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The podcast would be tremendously better if they found a different host. Constantly interrupting co-host stories, “for time purposes.” Yet rambles on about the most boring crap for minutes on end. You make the Xbox feel like a serious piece of equipment that has goals and functions. Just want a real show and not some script sounding show with a “hey look at me attitude” host.
He his most likely an nice and all around decent guy, but he suuuuuucks at podcasting.


I don’t really even play Xbox but I love the diverse crew. Ryan is a great host. Alanah is a superb contributor and I enjoy her strong opinions, in fact I think the whole cast meshes well because they all have differing opinions and bring new perspectives.
Ryan is a great host and long time Xbox fan. This is the best Xbox podcast out there!
I still think this is the best Xbox podcast out there, however the cast is hit or miss. Marty seems like a cool guy if you were hanging out with him and having some beers, but he is really apathetic towards Xbox. Destin is very knowledgeable but I think he lacks charisma. Alanah knows games and the business very well. And Ryan is a great leader. If they stay on topic it’s usually a good show. I dislike how at the beginning they sometimes say, “Oh it’s a slow news week...” BS guys! Bring the heat. Every week. Talk with interest.
I love this podcast. It’s one of my favorites. The host are great but Alanah always seems to be out sick. Also what happened to Marty? Any way. The show is good they have solid info from Xbox and upper level people at Xbox actually listen to this pod cast such as Phil Spencer. Keep up the good work guys!
Please no dog talk and get the sony fanboys off the show
Podcast is ok when they stick to discussing video games but unfortunately this podcast is used to promote all sorts of crazy liberal ideas. Very unprofessional. These people live in an echo chamber with no concern for diversity of opinion, or for the simple idea that people that listen to podcasts about video games may just want to hear about games without having to hear their delusional perspectives on social issues
Love this shows format and listen every week. This is my 1 and only Xbox news podcast. Thank you Ryan for a great weekly show
Great podcast when they stick to the topic. The show suffers when the hosts stray too far into PS4/PC discussions beyond how it impacts the XBox platform. Marty Sliva always seems to be disinterested in XBox gaming in general and tends to derail conversations into unrelated areas.
Been following Ryan since oxm, great group fun to listen to every week on my way to work! And I was convinced to buy Wolfenstein after she wouldn’t stop talking about it! Support no micro transactions!
This podcast is so frustrating simply because sometimes it’s great, but most of the time the hosts are talking over each other way too often and rambling about random nonsense. The latest episode had them talking about a Postmates chicken nugget order for what felt like twenty minutes. Eventually I gave up trying to wait for them to talk about video game news and just turned it off.
A podcast that spends a lot of time focused on the personal lives of the hosts and not on video game content. If you enjoy that kind of format this show is for you. I however will be unsubscribing from this podcast. This show would do well to follow the Fireteam Chat model and focus on game content.
Unlocked is great, seriously the panel is great, come for the Xbox news stays for the cutest dog in the business :) Also, listen for the most epic battle this side of video games news! Who will win Destin or Marty seriously every week that’s reason enough to listen :)
Unlocked is great ya ya ya ya ya ya ya
Very informative it needs to be longer !!!
Every week I look forward to listening to you guys. I’m always informed and interested in everyone’s opinions about the latest news and info concerning the industry. Been listening to Ryan since OXM with Andy and you haven’t missed a step. Destin and Marty you guys add great comic relief. Alanah you complete the ensemble and your perspective on games and the business, is fun and lively. Keep up the great job guys!
Wow, it’s been over 5 years now listening to this podcast every single Wednesday. I think around Episode 60 or so? Whenever the Halo action figure promotion was. Anyway, this podcast is amazing, both in that it keeps me well versed in everything Xbox, and in that these guys and gals are some of the funniest most genuine people I’ve had the pleasure of listening to. If you don’t please give it a listen as I’m sure you’ll enjoy. Im certainly a fan. Thanks for everything honestly it’s been a blast. ✌🏼
I try to listen to other gaming podcasts but the presentation, character, knowledge, and overall quality of IGN wins in my book hands down! Great job! Thank You
Been listening to the podcast for a little over a year and love basically every minute. While Ryan is an awesome host time and time again, with some of the most memorable moments being when he puts business aside and isn't afraid to get real, and Marty is such a steady, insightful and entertaining presence, the highlight for me over the past while has been Alanah. Her professionalism and perspective are an awesome addition to the show, and she adds such a fun twist to each episode. Bar none, this group is my favorite video gaming podcast to listen to, as they always have fun but also offer refreshing points of view and serious gaming knowledge. 10/10 would recommend, if for no other reason than the steady listening presence they offer week in and week out for a guy who sometimes just needs some nerds to blather on about video games haha
I love listening to this every week on my way to and from work.
Great job Ryan. Been following your work for years
I game on PC, PS4 and IPad (When I'm on the go), I don't have an Xbox One, but Unlocked is one of my favorite podcasts to listen to because Ryan McCaffrey is a real gamer, he's unbiased and knowledgeable. I respect the hell out of him and the podcast is always entertaining to listen to. Good stuff
IGN does an amazing job of having the best news and stories. Great insight.


Great cast
Love the podcast, keep up the good work!
Really fun and informative! I don't even own an Xbox One and I still love listening/watching. Also: IGN Destin is best Destin. Three-peat!!
By far imo the best video game podcast around right now. Love the people on here and look forward to it every week.
The show has gone had a dip in quality over the last year or so with the loss of Mitch Dyer (now writing the battlefront 2 campaign), the removal of between segment bumpers, and drastically shorter shows. Still a decent Xbox show.
It's the very best Xbox podcast!
Big fan of the show! Been listening every week for four years, and it's always fun to listen. Here's to another 300!
Great chemistry between the hosts and always great commentary on all things Xbox.
Very informative and usually good opinions
I love Unlocked and look forward to it every week. Not only is it the best place to get Xbox news it is highly entertaining. Ryan, Destin, Alannah and Marty always bring their knowledge of games and always bring the laughs
The Unlocked Crew is amazing Ryan is a great host and puts on a great show. I love listening to Unlocked Beyond and Game Scoop every week!
From a show that started and many times was lacking personality and was just childish and unstructured many many years ago, this show has a much more honest and friendly feeling now with the new crew! Still get caught off guard by Marty occasionally but overall really enjoy the team now. Keep the Xbox news coming and your opinions and takes on it as well.
It's the one podcast that I anxiously await and look forward to every single week.
Hey there. Been listening for a couple years and just wanted to say thanks for delivering my Xbox news every week. I'm a truck driver so the company is always welcomed. My biggest complaint is I enjoyed the older episodes a lot more. I miss the longer episodes, the wild derailments, off topic tangents, and personal stories made it feel more genuine and usually a lot funnier. I noticed a trend among all the IGN podcasts recently that's leaning hard into pretty tight structure, keeping robot like focus on the topic, and strict show lengths. It's not my favorite evolution of the show but I appreciate all of you nonetheless and keep up the hard work. Signed, Kyle G. PS Let's see some more of The Shark. Chomp chomp
Love the podcast, i dont even have an xbox, i have a ps4. Listening to these guys is very entertaining, informative, and makes me appreciate xbox and Microsoft who are important players that drives the gaming industry forward.
It's good.
I spend about three hours in the car each day commuting to work. Unlocked has become something I look forward to each week even though my Xbox is my least invested in console. The host Ryan is my absolute favorite video game personality. Thanks to Ryan, Marty, Alanah, Destin, and IGN for hours of amazing content.
Informative, real and helpful to both gamers and consumers alike. Every panelist featured offers a realistic opinion and offers impressions and feedback that all Xbox fans and gamers alike will appreciate. Keep it up!


One of my favs
The group are great to listen to as I work, or even while I play some video games. The personalities of each host (some might have multiple) keep the show light but on track giving us news to keep us up to date the the latest Xbox news. Thank you for doing this for us. P.S Ryan, sorry for your loss. You guys are the best. Can't wait for the next episode.
I'm always impressed by what a good job Ryan does of keeping the cats wrangled. It's always focused and I leave feeling very informed. It's obvious that everyone is knowledgeable and cares about Xbox. Despite the show being so consistent and on topic Marty, Destin, and Alanah manage to still be very funny while Ryan provides the Xbox background and history that glues everything together. A very excellent and entertaining podcast. Definitely worth a listen.
I love listening to each and every episode of this show. Although it is Xbox focused, the depth of knowledge of each member gives amazing detail in all aspects of gaming in general. This is my favorite podcast because I feel as though I am actively listening to a group of friends discuss games. In other gaming podcasts, it seems to be a jumble of talk with awkward pauses or tension. Not with this team. Lead host Ryan McCaffrey has such an inviting, personal, but professional style that he continually keeps me coming back for each episode. The supporting cast all bring their own personality (even the occasional substitute hosts) and they do an amazing job of making listeners feel like they are part of a community. This podcast has so much personality without being overwhelming to listen to.
Been listening for years and I'll keep listening for many more years to come! BEYOND!!!
Love the show, the personalities are knowledgeable and entertaining to listen to. Simply awesome!
I love getting to listen to these guys every week! They feel like friends I would talk to about Xbox games on the regular. Give them a try and see if they don't infect your heart with affection!