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Best tv podcast wish it would come back!
This was an entertaining podcast, too bad they can't be bothered to do it more than 3-4 times a year these days.
This is one of my favorite TV podcasts but they don't record it often enough. If it came out in a more regular basis I would give it 5 stars but since it's not I only gave it 4.
This is the best podcast covering tv shows that I've been able to find. I always look forward to hearing Eric and Matt's opinions on the latest tv offerings. I only wish IGN would bring back this podcast in a more formal capacity so they could put out more episodes.
Been listening for years, there was a time when they were top of the mountain, now, all I can say is why do these guys even bother.


By Tossie
Excellent podcast, but please stop complaining how much work you have (first 9 min of latest podcast).
This is a good podcast that focuses on a lot of shows that are popular but this podcast doesn't happen frequently enough. It would be better as a weekly or biweekly cast and if it was longer they could focus on the best shows of the last week or two weeks.
I like listening to this podcast, and I would give it a higher rating if it was more consistent. A month between episodes? Really?
I started listening to this podcast a couple of episodes before Roth left IGN. She was the reason that I began listening in the first place but I continued to listen even after she was gone. I welcomed the new addition of what's his name and always appreciated Eric. However, over the course of the newer episodes, the new guy began to grate on my nerves... Respectfully. I always listen and value people's opinions but his voice and opinion completely takes over. The show is full of this guy blatantly interrupting Eric nonstop. It doesn't matter what Eric is talking about, whether it be a topic change or maybe he is trying to talk abut how he feels about something, this guy butts in and completely changes the subject or ignores the fact that Eric was talking to begin with. I will probably try to power through a couple more episodes to see if things change but I can see myself moving on in the near future. I want people to keep in mind this is not suppose to be hurtful. It is merely bringing something bothersome to the hosts attention hopefully.
LOVE THIS PODCAST. Keep em coming!
I don't know why you think you need a video version - there are no supporting visuals and it can't be watched while exercising or running errands. I'm glad you decided to keep the audio coming!
I absolutely love this podcast. I'm a nerd so by default I love story telling and you guys give so much insight into how the television industry works.
This podcast is top notch. Every once in a while the audio quality gets jacked up which is slightly annoying however the personalities are fun and insightful. I especially like Roth and Eric's dynamic.
I listen to a lot of TV podcasts. It is just what I do. And CHannel Surfing is always an entertaining listen. Eric and Roth discuss the latest TV topics and have a funny and engaging take. This is a good companion to the shows that cover a specific show or episode recaps as it touches in depth on topics that they don’t. Highly recommended for TV fans
Great job. keep it up!
My favorite TV podcast. Ign knows their audience well. Funny people on here. Eric Goldman is my guy.


By Zonda1
Eric is the man and I really like Roth!
Love the podcast, for sure one of my favorites. I was worried when Matt left the podcast, but Roth has done a great job replacing him. Keep up the good work!
This is by far one of my favorite podcast. I have been a loyal listner now for the past two years. I miss Matt Fowler not being on the podcast, but I love that Roth has been a worthy replacement. Keep up the good work!!!!
After listening to Episode #179 and several podcasts where there are guest fill-in's on the Channel Surfing podcast...that I like that Matt Fowler is not on it anymore.
Even with Matt Fowler on the podcast, Eric Goldman keeps the show going strong! Great Eric and keep it up!!!


By Beriah
These guys say, "like" way to much. It's gets hard to listen to after the 100th "like" after only 10mins into the show.


By Ssmateo
I listen to a lot of podcasts and this is my favorite by far. The hosts are entertaining and a joy to listen to. They aren't negative and even have a great perspective on tv shows that they don't like. Listening to them is like geeking out with your buddies. Great stuff.
Great chemistry between these two guys. Funny and informative.
And a blast every time. Their banter is worth's it's weight in gold.
Everything about this podcast rules, Eric can be a bit annoyingly apologetic but hey that's how some people are and that's just fine. However I could listen to Matt Fowler all day(and since I've been going back and listening to the old podcasts, some days I do!) Keep up the great work, Kneelift!
Great show again this week guys. Am I the only one who thinks Rockstar should be suing AMC for making Red Dead Redemption(Hells on Wheels) into a tv show without there permission?
Look forward to it every week. Eric and Matt know a lot about current TV shows and more importantly TV history. Their insights on great genre shows is entertaining in its own right.
Best IGN podcast hands down. A must listen.
I think this is an underrated podcast on IGN and kind of wish it was more advertised on the show. I love Matt Fowler and Eric Goldman on the show, Matt is the outspoken one while Eric is outspoken, but very polite about it. some of the funniest moment is Eric laughing to the things Matt says. I think I'd like it if they had a more permanent third memeber and someone who was into TV just as much. I was listening to one episode recently with eric Moro, and he didn't seem to say much, maybe it was just the day, because I know he's talked in previous shows. Anyway good show, just thought I'd take the time to write a review, because I alway hear you guys ask for it in th epodcasts.
Everythign I want to know about the shows I love. Everything I'd need to know to talk to fans of the shows I don't. These guys are the best. Chakma.
I've always felt overwhelmed by the amount of content available on tv. Now I have a way to pick out the good from the bad. Without a doubt one of my favorite podcasts.
This podcast is, dare I say it, better than miso soup!!!!!! Keep it up Eric and Matt, no need to change a thing. Perfect podcast.
I don't even really watch tv but I still listen every week. I love the comedy stylings of Eric and Matt. They have amazing chemistry, and you can tell the get along of mic also. Because of them I finally watched Buffy and Angel. Both of which I love. Bow where is my bell?
Hilarious. But podcast 108 can't be downloaded to my iPhone. Don't know what's up with that.
Having just recently (this September) gotten into watching new shows on TV, this podcast has been a weekly treat. The information on "Channel Surfing" is interesting and delivered in a witty/fun way. The two hosts, Eric and Matt, have great insight into the television world and have amazing chemistry. Their ability to make me interested in shows I don’t even watch is a testament to how much I enjoy them. I was a little skeptical at first, with this being a non-video game podcast on IGN, but they won me over with an off-hand, obscure quote from “Halloween 4,” the line “Jamie’s an orphan,” which they discussed at length for no apparent reason. If you are even remotely interested in TV, this podcast is your required reading. Do yourself a favor and subscribe. Shakma!
You're probably not going to find two men better versed in the world of genre television than Messrs Matt Fowler and Eric Goldman. Between them, on any given podcast you can hear refrences ranging from Pushing Daisies to Parker Louis Can't Loose. The podcast itself is mostly structured around industry news, but they are known to deliver in depth discussions or reviews of specific TV episodes. The mood is fun and relaxed with Goldman serving as the straight man to Fowler's zany best friend- the fundemental combination of any great duo. Besides an affinity for sci-fi, it is especially noteworthy that both men have generally good taste when it comes to any kind of storytelling, and their commentary on a variety of programs is always insightful, and more often than not, correct.
Well worth it if you're into multiple TV genres.
This podcast is great. It's very funny and well informative. I look foward to it every week. I love TV and so do Eric and Matt and its good to know that they're are people who have the same intrest as me.
I like Channel Surfing because I like TV
This is a very funny podcast with a highly specific voice. The two hosts Matt Fowler and Eric Goldman have known each other since jr high and share a mutual love of geeky pop culture references and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They offer a sneak peek at what it's like to be an entertainment journalist which I find interesting. The show is very tangential (which I enjoy) but definitely depends on your taste whether it drives you nuts or you love it. Apparently is known for video game reviews (I have learned) but don’t let that turn you off if the last video game you played was Oregon Trail in the 5th grade – they don’t talk about them at all. Overall I find this show amusing, chatty and great to listen to at work – although don’t be surprised if your coworkers start giving you strange looks when you start laughing out loud.


Great podcast. If you love TV (and who doesnt) you should be tuning in. Plus Matt rocks
The hosts laugh at everything and are annoying to listen to and they practically worship Joss Whedon.
This is certainly among the good podcasts on TV. The guys seem to know what they are talking about and each have their own opinions, which are definitely things i look for. But to be honest, the only show i really care about is HOUSE, and so far, the ones i've listened to, it has not been mentioned. Even for its brilliant premiere this season. So although I enjoy this podcast greatly, i will probably stay a casual listener. I would recommend this podcast to others for sure though! thanks guys, for indulging our tv thirst!
Although Matt Fowler insists on discussing wrasslin' from time to time, the podcast itself is pretty solid and funny. They got me to watch Buffy and the Wire and the world is sunnier because of it.
I have been listening for quite a while because I liked the content, but I just cannot take listening to Matt any longer. I am tired of his inane tangential comments. I prefer a podcast that gives me the news I am looking for and not waste my time with tangents that make no sense. I assume it is an effort to be funny, but comes off as self serving and not funny at all.