Reviews For College@12Stone

You guys will probably not get this message but I listened to these podcasts and Pastor Sean really helped me get closer to God. Could you guys upload more? I finished them in April:(
Fresh true perspective
These messages are so real and on point. They are a huge inspiration and encouragement in my walk with God. They confront many important issues in a straight-forward manner and I love it!
This is a great podcast for those of you who are tired of hearing the same stuff over and over again. You'll like this if you're an honest seeker of truth. Download the YouAskedForIt series for in your face issues.
I'm SOOOOOOO EXCITED that these messeges are on podcast! Now instead of telling my friends about them they can actually hear them for themselves! God always powerfully speaks to me through Miles' messeges. I love them. I can now relisten to them incase I missed something or if I just need to hear them again! "Our spirituality is one of rememberance...."
i'm so glad you have the lessons on podcast now. i missed the first 3 lessons for 'bonds and boundaries', so i was excited to hear about this when i was there for the 4th. this series is absolutely amazing. i really do wish someone had pointed all of this out to me several years ago. it's deep and it's SO true.
I love having these on ITunes as well as the regular services! They are great to listen to and are very inspirational!!!!