Reviews For PodCastle

I’ve enjoyed every story I’ve listened to on this podcast. Great selection. Some of them are going to stick with me for a long time.
I enjoy their stories tremendously! Keep up the good work!
As they come to the end of their first decade of producing weekly stories, PodCastle continues to deliver a variety of compelling stories. Like their sister podcasts, they feature a mix of classic authors and new voices, and they throw in bonus gems with their "PodCastle Miniatures" from time to time. A true community-made, listener-supported labor of love!
Podcastle is truly my favorite fiction podcast. Under all of the editors who've managed it, Podcastle has brought beautiful, unique, touching, brilliant, and progressive stories from dozens of sub-genres of fantasy, and they've had fun while doing it. Its introduced me to awesome authors whose short fiction was featured on the cast. Thanks to the vision of its editorial staff, these authors bring perspectives lacking in a field long dominated by white cis-gendered dudes. Their writing has made my dreams richer, and my reality more nuanced. I have laughed, gasped alound, and wept to more episodes than I can count. Podcastle is for every nerd, every freak, every dreamer who is curious about where fantasy can take us, and who is brave enough to have expectations turned upside-down. Thanks for the years of great listening, Podcastle.
This is a must listen if you like fantasy fiction short stories. This podcast is pure gold!
Always well done
PodCastle is one of those publications that is VERY hit and miss with real talent. They often choose to publish stories that one has to questions why they were chosen. Many of the stories leave the listener wondering what they just listened to, and not in a good way. I seldomly listen to this podcast anyomore because they don't bring forward enough good stories, but like to stick to the level of mediocre and boring. On top of the hit and miss, they also seem to have their own politcal agenda that they like to push, or rather shove, onto their listeners. I have a two friends who actually compltely stopped listening to them solely for this reason. It is a little disappointing. Until they can address and adjust both of those issues, I will leave this review as it is and will turn as many people away as possible. Hope things change.
Zero stars. The anti-American, anti-family, anti-anything-remotely-resembling-normal agendas of the stories have finally overwhelmed my hope for an entertaining story. I'm nauseated, & unsubscribed.
If you're a fantasy fan, then you need to add this one to your listening queue! The Escape Artists family have a long tradition of producing quality fiction and PodCastle is no exception.
Just sublime: I've been listening quite a while, and there are so many gems! I loved "Telling Stories" by Sandra M Odell, and I must have listened to "La Heron" three or four times at least- AMAZING adventure! Romance! Fantasy!
This is my favorite podcast of fantasy stories.
Each story on this show --from those of high fantasy, to those of magic realism, to fantastical experiments beyond classification-- weaves its own special spell. Who knew there was such variety in the fantasy genre?
I love listening to this podcast at work, it keeps my mind active and engaged through the extra long shifts. Keep up the great work
Keep it up!
I just recently started listening to the podcastle, and I have to say you're all doing a spectacular job with the production of these shows !
Love the content but when the loud crazy woman is screaming AAANNNDDD WE'RE BACK!!!! into my ears it ruins the entire episode just knowing she'll be back at the end. When there are other hosts it great. Please get rid of the bullhorn crazy loud woman. Once she's gone I'll change my rating to 5 stars.
Some of the stories really have substance, but more often than not, the tales grow more and more liberally feminist; I couldn't care less about the nazi-feminist agenda. The writers they get on here write a story with a vampire motif, name the heroine, Joan of Arc, and call it "fantasy". No thanks! Will happily perk my ears up for Pseudopod or the Drabblecast.
Don't you hate it when you discover the perfect podcast, and 5, 15 or 24 episodes later, gaps between installments increase, heralding impending doom. Or they get repetitive. Not a problem with the ever enduring pod castle. I just love short fiction, the kind that fits into one or two commutes, or a sunny hour in the park. I also love non-stereotypical fantasy. Podcastle so far has brought 385 of these. You can listen to one a day, and still have no repeats for a year. Each story is fresh, and quite a few are original. Go get an episode and check it out.
I've been listening since the podcast first splintered off from Escapepod. That's how great it is. Really enjoy all of the different selections.
I love the variety of stories. It's not all knights and princesses; there's some of that, but there's plenty of stories that mix our world and other worlds together.
Finding good fantasy story podcast can be a little tricky. But fortunately for enthusiasts of the genre PodCastle is an excellent repository of such fiction. From Magical Kingdoms in unknown lands, to modern settings with unknown secrets just over the horizon, Podcastle provides fantasy storys from a variety of authors read by experience and professional narrators. With literally hundreds of full length and miniature podcasts available to stream or download, fantasy seekers have found what they're looking for at PodCastle. My personal recommendations? Episode 305, Heartless, about a young woman who stands firm against a corrupt society, Episode 297, The Tower of The Elephant, a Conan the Barbarian classic from Robert Howard. Episode 286, The Calendar of Saints, about a professional duelist who's confronted with a difficult decision that will require more than skill to solve. Episode 282, The Sunshine Baron, about a man who betrayed his people, and will live to regret it. And Miniature Episode 76, Quiet Death Machines, about a young man who dream of growing up to be a supervillain.
I know what Podcastle is trying to achieve, and I think they succeed, because of how many great reviews there are. I just don't think it's for me. I find many of the stories boring and uninteresting. I will still listen to pseudopod though, that one is awesome! So I want to say keep it up, because you are obviously doing something right - it's just not my cup of tea.
I had stopped reading fantasy for a while because honestly it just got really boring. It was the same adventure over and over and authors rarely seemed to do anything more with it. I started listening to podcastle at work when I had the time and was working on the computer and was immediately hooked. You get the off seeming story now and then but this podcast is amazing. I've heard some of my best stories here. I will always be ready for a tale here.
One of the best podcast
I listen every week and love the venue and the people. However if you are looking for classical type fantasy they kinda steer away from that. The stories seem to lean to the feminine.
Podcastle is a fantastic way to encounter top notch fantasy fiction of all sorts. I have found multiple authors that I adore that I would never have heard of or thought to try had I not heard their work on my commute. Even if you have time to sit down and read the hard copy, the narrations are amazing and add an entirely new dimension to the stories. I can't say enough good things about the three sister podcasts from Escape Artists.
For teh love of Tim Pratt you have to download and listen. feed the pod and enjoy the fantsical world of Podcastle, they love Tim, I love Tim, and by the end of just one episode you will love Tim too.
I subscribe to Escape Pod and tried PodCastle out. Terrific. Now I subscribe to both.
I have been listening to this podcast for 6 years now! This may be thei first podcast I ever subscribed to. I love this podcast and all of the EscapeArtists podcasts. My interestes are leaning more toward science fiction at the moment, but I still find something to love about every episode of this podcast. (I will be donating, you guys have to stay on the air!)
Several years ago, I picked up this podcast on a whim just before a long trip so I'd have something to listen to on the airplane. I've not stopped listening since. While I've always loved fantasy, I especially appreciate the job this podcast does of carefully curating and presenting some of the best fantasy writing out there right now. I get to discover new authors, and occasionally they even revisit old classics in the genre. The production is great, and the hosts provide insightful commentary at the beginning and end of each episode, making the listening experience even richer. I can't imagine my runs and commutes without PodCastle, and would highly recommend it.
... which is the point, right? PodCastle is a fantastic podcast that takes short stories of varying degrees of "fantasy" and puts you in the story by getting spot-on narrators to deliver the tales. Some people may complain that the stories vary in sub-genre, or perhaps even just "genre," but I like that they keep it fresh and introduce listeners to a wide range of tones, topics and authors. Escape Artists have put together a winner.
Totally worth the time - a great variety of stories and story tellers. This and its companions Escapepod and Pseudopod are always on my phone. They make me want to go out and walk so I can listen.
These guys do yeoman's work and it shows. They put out a great cast, highly entertaining with a lot of variety. I like the older stuff, before everything got so analytical, and they deliver that right along side of stories that will make you think, laugh, and occasionally puddle up. One strong caveat - the editors have a pronounced anti-religious bent in their story selections. It isn't blatant but expect a lot of Bible bashing, thinly disguised anti-religious rhetoric, and etc., in the content. If you are a person of faith, tread carefully - you won't always feel like they're taking your listenership into account.
The great thing about this podcast is the wide range of fiction they showcase. I'm happy to be exposed to a stories that are well curated and I have enjoyed the vast majority of them. The podcast has also lead me to new authors to read after hearing their stories on podcastle.
I'm amazed by the quality of the stories PodCastle consistently airs. If you love listening to a good story, well told, check it out. You'll be glad you did. I'm writing this because I'm too poor right now to donate, but if you like and can afford it, throw a few shekels their way.
Anything you want in the fantasy genre you can find within it's halls. Thank you
This podcast makes every day an adventure and full of soo many opportunities. Not only do I find myself lost in incredible stories, but I also have been re-motivated to start writing again. Maybe I'll be able to send some stories your way real soon, thank you for all you do to keep imaginations world wide alive.
Its not very often that I listen to a story that I don't like. I have found many stories that I absolutely LOVE and were so glad to have found. Thank you for putting this podcast together every week.
Was good back when fresh out of Escape Pod. Current direction is poorly narrated and political.
I don't use iTunes to listen to this, but I can't let it go unrecorded that I love Podcastle. The fresh, new fiction piped into my phone at no cost is unbelievable. I listen to every episode, and while not every story is to my taste, the quality of production and of prose are exemplary.
An Incredible podcast.
I agree that this podcast has become more about women's POV of modern society than strict sword and sorcery fantasy. It's focus is more on weird magical worlds where normal rules don't apply. It's OK stuff, but not what I would really like to hear. Will keep subscribing for the occasional good story. I listen to em all but usually don't find interesting enough to pay close attention.
I enjoyed this podcast pretty regularly in the past. That is, there were more hits than misses. But now I've found it generally unlistenable. The intros go on forever and the quality of the the stories and narration are quite bad. I've stopped subscribing, but I'll check in again in a few months and see if things have changed. It's too bad, I used to enjoy this one.
I have been listening to PodCastle since the beginning and it has only gotten better. They have a great variety of stories, everything from sword and sorcery and high fantasy to urban fantasy and magical realism. It's an easy way to experience a little of everything the genre of fantasy has to offer.
The stories are great, but the hosts spend too much time using vulgar language and bashing Orson Scott Card for being Mormon. Stick to the literature and leave the politics out of it.
I never know what to expect from Podcastle. Some of the stories aren't quite to my taste, but the best ones have gotten me some odd looks as I try to hide the fact that I'm crying at my desk or laughing inappropriately on the bus. The podcast introduced me to a number of authors who have become new favorites - N.K. Jemisin, Scott Lynch, and T.A. Pratt, just to name a few. Thanks for putting this out there!
I subscribed thinking only about traditional epic fantasy. The wonderful people over at the Podcastle have really opened my eyes to a multitude of fantasy genres that I would never have expected. They do a great job curating and keeping things fresh. And the production crew and host talent is fantastic too. I can't believe this stuff is free. It makes me all warm and fuzzy! Thanks!
Some of the best and most thought-provoking fantasy stories I know I first heard on Podcastle. Also, while some recorded speech hurts my ears to listen to (those sharp "s"es can bring on a migraine sofast!!), I can't remember once having this problem with any of Podcastle's narrators. THANKS SO MUCH ANNA AND DAVE!!! <33
Free terrific fantasy stories and very good narration. Has been my go-to podcast for quite while, together with Escape Pod. Wearing my Podcastle t-shirt out!
I went to the podcastle website and checked out the forums. I must say there are a load of very critical listeners out there, but for me this is AWESOME! There's really only one guy who I can't stand listening to, and that's because I can't understand a damned thing he's saying. The stories are good, the chat before and after are good, and my overall satisfaction is in the impressed category.