every week religiously and I want everyone to listen so they will love it as much as I do. Listen to it now!
We loved the concept at once, and have fallen in love with the characters. One of the best audio dramas on iTunes!
This is by and large one of the best audio dramas that I have heard yet. The voice cast is amazing and the dialogue is very well written. I love all the little geek riffs hidden inside. The crew episodes are also a really neat behind the scenes look at what it takes to make a mighty podcast such as this. I can't wait for more. Thanks for your hardwork.

By Ge3x
This is a very funny and well written show that is definitely worth your time.
I hopped on a little late but when I did give a listen I was pleasantly surprised. Lots of fun, great voice acting and clever witty dialogue.
I love this audiodrama. It is full of fun, geeky references and I find myself laughing out loud constantly.
I'll admit that I am a bit biased since I am a GBN cast member. But even if I weren't, I would still be a huge fan of this wonderful podcast. The writing, characters and story are top notch. The humor rivals that of Buffy and Scrubs - incredibly intelligent and witty. The characters are endearing and relatable and it's easy to see yourself in any one of them. With geeky references out the yin-yang and a plot that will win over even the most jaded Whedon orphans and podcast naysayers, Geek By Night is one of the most creative and original podcasts to date. It is definitely something that will be enjoyable to all.
This not only a great original story but original chacters and universe as well. A lot of other audio dramas out there like Buffy between the lines and Firefly old wounds are based on already created characters and universes. Not that those were not good. I really enjoyed them its just refreshing to hear something totally new and original. Keep up the great work guys!
Geek By Night is a well-written and well-acted drama with a great cast. The show has a wicked sense of humor with a wide assortment of "geeky" references. The dialogue is especially well done, and the characters just keep getting better and better with every episode. Geek By Night is a rare gem made by people who obviously love what they are doing. Give it a try, and you'll be glad you did.
I love the show , and I'm glad it back , funny as hell keep up the good rock , and I hope you guys get lots and lots more fans soon
Seriously, this is one of the highlights of my week. If you want a good laugh and think you know your nerdom, give it a whirl!
If Randal and Dante (Clerks) owned a comic book shop and some how developed super powers GBN would pretty much be their story. This show has great production value and seems to hit the funny parts just right. The acting is pretty good as well. If you enjoy comics or anything made by Joss Whedon then this show is for you.
Love the show please keep it going! Cant wait to hear more! Great writing and acting, like comic store heroes!
I love the creativity put into the storyline and how fleshed out the characters are. They're believable and endearing with all their little quirks and exaggerated flaws. The actors relate and react to each other with awesome chemistry and I especially like the voices behind Gwen and Mindy. The writing here is brilliant and I look forward to see how the plotlines will progress and twist. I have been pulled in and I admittedly end up doing a little dance everytime I find a new episode on my Ipod. ^_^ Five stars all the way.
This podcast is amazing! It is the best combination of geekishness and audio dramas. It is spectacular and one of the only podcasts I will listen to.
Scott's really created something great with this series. I've never been interested in audio dramas before, but I listened to all of his other podcasts (Two Geeks, True Believers, and MeteorGEEK!), so I thought I would give this a shot. It's completely blown me away!! The characters are so well-rounded and believeable. Scott and everyone else who works on the show has really outdone themselves with GBN. It could be my favorite podcast of all time!!!
The writing is superb. It's like walking into your local comic shop and talking to people you've known for years. Everything feels right about this show. The acting is top notch, production is excellent, and the storytelling and pacing are superb. Get the word out, this needs to get HUGE!
I love this podcast!! it's funny, witty and throws you for a loop on many occasions, to me it is very Whedon-y with the popculture refrences and geekyness
You think it's just another "Clerks" rip-off but then throws you for a loop. Sharp writing, fun performances. Please give it a listen
Great audio drama that any geek will enjoy. What I love best is how different all the characters are and how well they interact together. Major props to the voice actors (who are very talented people). The first episode pops and I can't wait for more.
For all intents and purposes, it's like Heroes meets Clerks... Well that's how it'll be pitched when this catches on. Just give it a listen. The writing is very effective and the production quality is as good as it gets. The story will grab you and immerse you in this well fleshed out world where you feel like you've known these characters all your life.
Says it all right there. Scott (of Two Geeks fame) really took a classic idea and reinvented for geekdom with an awesome story and some amazing relatable characters. Great job, guys! Can't wait to hear more! I AM HOOKED!!!!
This is a great podcast for anyone who enjoys a good story. It's compelling and will make you want more as soon as you've finished the first episode! Absolutely one to add to your regular podcast rotation.