Trackside with Curt Cavin and Kevin Lee

Reviews For Trackside with Curt Cavin and Kevin Lee

Keep up the good work in the off season, a lot to cover this year
Enjoy Kevin Lee but Cavin is a poor excuse for a reporter. Just repeats facts that are already known to most die-hard fans. Never any breaking news or inside info here.
Entertaining, informative, and fun filled. My favorite podcast on the net. Keep up the good work.
Fantastic weekly source of great Indy action - from the broadcast tv angle- to silly season - with honest opinion about the league, and great guests as well. If you enjoy north American open wheel- this this pod is a weekly must!
Curt and Kevin are two of the most knowledgable and insightful individuals in Motorsports today. Having a podcast dedicated to Indycar with these two (and Matt) at the helm makes for an enjoyable two hours.
If you're an IndyCar fan this show's for you.
Best source of Indy information


By fredbjr
Great show! Great way to keep up on the latest Indycar news. Thanks guys
Can't beat the coverage!
Great program. Really gives an inside look at the IZOD INDYCAR series.
I love this radio show! It's the most informative show that covers the indycar series. If you want to keep up to date on the latest news you should tune into this show on a weekly basis. Highly highly recommended!
If you're looking for the best, most informative show on the ICS, you've found it. Curt & Kevin are great entertainment to listen to, bring in top guests and instill a passion for Indy Car.
Two great hosts. Informed opinions. Great guests with open commentary. Only thing better would be to see this show live on TV.
Great show I never miss this podcast
Must listening for any IndyCar fan. There is sometimes more information here than IndyCar Weekly which is produced by IndyCar. Great insider reporting, interviews, and answers to listeners' emails. 5 Stars.
Good guys who share a passion for open wheel racing. I never miss a show. Not sure what the hack stuff on Curty Cavin is all about?
Curt Cavin is a HACK!!!
Curt & Kevin's show is the foremost source for news, interviews, and analysis of the Indycar Series. Entertaining and informative. I never miss a show.
Very informative.
Curt Cavin's beat at the Indianapolis Star is Indy Cars and he and Kevin Lee are on top of everything in the sport. Great guests, some good callers, and lots of info. I never miss a podcast!
Great podcast with great guests!! Is it May yet?
Curt Cavin is the pre-eminent, well spoken and charming authority on auto racing. Period. His show is an intelligent, unbiased peek into the worlds of Indy-car racing, NASCAR, F1, NHRA and other forms of motorsports. Most of the show is driven by callers, which makes the two hours timely, but big-name guests frequently drop in for a visit to make it a well rounded and enjoyable show. The show is fun and really worth listening to, not like those other racing call-in shows that go on and on about old news for one series. Curt is fantastic and his affable sidekick Kevin Lee have the best credentials in the garage. (Curt works for the Indianapolis Star and Channel 13 in Indianapolis and Kevin for IMS Radio.) Check it out as a podcast or find the show online as it happens live in 1070’s Web site. If you aren’t one already, Curt will make you a race fan for life; I promise!